Raisins are some of the most delicious dry food items that one can lay their hands on. Not only can you eat these delectable treats raw, you can also use them as part of your favorite cuisines and desserts. We understand that it is nearly impossible to agree on a single variety of raisins that would satisfy our cravings, and thus, we have curated a list of the best raisins in India. But you won’t have to scroll far if you are looking for simply, the ‘very best.’ According to our experts that would definitely be the SFT Raisins Afghani Green Long (Kishmish) Seedless, Dry Grapes.

Our Pick

SFT Raisins Afghani Green Long (Kishmish) Seedless, Dry Grapes, 1 kg

Extraordinary, Rich Afghani Dried Grapes

These delectable green and long dried grapes or raisins are a foodie’s delight. They are packed with high nutritional value and taste supremely rich, owing to their freshness.

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Although our food, nutrition and health experts were totally invested in testing more than 80 raisin variants, they could not find anything better than the SFT Raisins Afghani Green Long (Kishmish) Seedless, Dry Grapes, 1 kg. Made from super-rich Afghani grapes, these raisins have been sourced and packed freshly. Apart from these parameters, our experts found more pertinent values when they were testing this product.

One thing that works for the SFT Raisins and provides it a top spot amongst the best quality raisins in India is its origin. Afghani dried fruits and nuts have a worldwide repute. This reputation has continued since ages, when the Europeans first ventured into the Indian subcontinent, they found the Hindukush mountains packed with rich dried fruits and nuts. Its premium origins apart, these SFT Raisins are packed maintaining all the specifications of hygiene. Their fresh origins boast of a nutritional value and rich aroma that remain intact when they are packed this way in the SFT plants, maintaining all quality control parameters. Our food and nutrition specialists found everything in place when they were trying these raisins and testing its packaging for any defects. These are the best raisins that are a storehouse of carbohydrates, fibers and several vitamins and micronutrients that boost your digestive health and promote RBC formation. The resealable ziplock pouch is a testament to the freshness of these long kishmish variants.

These raisins were subjected to rigorous quality tests by our team and we could not find any pain point in them. The brand handpicks the finest raisins from the growers and delivers them to major offline retailers across the globe. If you are looking for an indigenous product that carries the seal of Amazon, you can head to our runner up Amazon Brand - Vedaka Popular Raisins.

Vedaka has been backed as an Amazon brand. It features very close to the SFT Raisins for its superior quality, freshness and nutritional value. According to our experts, if you want to buy something that carries the seal and backing of Amazon, go forward with Vedaka Popular Raisins.

Recommended by several cookbook authors as well as hobby chefs in addition to our food and nutrition specialists, the Vedaka raisins feature in our list of the best 10 raisin brands in India. The nutritional value is on point. It is a super snack rich in vitamin B, copper, iron, potassium and the like. While the raisins contain carbohydrates in them to give energy, the constituent fibers help relax constipation and aid in bowel movements. This maintains your digestive health and keeps your GI tract clear. All said and done, our experts tasted these raisins and they have an awesome aroma and flavor. No wonder most food bloggers recommend this brand when it comes to whipping up a new cuisine that can contain these tasty delights. Moreover, our nutrition and health experts found that the packaging endures our quality testing protocols. These raisins are all packed in HACCP certified units and hence are the most favored products by those who value freshness and hygiene.

If you want another great pick for your meals and desserts, you can go ahead with Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Raisins. It also features in our list of the top 3 raisin brands that you can buy from when you cannot find any of the above.

When it comes to being the best raisins in India, the Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Raisins, 250 g gives its market competitors a tough fight. Preferred by the top-rated food bloggers, our experts and researchers had to try these raisins out to discover the reason for their popularity.

This particular brand of raisins contains every bit of nutritional value that raisins are known for. They are the sweetest dried fruits, packed with the necessary amount of carbs and fibers along with vitamins and micronutrients. Our food and nutrition experts are quite finicky about the hygiene and quality control standards of the food products they test and the Solimo Premium Raisins pass those tests with flying colors.

The only reason that we have put it in our list of the third favorite raisin brand is that these raisins are processed and packed in an integrated nut and dried fruits chamber. Hence, these raisins might contain the extracts of other dry fruits and nuts. If you don’t have a problem with the same, you can go ahead and make the purchase. However, our experts will recommend you to refrigerate these raisins or store them in a cool, dry place to preserve their freshness and aroma, once you open their packs. Otherwise, you can choose from our top two picks.

10 Best Raisins in India

After implementing stringent quality tests and reviewing more than 80 raisin brands and their products, our reviewers and nutrition experts have come up with the 10 best raisin brand in India list that will provide you with a complete guide to getting the best food products in your kitchen and pantry. The following raisin brands and products that we have listed are worthy of purchase and will definitely promise great taste and good health.

  1. SFT Raisins Afghani Green Long (Kishmish) Seedless, Dry Grapes
  2. Amazon Brand - Vedaka Popular Raisins
  3. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Raisins
  4. Tulsi Kishmish Indian Green
  5. Happilo Premium Seedless Raisins
  6. Upcrop Selecta Green Raisin Long
  7. Nutraj Super Raisin
  8. Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins
  9. Tulsi Dry Fruits Premium Raisins
  10. Exotes Green Raisins Vacuum Packed

There is a lot of hard work that has gone behind curating this assortment of the best products. We did meticulous research coupled with robust quality control measures so that we offer you only the ‘very best’ of suggestions. Let’s explore these products in detail now.

1. SFT Raisins Afghani Green Long (Kishmish) Seedless, Dry Grapes

Choose fresh raisins from SFT Raisins Afghani, sourced directly from the growers. These entail no hidden costs as they are processed and packaged in the company's safe processing plants. SFT Afghani Raisins retain their maximum natural freshness and have great nutritional value.

Adding raisins to your regular diet plan gives you so many added health benefits! They are a powerhouse of carbohydrates and fibers that regulate your digestive health. Raisins are also rich in iron, copper, and Vitamin B complex, which aid in the formation of red blood cells.

Amazon’s Vedaka brings you the best quality raisins in India. Supple and juicy with a chewy texture, you can use these raisins in various recipes for meals, desserts, and shakes. Vedaka raisins can be had just as snacks or added to cookies and cakes baked at home. You can eat them as toppings in breakfast cereals, yogurt, or salads.

Vedaka is the best raisin brand in India at this moment. These raisins are regular-sized and go through rigorous laboratory tests to maintain the standard food safety protocols. Vedaka Popular Raisins are packed under extremely hygienic conditions in HACCP Certified Unit. The package is elegantly designed for gifting during festivals along with other dry fruits and nuts.

3. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Raisins

Choose the best raisin brand in India from Amazon's Solimo for premium quality raisins. Solimo raisins are fresh and come in hygienic packaging. Their storage units work according to food safety standards so that these raisins give you the maximum health benefits without any trouble.

The Solimo raisins are processed in an integrated nut and dried fruits chamber. So take care while consuming them since these might contain occasional traces of other fruits and nuts. Once the package is opened, store them in a cool and dry place or refrigerate them for maximum freshness.

4. Tulsi Kishmish Indian Green

Best quality raisins in India are produced by Tulsi Nuts and Dry Fruits. Their green kishmish or Indian raisins are tasty and healthy, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Besides helping to control your cholesterol, Tulsi Kishmish is a great source of energy.

This package includes two packs of Tulsi Kishmish Indian Green of 500 g each. These are of a small breed and are sourced from the finest farms of India. The raisins have high-quality packaging since they come from the best raisin brand in India. Processed and packed in FSSC: 22000 and HACCP certified plants, Tulsi products are 100% safe and hygienic.

5. Happilo Premium Seedless Raisins

Get the best quality raisins in India from Happilo Premium Seedless Raisins. These natural and authentic raisins come in a combo pack of 2 units.

The Happilo state-of-the-art facilities are certified 100% safe by major institutions like the FSSAI and ISO. So you can now buy these raisins without a single worry and gift them to your loved ones this festive season!

6. Upcrop Selecta Green Raisin

One of the best quality raisins in India, the promise of superior quality and nutrition makes the Upcrop Selecta feature in our list of the best 10 raisins in India. These raisins are fresh, long and are packed after ensuring their nutrition value.

Upcrop Selecta has been duly certified by our product research team for maintaining the most supreme quality while packing and sourcing the raisins. Their quality control professionals are doing a superb job and therefore it provides a supremely rich food value and can be used to improve the flavor and taste of your cuisines.

7. Nutraj Super Raisin

Nutraj carries the seal of trust and good faith since its premium quality raisins have been used by thousands of Indians who have given this brand a green signal. Nutraj has been instrumental in dishing out the most nutritious, fresh and extraordinary raisins for the Indian population. One of the high points about this product is its affordability while maintaining the quality.

Nutraj Super Raisins are literally ‘nature’s own candy.’ Since they contain zero fats and cholesterol, you can splurge in these juicy and fresh raisins and use them in liberal amounts in your food.

8. Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins

Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins are of superior quality. They taste sweet and pleasant with a soft texture. These Black Raisins from Vedaka are long in size.

Vedaka Premium Black Raisins are packed in top hygienic conditions. These seedless raisins are of the highest grade and clinically tested.

9. Tulsi Dry Fruits Premium Raisins

Experience the goodness of premium quality raisins from Tulsi Dry Fruits. They can be eaten as just snacks or added to desserts, cookies, pies, and puddings. You can also add them to savory recipes! Raisins give you a lot of energy, especially good for children who need all the surplus energy in their growing years. Tulsi Dry Fruits Premium brings you the Sundekhani variety of raisins that are long and yellow.

Raisins contain more fibers, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and polyphenol antioxidants than fresh grapes. They help to improve your cardiovascular health. Tulsi Dry Fruits ensures 100% safe packaging from its FSSC: 22000 and HACCP Certified plants. Choose this brand without a worry!

Try Exotes Green Raisins that will help boost your energy throughout the day. These raisins are vacuum-packed and come in a pouch that can be easily carried around. The package consists of two packs of 250 g each.

Filled with nutrients, these raisins are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C that are good for your skin. Exotes Green Raisins can be refrigerated for a year. On steaming them over a bowl of boiling water, dry, shriveled up raisins can be made usable again.

Our Stringent Product Testing and Research Methodology

We, at Nuts and Berries, believe in providing actionable advice when it comes to purchasing the best products online. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to supply our readers with credible information that has come up after hours of research and analysis and comparing several data. We also want our readers to understand what goes behind the sweeping analysis that we do. Therefore, we have come up with a step-by-step detail of the conducted research and everything that goes behind it. This review article consists of the following sections that elaborate our research process.

Why You Should Trust Us

Miss Mayra Ahuja, who is one of the health, food and nutrition experts of the Nuts and Berries team has been a dry fruit aficionado all her life. Her lifelong attachments to healthy and choicest dry fruits has made her one of the most celebrated experts in our team and beyond, and people often come to her for advice on what food products they should buy and how they would find only the best of these food products online. Her personal affinity in raisins- both green and black variants, made her taste several brands and their products all her life, and now she can tell immediately the difference between the inexpensive and high-grade products by just looking at their texture, color, and of course, after tasting.

Mayra has been a prized expert on our Nuts and Berries team whenever we are testing and reviewing food products, especially dried fruits and nut variants. Her extensive experience helps us in discerning the best of qualities and brings to you the absolute top quality products. Here, she combined her deep knowledge and profound know-how and curated the top assortment of raisins while our team helped her with running the quality tests and others. Initially, the team read every possible resource on the best raisins in India, collected every relevant information, and selected the 80-odd products that are worthy of your consideration.

Once we were done with the same, we did careful analysis and also used volunteers that comprised food bloggers, hobby chefs, professional chefs, and even homemakers that dabble in various recipes every day. We also polled the online e-retail store-owners on the availability and popularity of products. The final research data is collected based on their experience, compared and eventually, we curate this assortment for you.

The list that you have seen above is a result of all these meticulous works that have been done over the past 6 months and the COVID-19 lockdown only helped us fast-forward our research and testing procedures.

Who This Is For

We understand the pain that our readers go through when they have to follow stay-at-home directives and select the best food products online. It is indeed a struggle, considering that there are several products that can claim to be the finest in the segment. Once we were selecting the best raisins for consumption in India, we thought about every use they can be put to- whether eaten raw, or combined with any meal during elevenses, breakfast, lunch or dinner, or put into delicious cuisines for enriching the flavor and taste.

With these things in mind, we created the finest assortment of the top 10 products. We have also thought about the utility of this review article and how it can impact people holistically. Keeping that in mind, we have made a list.

  • Those who love to cook and experiment with recipes
  • Hobby chefs
  • Professional chefs
  • Those who are eating healthy
  • Dried-fruits connoisseurs

Reading the reviews about the best raisins will only pique your interests and choose the ones that are suitable to your specific needs.

How We Picked

Within the several quality checks and tests that Mayra and our team performed, we can enumerate a few that will also help you understand how we chose the best raisins, while simultaneously giving you a guide as to choose the best raisins yourself. The following micro parameters are the ones that decide the quality of the raisins and differentiate the bests from the average ones.

  • Packaging quality and standards: Most raisins come in resealable packages or boxes. These packages should be hygienically packed, and sealed, following all quality control measures. We found out that a lot of products did not adhere to the quality control standards through our assessments and hence they did not make it to our lists.
  • The rattling sound: Another way where we looked at the product quality without even opening the box or the package was by giving it a good shake. Although almost every raisin brand claims to source the freshest products, sometimes, they are not so authentic while offering us their products. Our expert team straightforwardly rejected those products that made a rattling sound when the package or the container having the raisins were shaken. It is proof that the raisins stored inside have dried out and hardened, and are not at all fresh.
  • Color, odor and other features: When the raisins are present in see-through packages or containers, we closely looked at their colors. For others, we had to open the packages. The ones that were discolored were obviously far from fresh. Another vital parameter we looked for was the odor. If there was an unpleasant odor, it meant that the raisins were not fresh and might undergo mold growth. If the packages containing the raisins are squeezable, we comprehended that the selection was a pleasant one, because hardness of raisin containers is a vital sign that the choice is stale/dried and not fresh.

However, these are only some of the parameters out of the hundreds that we put these food products through to understand their palatability and nature.

Our Picks

The following raisins are our choicest picks. Get down to explore them and make a fruitful purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
Tulsi Indian Green...image Tulsi Indian Green Kishmish Premium 1Kg (500g x 2) | Seedless Kishmish | Green Raisins | Premium Dried Grapes | Dry Fruits | Healthy & Tasty Snacks | Fat Free | Source of Dietary Fiber (Pack of 2) ₹425.00 (₹42.50 / 100 g)
UpCrop Selecta Green...image UpCrop Selecta Green Raisin Long 1 Kg
Nutraj Long Raisin...image Nutraj Long Raisin 500g | Seedless Kishmish Dry fruits ₹199.00 (₹39.80 / 100 g)
Tulsi Dry Fruits...image Tulsi Dry Fruits Kishmish 1kg | Seedless Kishmish | Raisins Dry Fruits | Healthy & Tasty Snacks | Fat Free | Source of Dietary Fiber ₹405.00 (₹40.50 / 100 g)
EXOTES, Green Raisins...image EXOTES, Green Raisins Vacuum Packed Popular Pouch 500 g Pack of 2x250grams, Natural, 1 Count

Final Verdict

If you need a supreme product that is sourced from the high hills of Afghanistan, maintaining their superior quality, then always go ahead with the SFT Raisins Afghani Green Long (Kishmish) Seedless, Dry Grapes.

Our closely followed runner up is the Amazon Brand - Vedaka Popular Raisins that carries the seal and trust of Amazon and is one of the best dried fruit brands currently in circulation in India.

Finally, if you don’t have any problems with consuming raisins that have trace amounts or aroma from other dried fruits and nuts, you can buy the Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Raisins.

However, all these products are very close to each other in terms of quality and backed by the trust of customers.