Pumpkin seeds, also known as kaddu seeds or gummadi seeds in India are seeds extracted from a pumpkin and then sold after removing their outer shells. After shelling, they come out to be green in color and are rich in protein and healthy fats. These seeds have long been in use in India- both for their nutritional and medicinal reasons. These seeds have been famously good for the heart and prostate since ancient times. Pumpkin seeds are also renowned in some places worldwide such as in Mexico where they are called “pepita”. Since we at Nuts and Berries are already on a roll to push Indians into a healthier and more organic lifestyle, we thought this would be a good time to pick out the best pumpkin seeds in the Indian market and bring them to you. We have selected over 60 variants from the Indian market and thoroughly tested them to bring you only the best top 10 pumpkin seeds products in the Indian market as of 2022. And the best pumpkin seeds in India award goes to SFT Pumpkin Seeds.

Our Pick

SFT Pumpkin Seeds

Premium, Mineral-Rich Pumpkin Seeds

We were impressed by these pumpkin seeds for how beneficial they are for the heart health of a person- so we just had to choose it as our top pick.

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Our team of experts at Nuts and Berries loved this product’s fresh quality pumpkin seeds which retain a majority of their high zinc and other nutrient contents. Knowing this, we just had to delve deeper into its mysteries.

To our pleasant surprise, we discovered that these pumpkin seeds were sourced directly from their growers and we even had the privilege to talk to some of them. From farming techniques to harvesting procedures, we learnt that these pumpkin seeds are grown with love and dedication. Our researchers told us how its high zinc content makes it a perfect candidate to organically maintain men’s prostate health. Its rich reserve of healthy fats and nutrients like vitamin E, b-complex vitamins, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium and iron- all of these make it a great snack to easily maintain heart health.

We also discovered that these shelled pumpkin seeds won’t require refrigeration so that only makes them more snack-worthy and considering how healthy they are- we are certainly not complaining. We deem these the best pumpkin seeds in the market and you’ll surely not regret buying one yourself and including them in your daily diet.


Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Pumpkin Seeds with Maximum Zinc Content

These pumpkin seeds are sourced directly from local backyards in India and we just couldn’t let go of that rich flavor of our soil.

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These are the freshest products on the market and you can say we’re lying but the crispness of these salted pumpkin seeds and their taste will surely say otherwise. Because of their quick processing and manufacturing these seeds too have some extra perks.

Our team of experts conducted several tests to confirm it but we found a high concentration of zinc on this one, in addition to several other key vitamins and minerals. The zinc is very good for the male prostate since that’s where the human body’s zinc is concentrated. The high zinc content also allows for a healthy heart by keeping blackages and malfunctioning at bay. Our staff members had these for snacks for a few days and they could already feel it pumping up their energy reserves. Because of their taste, these kaddu seeds can be consumed raw, lightly salted or even roasted.  You can even go so far as to use these as garnish for your salads and cereals.

We recommend these salted pumpkin seeds to all our fellow snack-lovers as this is not only one of the healthiest snacks out there but also one of the most consumable. And because they are naturally rich in minerals and nutrients, we are sure this will be a worthy addition to you and your family’s daily diet.

Budget Pick

Neuherbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Affordable Pumpkin Seeds with Rich Taste

We loved how awesome these raw unroasted pumpkin seeds tasted and we just knew that it is our best in the budget pick.

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These raw unroasted pumpkin seeds are rich in fiber and are a nutrient powerhouse. We at Nuts and Berries were surprised by how affordable it was so we just knew we had to test it out thoroughly for you guys.

Our experts here at Nuts and Berries found that these seeds are a great source of magnesium, zinc, fiber, protein and healthy fats. A healthy synergy of fiber and protein along with several essential fats combine to keep you feeling full and reduce hunger pangs- thus even contributing to weight loss and preventing overeating. Our staff members loved the slight nutty flavor and texture it added to their favorite desserts and we even happened to use it on one of our baked cakes. Our researchers also discovered a considerable reserve of minerals and vitamins all of which are very good for the heart health of a person.

In a gist, if you’re a health conscious person and you’re looking for an affordable, organic, 100% natural, and tasty batch of high-grade gummadi seeds these are what you’re looking for. And we’re happy to recommend these as our best in the budget product due to its comparatively low pumpkin seeds price.

Our Top 10 Picks

The pumpkin seeds price in India is relatively cheap since they can be locally sourced. Even so, because these products are all mainly sourced from India itself, there are plenty of brands cashing in on this lucrative market. As such it can get difficult to distinguish between a good product and a bad one. Therefore, we are here to the rescue. Our team of experts at Nuts and Berries have given it their all to bring you only the most authentic, trustworthy and healthy products from the market.

  1. SFT Pumpkin Seeds
  2. Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds
  3. Neuherbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds
  4. Sorich Organics Raw Pumpkin Seeds
  5. Happilo Premium Pumpkin Seeds
  6. True Elements Pumpkin Seeds
  7. Berries and Nuts Raw Pumpkin Seeds
  8. SuperHealthy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  9. NUTS ABOUT YOU Pumpkin Seeds
  10. Del Monte Raw Pumpkin Seeds

This list below organised in detail all the unique features and benefits of each of these products. So we only request our readers to go through each of them individually to find the one that best caters to their needs and purposes.

1. SFT Pumpkin Seeds

These organic pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc, and other vitamins and minerals, which is why it is so popular amongst the masses. They are natural, fresh and extremely healthy for our bodies. Consuming a little bit of pumpkin seeds everyday can result in several positive changes in people, especially in men. 

One of the best things about these pumpkin seeds is that they are a tasty snack with maximum shelf life and require no refrigeration. They promote weight loss and provide adequate intake of iron. Since they are also a brilliant source of protein, our experts consider them one of the best pumpkin seeds in the market.

2. Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds

As one of the best pumpkin seeds in the country, this product has made into the second position on our list. The best thing about this product is that it is hygienically packed, which preserves its chewy texture and increases shelf life. The pumpkin seeds price is also quite affordable, and these kaddu seeds are worth every buck spent on them. 

Our experts often recommend this product based on its quality, consistency and organic purity. These raw pumpkin seeds are extremely flavourful, and can be consumed as a healthy, low-calorie and chewy snack anytime, anywhere.

3. Neuherbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Our experts are in awe of this product as it is so rich in several nutrients, yet it is affordable. The product comes in a hygienic packaging and ensures adequate intake of protein.These are great products for people who have any kind of diabetic complication, and are even known to help people who have issues with a proper sleep schedule.

Other than the several benefits of pumpkin seeds, the main thing that struck a chord with its customers is the affordability of these raw seeds. Apart from being edible seeds, they can also be used in the preparation of numerous dishes, which is why these kaddu seeds are a real value for your money.

4. Sorich Organics Raw Pumpkin Seeds

This product caught our attention as it is devoid of any chemical preservatives, and comes in a hygienic packaging. These seeds are loved widely across the country, especially as they are a rich source of antioxidants and can be used in various healthy and tasty recipes. 

Many people have tried this product and have been completely satisfied with its results. It can also be used to garnish smoothies, salads and raitas. Since these products have an incredible shelf life, you won't have to worry about them getting rotten and destroying your dishes.

5. Happilo Premium Pumpkin Seeds

This product has been holistically tested by experts, and they have all concluded that this is one of the best kaddu seeds in the market. They are infused with proteins, vitamins and minerals, and are known for their positive effects by preventing heart attack and other complications.

People love these gummadi seeds, especially as these super seeds are low in calories and an exhaustive source of fiber. The phytosterols in pumpkin seeds ensure an array of health benefits. The pumpkin seed oil is also immensely beneficial for human health. They can be used as a simple, healthy snack item to keep your energy up and to boost your immunity naturally.

6. True Elements Pumpkin Seeds

These gummadi seeds are one of the best roasted snacks around, especially as they are the natural sources of antioxidants, which helps to reduce the chances of cancer. If you have problems sleeping properly at night, then this product can be a great thing for you, as pumpkin seeds are known to improve your sleep cycle. 

You can enjoy this product without any guilt, as salted pumpkin seeds are not only tasty but also healthy for our bodies. The pumpkin seeds price is also quite affordable. Their all round benefits for weight loss make them so popular among the masses.

7. Berries and Nuts Raw Pumpkin Seeds

If you want a healthy snack that will not only improve your digestion, but will also help you in managing your weight as they are extremely low in calories. They have been tried by thousands of people who all have given these rave reviews on the internet.

Their high zinc content makes them a great product for prostate health and sexual health. They are high in fiber content and have a long shelf life, which makes them one of the best shelled pumpkin seeds around.

8. SuperHealthy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

These are raw, organic shelled pumpkin seeds that are extremely beneficial for good health. The  best part about them is that they can be consumed as tasty snacks all day long, as salted pumpkin seeds are low in calories and high in fiber. They also help to maintain blood sugar balance, as many people who have tried this would confirm. 

The pumpkin seeds price is also quite affordable, and they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as in antioxidants and minerals. All of these reasons have made this list deserving enough to be on our curated list.

9. NUTS ABOUT YOU Pumpkin Seeds

This product comes from a trusted brand and is beloved by people all over the country. They are high in quality and come in a hygienic packaging, which makes them safe to store for a long time, without the need to refrigerate. 

These are low in sodium, which makes them the ideal snack that would keep you satiated for longer periods without any bloating. They help to replenish your energy after a long, hard day, which is why they are so popular among the people in India.

10. Del Monte Raw Pumpkin Seeds

This product has been tried and tested by not only our team of experts, but also by thousands of customers throughout the country. As they are a rich source of dietary fiber, they help in improving digestion, which is one of the primary reasons why it is so popular among the people here.

People often recommend this product as it is high in magnesium, which is extremely beneficial for bone health. Overall, they are revered by people everywhere and can be an extremely healthy addition to your diet.

Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

Our primary goal here at Nuts and Berries is to make the lives of our customers easier and healthier. Our noble mission drives us to work tirelessly to the best of our abilities using our state of the art facilities which host the latest technologies to satisfy your safety and health needs. Our selected products go through a series of screenings, tests and evaluations- all conducted rigorously and diligently by our dedicated teams. We can thus guarantee the quality of our service and the authenticity of the products we recommend.  For your convenience, the following section is divided into these categories:

Why You Should Trust Us

Here at Nuts and Berries, we aim for a healthy and efficient life for our customers - because we all want to live long and we don’t have much time. We understand that looking through pages and pages of “trustworthy” options only to be betrayed is a waste of time- and we don’t want that happening to anyone. So we’re here. To lend a helping hand.

Our dry fruits aficionado Miss Mayra Ahuja has been in love with the ancient culture around pumpkin seeds. Our teams under her expert guidance chose over 60 pumpkin seeds products from the market and after severe screening only 30 remained for us to review. We conducted strenuous tests and rigorous examinations over a period of many days to come up with our data and hypothesis. Our team of expert researchers and data analysts synergised expertly to find out each and every detail about these products - down to the last decimal point. Our evaluation sessions lasted hours, and we finally came up with our top 10 list of potential winners.

Miss Mayra personally toured the various growing regions and farms of these pumpkin seeds to confirm their authenticity and growing conditions. She also contacted professional nutritionists and local farmers for their personal and expert opinions on the matter. Her teams have also painfully organised country-wide polls to know what the public thinks about pumpkin seeds. These polls have finally led us to our final list based on India’s own tastes and needs.

Who This Is For

These products cater to a wide range of audiences including the homemakers at the grass root levels. This time we have a special set of target groups in mind since we are picking up a local and rather rural ingredient and bringing it to the Indian masses with full knowledge of its health benefits. These target groups are as follows:

  • Health-focused chefs
  • Nutritionists
  • Men with prostate problems
  • Those with a weak heart
  • Fitness experts
  • Healthy snackers

The products we recommend still guarantee full satisfaction to whoever chooses to make a purchase.

How We Picked

Pumpkin seeds have long been used in India since ancient times - so we wanted to do it right and pick only the best products from the market. While there are several national food and health standards we adhere to before even considering recommending a product, there are a few specifics we focused on while selecting our picks for the pumpkin seeds:

  • Strong Stems: Short and streamlined stems on pumpkin seeds are a strict no-no for us. Only the pumpkin seeds with thick, dark well-attached stems pass our trust and are worthy to be recommended. These are the pumpkin seeds that are naturally and organically grown.
  • Raw, Salted or Roasted: While raw and salted pumpkin seeds offer the same amount of nutritional value and are good for snacking, the roasted ones lose some nutrients in the process but offer a richer, more textured nutty flavor. All variants offer almost the same nutritional values with decimal differences so make your choice based on your needs- whether you want them as a health supplement or as a healthy snack.
  • Maturity: The maturity rate of the pumpkin seeds contributes a lot to their mineral and vitamin content. Pumpkin seeds must also be grown in a favourable climate in which they can easily adapt. There are two variants of maturity rates for pumpkin seeds. These are 95-100 day variants and 110-115 day variants. Make your choice as per your needs.
  • Disease Protection: Pumpkin seeds growers often face the issue of powdery mildew affecting their pumpkins and of course, these are to be avoided. This disease destroys pumpkins and leads to a bad harvest. There are however pumpkin seed variants that offer intermediate level resistance to this disease and these must be chosen for cultivation instead. The one’s which are fully resistant offer much lower nutritional values and thus significantly lower health benefits.

We’ll leave out all the numbers and statistics because we know you’ll be bored by them - but rest assured, you can trust our research team to give you the best.

Our Picks

Pumpkin seeds price in India is relatively low due to their easy harvest and local sourcing. Since the product is local, there are numerous companies vying for dominance in sales. That’s why we’re here to help. For the best results, we ask our readers to go through our entire list in detail so as not to miss out on any information. That’s how you can purchase the best product suited and catered to your specific needs.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an organic, nutrient-rich product with loads of health boosts and benefits then we recommend our top pick SFT Pumpkin Seeds.

If you’re in the market for fresh, natural and tasty pumpkin seeds then the Vedaka Premium Pumpkin Seeds is the best option for you.

If an affordable but tasty and healthy product is what you’re looking for then the Neuherbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds is your best bet.

That said, you’re free to choose any of the recommended products for purchase and we guarantee you 100% satisfaction.