While it is surprising to know that Pine trees actually produce nuts and that they are edible- pine nuts have actually been in use since ancient times by Greeks and Romans. During long journeys, they carried Pine nuts as provisions for their high nutrient content in their small quantities. And because of their exquisite taste, they never really went out of style in the European regions as they still use it in their recipe of Pesto sauce. Pine nuts have again recently surfaced in the culinary world as a wonder nut and it is one of the lesser-known super foods which a good percentage of people are already opting for. We at Nuts and Berries thought this is a good time to introduce something new to this land. Pine nut or chilgoza dry fruit products are not exploding in the market but there are still plenty of options to choose from and since hardly many people know about it, we thought we’d lend a helping hand. And with that, we Segway to our top choice Go Vegan Pine Nuts.

Our Pick

Go Vegan Pine Nuts

Soft-textured, Raw Pine Nuts for Hormonal Balance

We were surprised by what a raw, organic powerhouse of a product this is and we just couldn’t help but recommend it as the best pine nuts in India.

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Our team of experts here at Nuts and Berries were fascinated by this product’s dedication to preserve and enhance its rich nutrient content for the best and most efficient boost to your health.

We found that these chilgoza pine nuts are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D through the chemical compound of lutein which is beneficial for your bones and also helps improve your vision. Further research revealed that these nuts also contain traces of pinoleic acid which reduces hunger and helps you feel full faster. This, in turn, leads to lower episodes of binge-eating and thus helps contribute to weight loss. Our staff members also roasted a bunch of these and we all found them to be very tasty even though these are perfectly edible raw. Our experts say these nuts are highly beneficial for pregnant women as it boosts immunity and helps maintain balanced hormonal health during that period.

When consumed raw, these pine nuts have a uniquely soft texture coupled with a sweet buttery flavor which makes them perfect for healthy salads and pesto sauce. With so much going for it, we are sure this will be a great addition to your daily diet.


SFT Pine Nuts

Freshly Picked Pine Nuts for Weight Management

These nuts impressed us with their organic quality and natural origins which we could even trace back to their farms!

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We at Nuts and Berries traced these nuts back to their country of origin in Afghanistan and upon contacting some of their pine nuts growers there, we were impressed by this product’s authenticity.

These freshly picked pine nuts are great for weight loss and we are speaking this from first-hand experience. Our research also uncovered that these nuts are a rich source of magnesium and anti-ageing antioxidants all of which combine to boost your heart and vision health and keep your fatigue at bay throughout the day. We also found that these nuts contain a nutrient that induces the appetite-suppressing hormone in your body thus keeping your hunger at bay and helping with weight loss.

We also discovered that even though these nuts have a rather high-fat content, most of them are healthy monounsaturated fats that contribute to your health instead of being detrimental. Overall, this product greatly swayed us with its authentic, organic and 100% natural sourcing which eventually contributes to the great quality of these pine nuts.

Budget Pick

Namo Organics - Lebanon Chilgoza Pine Nuts

Tasty, Flavoured Pine Nuts with Multiple Health Benefits

It was hard to stop after tasting these nuts once and so we were highly motivated to recommend this as our best in the budget pick.

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This product was our favorite pick in the budget category for its exotic taste thanks to its unshelled form. We found that the shell helps preserve the chilgoza’s original taste and renders a rich texture upon it based on its growing conditions.

These fresh pine nuts are organically processed in the latest state of the art hygienic facilities and we could tell because our team of expert researchers traced it back to the facilities. Because of their intricate and natural processing, they retain their natural taste so we loved having these before our work schedules to keep us energized throughout. We also discovered that their low cost is owing to their low expenditure on marketing and that’s a product ethic we can truly respect and appreciate.

If you’re just a novice and want to try out these nuts for the first time, we recommend this product for its affordable price and high-grade quality. Combined with all its health benefits, we’re sure this will be a worthy addition to your health-focused family diet.

Our Top 10 Best Pine Nuts Brands in India

Chilgoza dry fruit is an emerging industry and soon it’ll be big like the others in the super foods market. While it’s still fresh, we wanted to bring this product to you and keep India up to date. The pine nuts price all over the world is still comparatively high due to their difficult sourcing and labor-intensive harvesting. With their growing demand, one can only hope technology will step up to solve these problems. While these nuts are rare to come across physically in shops, you can always buy pine nuts online India.

  1. Go Vegan Pine Nuts
  2. SFT Pine Nuts
  3. Namo Organics - Lebanon Chilgoza Pine Nuts
  4. Organic Nuts Lebanon Pine Nuts
  5. GreenFinity Lebanon Pine Nuts
  6. Urban Platter Lebanon Pine Nuts
  7. LILA Dry Fruits Pine Nuts
  8. Berries and Nuts Premium Chilgoza Magaz
  9. NatureVit Pine Nuts
  10. Dry Fruit Hub Pine Nuts

The list below is detailed with each product’s unique individual features so we ask our dear readers to kindly go through the whole list so that they may select one that best suits their needs and tastes.

1. Go Vegan Pine Nuts

This product is sourced from the finest pine trees and is known for its soft, unique texture and amazing flavor. These pine nuts are recommended by our team of experts, who have tested this product rigorously. These premium quality edible seeds are loved by thousands of satisfied customers all over the country, especially due to its great taste and multitude of benefits.

Known for being a rich source of Calcium and vitamin D content, these buttery pine nuts are extremely beneficial for our health. The best thing about these delicious pine nuts is that they can be used in the preparation of multiple delicacies.

2. SFT Pine Nuts

This is from one of the most trusted brands in the country, known for their fresh and hygienic products with vivid health benefits. These pine nuts have a high nutritional value and are extremely beneficial for weight loss when consumed directly or used in a quick snack preparation. These pine seeds are an excellent source of energy and essential amino acids.

Our team of experts loves these premium quality pine nuts since they can be used as a balanced snack within an affordable price range. Endowed with an extra crunch, they make your sugar levels stable, reduce the risk of heart disease and have necessary protein content.

3. Namo Organics - Lebanon Chilgoza Pine Nuts

These pine nuts have been deemed as the best chilgoza dry fruit in the market by our experts as well as surveyed users. These have a distinct sweet and buttery flavor, infused with many vitamins and minerals, which earn them their high star rating.

They are a powerhouse of energy and infused with Calcium and vitamin C-making them one of the best foods for bone health. Thousands of customers have attested the great taste and health benefits of this product.  Namo Organics pine nuts can help modulate cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, prevent the signs of premature aging and reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Organic Nuts Lebanon Pine Nuts

These tastiest seeds of pine trees are a rich source of vitamins and fatty acids and have achieved a high position on our curated list. They have been holistically tested only to come to the conclusion that they are one of the healthiest snacks to munch on any time during the day.

If you are struggling with weight management, then these pine nuts can be a healthy snack option for you. They are infused with linoleic acid, oleic acid and are a rich source of magnesium, enabling you to stay full for a longer period. Apart from the actual product packaging that is very attractive, the pine nuts price is also quite affordable.

5. GreenFinity Lebanon Pine Nuts

We went forward and got the feedback from the valued customers who have used this product, and we concluded that it definitely deserves to be on this list. Enriched with vitamin A and lutein, these pine nuts are a great source of energy for everyone, along with being a healthy snack option.

They are great for losing weight and preventing eye diseases. As one of the healthiest products in the market endowed with essential amino acids, these pine nuts have the capacity of becoming the perfect treat for everyone. So, if you are looking to buy great chilgoza dry fruit, then this is the product for you.

6. Urban Platter Lebanon Pine Nuts

This chilgoza nut comes from one of the most trusted brands in the country. These pine nuts are a great source of monounsaturated fats, along with Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. These are often recommended by our experts, not only because of the reasonable pine nuts price, but also because of the superb balance of fats and great taste.

These pine nuts are especially recommended to pregnant women, as it helps maintain their hormonal health These are also great for the heart. So, if you are planning to buy pine nuts online India, this is the product that you should go for.

7. LILA Dry Fruits Pine Nuts

This product particularly caught our attention as their pine nuts price is extremely affordable. These are some of the freshest pine nuts in the market, hygienically packed to ensure maximum safety. These can be used in making many tasty dishes, as well as used in making some creamy, rich pesto sauce.

These nuts are extremely crunchy, which makes them one of the most popular healthy snacks around. They have a unique flavor and texture, which is why many people consider these as the best chilgoza dry fruit in India.

8. Berries and Nuts Premium Chilgoza Magaz

If you are planning to buy pine nuts online India, then this is a product that you should definitely try out. This product is fresh and hygienically packed, and has gained rave reviews from satisfied customers from all over the country. One of the best things that people love about these pine nuts is their unique flavor, which sets it apart from the rest. 

Many people have claimed that these pine nuts have helped them stay full for a longer time and have helped in reducing their cravings. They are also enriched with many vital nutrients, essential amino acids and minerals, which is why they are so loved by customers.

9. NatureVit Pine Nuts

One of the best things about this product is the convenient as well as hygienic zipper pouch that it comes in. This vegetarian product has helped many people control their hormonal imbalance and lose weight at the same time, making these one of the most sought-after healthy snacks in the market.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this product is its amazing taste. Other than being tasty, people love to use this as a snack, to keep their bones and heart healthy. Many people who are trying to lose weight have claimed this product to be one of the best things in the market, as it has helped them progress in their weight loss journey tremendously.

10. Dry Fruit Hub Pine Nuts

This product has been aptly included in our list as it is rich in various minerals like Selenium and magnesium. They are hygienically packed and are known to improve vision, bone and heart health.

We conducted a poll of why people love this product so much, and one of the most common answers we found was that it can be used in the preparation of rich, creamy, delicious Pesto sauce. These can also be used to enrich the taste of many other dishes, as well as to keep us healthy and satiated, which is why people love snacking on these so much. 

Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

Here at Nuts and Berries, we live up to a standard of customer satisfaction and delivery. As such our research and testing procedures are layered and complex. We pertain to both national and international health standards and make sure the products we recommend do so too. As such we have a state of the art, modern testing facility with all the latest technology and maintaining all the hygienic standards- just so we can test the products accurately and efficiently. Below we have discussed the nitty-gritty details of our research processes and product testing. For your convenience, the following section is divided into these categories:

Why Should You Trust Us

Here at Nuts and Berries, we aspire for the highest quality of life for our customers. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle is something we all want for ourselves and we are here to guide our fellow Indians on this endeavour.

Our resident dry fruits aficionado- Miss Sneha Sharma has been a long time spokesperson for the chilgoza pine nuts and today we are finally honoring her request to review and recommend them to all our dear customers. Her team comprises expert nutritionists and chemical researchers who have all come together and synergized for this project. Together, they have selected and reviewed over 60 products over a span of several days to bring you this list of recommendations. Our methodologies and procedures are strict and rigid and our tests are rigorously strenuous so that we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of your full 100% satisfaction.

Miss Sneha has also personally organised and conducted a series of polls and interviews over the past month to know what the country prefers, thinks or knows of the matter at hand. Her team of experts have collaborated with veteran homemakers, professional chefs and even fitness experts to know their personal stance on these wonder nuts. Our results and findings helped us stay true to our path and deliver what this country truly wants or needs.

Who This Is For

While these products will satisfy a wide array of customers, including the general population, some of our specific target groups this time for the chilgoza dry fruit are as follows:

  • Dry fruit enthusiasts
  • Nutritionists
  • Those with weight loss needs
  • Those suffering from obesity
  • Health-conscious chefs
  • Fitness experts

Rest assured, no matter who makes a purchase, they are sure to be satisfied with the results for we are confident in our team of experts.

How We Picked

The pine nuts price often varies due to their special features which are directly dependent on the soil they grew in, the region and the climatic conditions of the place, and what kind of harvesting and processing methods were used in the extraction process. Some specific things we keep in mind while picking pine nuts products are:

  • Species: A particular pine nut species in China called the Pinus Armandii is often responsible for causing a temporary taste disturbance in those who consume it. The condition is called the “pine nut mouth” or “pine nut syndrome” and it only lasts for a few days. The pine nut mouth causes a person to taste a bitter metallic texture in everything they eat. 
  • Variety: According to our research, the European variety of pine nuts is long and slender, the Asian versions are shorter and stubbier. As for the American variety, pine nuts are larger but also easier to shell.
  • Sourcing: Pine nuts grow best in the Northern Hemisphere and thus nuts from that region are healthier with better taste. We check for the source of pine nuts before making a recommendation. While most pine trees have their own nut, the ones which can be consumed by humans usually tend to be bigger in size and these can be found in Asia, Europe and North America.
  • Harvesting and Processing Practices: The harvesting and processing of these nuts are the hardest- and this is what directly translates to their high cost. The pine nuts have two shells and the actual pine is only one of them. They have a more refined shell underneath which also needs to be shelled to consume the nut.

We’ll leave out all the numbers and statistics for this one lest we bore you but rest assured these products pass all quality checks with flying colours.

Our Picks

Pine nuts are hard to come by in your local shops, malls or convenience stores as the market for them is very small right now - as of 2022. That’s why most people who want these nuts here buy pine nuts online India. And because online sources and products are difficult to trust, we are here to help you out and choose trustworthy products worthy of your purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
Go Vegan Pine...image Go Vegan Pine Nuts Without Shell - 100gm | Chilgoza Dried Fruit ₹693.00
SFT Pine Nuts...image SFT Pine Nuts Shelled (Chilgoza) 100 Gm
GreenFinity Lebanon Whole...image GreenFinity Lebanon Whole Pine Nuts, 100g | Chilgoza | (Vacuum Pack)
Urban Platter Lebanon...image Urban Platter Lebanon Pine Nuts (Chilgoza), 100g ₹1,185.00
Berries And Nuts...image Berries And Nuts Premium Chilgoza Magaz | Pine Nuts Without Shell | 100 Grams, Dry Fruit ₹744.00
Nature Vit Pine...image Nature Vit Pine Nuts, 100g [Premium Chilgoza Seeds] ₹999.00
Dry Fruit Hub...image Dry Fruit Hub Pine Nuts With Shell 100gms,chilgoza nuts, Chilgoza Dry Fruits, Pine Nuts Dry Fruits ₹740.00

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for raw, soft, shelled authentic pine nuts then we recommend our favourite Go Vegan Pine Nuts.

If you’re a health-conscious person and looking for an organic weight-loss solution then the SFT Pine Nuts is the best option for you.

If you’re instead looking for a budget unshelled option with great taste then the Namo Organics-Lebanon Chilgoza Pine Nuts is your best bet.

Let us, however, reassure you that no matter what your choice the products we recommend are catered towards 100% customer satisfaction so choose freely!