Munching on a handful of nuts or dried fruits might not just be a sensory extravaganza for you. Without a conscious knowledge, you could be just energizing yourself, while providing your body and immune system with a lot of vital nutrients and health factors to fortify itself against allergies, infections and other diseases. If you are really intent on adding Ayurvedic remedies and age-old concoctions in your healthy diet plans, you can start with the SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior that features as the best pick in our list of 10 best munakka brands in India.

Our Pick

SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior

Superior Products With a Promise of Great Health

These munakka variants are the ideal options to give your health a much-needed boost during the pandemic. Displaying their superlative quality in our tests, they deservedly rank at the top spot as our best pick.

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When we were identifying the best munakka from a flurry of products available online, the SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior caught our attention, primarily because of their claim of being one of the most trusted brands that sources the best dry fruits to offline sellers for more than a couple of decades. Now we had to put such claims to test.

The result was an arduous and meticulous testing procedure by our intensely diversified team consisting of nutritionists, dieticians, dry fruit connoisseurs, hobby chefs, professional chefs, and other product researchers. We arrived at the conclusion that the SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior is indeed a superlative brand of munakka raisins in which you can trust. The products are incredible, rich in vitamins, dietary fibers and carbohydrates apart from containing a dense amount of macro and micronutrients. We liked this brand because it stays true to its claim of sourcing their munakka raisins from the most eminent growers and from the ancient land near the Hindukush mountains which is celebrated for its dry fruits and nuts. Our testers checked the packaging and found it to adhere to the maximum level of hygiene. Hence, the nutrients present in the munakkas stay intact till you consume them. One of the best things that our team’s nutritionists and dieticians loved was the balance of HDL and LDL that these munakkas provide. They help reduce the effects of low density lipoproteins with their balance.

Thus, the SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior can safely be assumed as the best product amongst various munakkas you will find online. These munakkas have been traditionally used in Ayurvedic remedies and restorative techniques and thus can guarantee that your energetic constitution- the doshas, can be maintained equally well. However, if you want to purchase from an Indian dry fruit brand that has made a name for itself in sourcing quality dry fruits and nuts, then you can go with our runner up in this segment- the Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh).


Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh)

A Delicious Snacking Option With the Goodness of Nutrients

These munakkas score high on our parameters of nutritional values and taste and therefore deservedly make their way in the top three products that we have reviewed. Our experts feel that buying these munakka raisins will safeguard your and your family’s health against diseases.

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The Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh) have been favored by Indian consumers for consumption as well as Ayurvedic practitioners for creating various healing concoctions. As a result, our product research and testing team were curious and wanted to find out what was so special about this brand of munakkas.

After subjecting these munakka packages and the products inside to rigorous quality tests, we were visibly amazed and gave it a very high score based on our results. The polls conducted on the Indian consumers and the traditional Ayurvedic practitioners had already yielded positive results and top scores for the brand. When we conducted our tests, we found the packages meeting all kinds of safety and health parameters, thus making these munakkas some of the best dry fruits you can find on the planet, and not just India. These are some of the healthiest alternatives to spices that can be used in oriental cuisines and can also be consumed raw. This versatility also gained the product brownie points from our team’s hobby chefs and professional chefs. When we investigated the ingredients and the processing techniques behind sourcing these munakkas, we found that the Nutraj munakkas contain high amounts of iron and potassium, apart from other essential minerals. While iron helps promote the haemoglobin and the red blood cell production in our bodies and prevents anemia, potassium keeps us safe against hypertension by maintaining the level of salts in our body fluids.

Another high point of the Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh) is the absence of bad cholesterol and fat, although they are high in carbohydrates. This keeps your heart healthy, while giving you tremendous energy to perform every task throughout the day. This vegetarian product is definitely a better snacking option compared to processed foods. However, you might want to explore more options and so, we bring to you another super buy- the Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade.

Budget Pick

Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade

Large Munakkas Sourced From the Hilly Terrains of Hindukush

These products are rich in dietary fibers and carbohydrates and make for a superb nutrient-dense snack to start your day. Responding prolifically to our product tests, they have made their way into the top 3 munakkas available on online marketplaces.

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The Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade have been some of the best munakka variants that are sourced from the hilly terrains of Afghanistan- a land rich with quality dry fruits and nuts. Our product researchers and testing team subjected this brand of munakkas to rigorous testing methods and got commendable results.

These munakkas are large and high-grade. Their size, texture and aroma were some of the physical features that impressed our product testing team the most. Then comes their nutritional value. When we started investigating about their ingredients, we were simply floored because these munakkas are an impeccable source of carbohydrates- with the presence of glucose and fructose in high contents. However, the processing methods make them lose excess calories and minimize the fat content, thus rendering them the safest and healthiest options for consumption. The absence of any artificial sweeteners or added sugars helped us gain confidence in these munakkas. The next set of nutrients that these munakkas boast of are Vitamin C, Vitamin K, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, etc. While Vitamin C supplies massive amounts of antioxidants, the other vitamins and minerals help in proper growth and development. Therefore, these munakkas have been preferred by traditional Ayurvedic practitioners to provide healing factors against diseases and boost your immunity. We can now see why.

Also, our nutritionists recommend that these munakkas can be a great food option for your kids because it will fortify their immune system and also boost their growth. On the other hand, these munakkas can be provided to the aging and geriatric patients because of their immense health benefits. All in all, the Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade scores high and justifies itself as a super buy.

10 Best Munakkas in India

Searching for the best munakka in the online marketplaces and e-retail stores can be an exhausting task for you. To make that easier, we have screened almost 50 munakka brands across several e-retail stores and online marketplaces and compiled this assortment of the top 10 munakkas in India. Take a look at our products and start picking.

  1. SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior
  2. Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh)
  3. Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade
  4. Indiana Natural Munakka Raisins
  5. Urban Platter Afghan Munakka Raisins
  6. Ayuob Khan’s Afghan Imported King Size Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins
  7. Ancy Fruits Premium Dry Fruits (Golden Raisin/Munakka)
  8. Farmley Premium Munakka
  9. Miltop Munakka
  10. Lali Balaji Lali Dry Fruits Abjosh Regular Munakka

Our product testing and research team has done tons of solid research to aid you in your purchase journey. We will now let you explore this munakka list in detail.

1. SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior

If you like the taste of munakkas and want to take them as a healthy snack option, then this can be the perfect choice for you. Many people have tried this product, and it has received tremendously positive reviews. These natural munakka raisins have been procured from the most reputed growers and are hygienically packed.

The high amount of iron present in these munakkas can help to increase the number of red blood cells in your body, and through this, they help to deal with diseases like Anemia. They also help to reduce the effects of LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins.

2. Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh)

Munakkas can be used in Indian dishes, so if you like cooking, these delicious munakkas are a must-have. This is a vegetarian product and has high amounts of potassium in it as well, making it a great snack item for preventing ailments like hypertension.

These munakka raisins have naturally zero cholesterol and fat, making them a healthy snacking alternative than other processed foods. They are tasty, like nature’s candy. If you have problems like chronic headache and fatigue, then these munakkas can help, as they give you a burst of energy and help with headaches.

3. Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade

These are from one of the Best Munakka Brands in India. Made from dehydrated grapes, these munakkas have a high nutritional value and are enriched with antioxidants. They can be consumed as a healthy snack option and they are devoid of any added sugar.

These munakkas are low in calorie and fat content, making them one of the best items to have if you are on a diet. As they are nutrition dense items, they help to provide kids with all the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for their growth and development. They are also a great source of energy and are filled with natural Glucose and Fructose, along with Vitamin C, Vitamin K , Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium and others.

4. Indiana Natural Munakka Raisins

As a wonderful source of energy, these munakkas are extremely beneficial for our body. They can help in curing a myriad of health problems, like anemia, indigestion, acidity and even general weakness. They are also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, along with Iron.

These amazing munakkas are filled with antioxidants as well, which helps in reducing premature ageing. This is a vegetarian product which is extremely good for our health. They are exceptionally high in quality, and completely safe to use.

5. Urban Platter Afghan Munakka Raisins

As a product from one of the most popular munakka brands, these munakkas are exceptional in every way. They have a delicious taste and can be used in cooking various dishes in india. This is an all-natural, Afghani product, made with the best-quality grapes. They are brimming with nutrients of all kinds, including Vitamin A and C, along with iron and antioxidants.

These amazing munakkas help with sudden cravings and hunger pangs. They provide a lot of energy to keep you happy, hearty and healthy in every way. These are also good at curing several ailments like Anemia and Indigestion. These also have a long shelf life, which allows you to store them for a longer period making them a value for your money.

6. Ayuob Khan’s Afghan Imported King Size Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins

These fantastic munakkas are known for their taste and their benefits. These are dense in several nutrients including Vitamin A and C, iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Calcium, Iron, Copper, etc. They are also very low in calories, with only 120 calories per serving-making them an extremely healthy choice of snack.

These tasty munakka raisins are a vegetarian product. They are made from the highest quality grapes and contain no processed sugar. They are also enriched with Glucose and Fructose, making them high in energy. These munakka raisins can help curbing LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins in our body, along with various other ailments.

7. Ancy Fruits Premium Dry Fruits (Golden Raisin/Munakka)

These are a completely vegetarian item, and extremely good for health. These munakka raisins are filled with nutrients and are hygienically packed to make them last longer. They are completely natural and devoid of any preservatives, and do not contain any artificial flavour as well.

These are extremely healthy munakkas that can restore you to good health. They are made from the highest-quality grapes and they come in vacuum packaging. They are also very tasty.

8. Farmley Premium Munakka

These are from one of the Best Munakka Brands in India. These delicious munakka raisins are a premium-quality product and they are hygienically packed to maintain safety standards. They are also a rich source of Vitamin A and C, along with Iron and antioxidants.

These quality munakka raisins can be used in a number of Indian dishes like Kheer and Pulao. They can also be consumed as a super healthy and low-calorie snack item. These are a vegetarian product and are naturally sweet.

9. Miltop Munakka

These are fantastic munakka raisins and are of the highest quality. These delicious munakka Raisins are packed with nutrients and are large in size. They are hygienically packed to ensure a long shelf-life.

These munakka raisins are Halal Certified and are a vegetarian product. Several people have tried this item and given it rave reviews. So, if you want something that is healthy and low in calories for snacks, this is the item for you.

10. Lali Balaji Lali Dry Fruits Abjosh Regular Munakka

This is a product of one one of the Best Munakka Brands in India. These are completely natural and help with health issues like acidity. They also aid in digestion. Dentists have suggested that taking a few of these Munakkas daily can result in gum improvement. These are also enriched with Flavonoids which help in decreasing cancerous colon tumors.

These munakka raisins are rich in Calcium, Boron, Vitamin A and C, along with Iron, Copper, Selenium, Magnesium, manganese and Phosphorus among other minerals. They also have Polyphenolic acids which make them really good for your eyes as well.

The Intricacies of Our Research and Product Testing

At Nuts and Berries, we dive really deep to bring you the choicest products in every segment- whether it be food items, Ayurvedic remedies, gadgets, appliances and the like that will elevate your overall standards of living. We are always motivated to bring the highest qualities of review articles to our readers so that they can choose the best products that suit their requirements. In order to bring you the most credible and practical information that eases your purchase journey, we conduct meticulous research. Here, we aim to make you intimate with our research procedures and testing parameters so that trusting our reviews and taking action based on them becomes easier. This review article deals with the following

Why Should You Trust Us

Trusting a brand is entirely your choice. However, we can provide you with some interesting titbits. The name Nuts and Berries pops up in your search results whenever you are trying to find something that will help elevate your lifestyle and overall standards of living. That means, we are indeed the most trusted reviewers backed by the search engines themselves. Googling Nuts and Berries will land you in a world of the topmost reviews about every product you wish to purchase to transform your living standards radically. Therefore, you can take baby steps and affix your faith in our brand and the review articles we create.

Another way to vouch for our credibility is our highly competent and diversified product research and testing team. We have a team of renowned nutritionists, dieticians, hobby chefs, professional chefs, and others who do their job mighty well. However, our prized possession is indeed Miss Sneha Sharma - one of the topmost dry fruit aficionados in this country. She has years of experience under her belt and has tested almost every variant of dry fruit and nuts to tell the difference between the best from the not-so-good. Sneha has an affinity for raisins and that makes her even more invaluable in this particular research that we conducted. She was the brains behind the initial selection of 50-odd munakka brands from online marketplaces and e-retail stores across India. She put in hours of research- reading every available online resource, testimonial and review to carefully proceed with the 50-odd brands for more intensive research.

Upon Sneha's green signal, our product research and testing team got behind these brands and started investigating them and finding out everything about them. They screened the products under a probing eye and assigned several KPIs against which they recorded the results. Simultaneously, another team polled and interviewed every Indian consumer who purchased from these brands and noted every result as well. Finally, a comparison of the results yielded by the tests and those from the polls were done, and we assigned scores to each product. The top 10 products with the best scores made it to our list.

We should be thankful for the lockdowns due to the pandemic as it fast-forwarded our tests and polls.

Who This Is For

A great dry fruit that is enriched with the goodness of several micro and macro nutrients can be consumed by everyone. However, we have tried to broadly classify the user segment for whom they are meant.

  • Ayurvedic practitioners
  • Healthy eating enthusiasts
  • Dry fruit connoisseurs
  • Hobby chefs
  • Professional chefs
  • People who love cooking

We believe that our article sheds considerable light on the various use cases depending on different munakka brands. You can select the one that suits your requirements the best.

How We Picked

When we had to go for the best munakka in India, we had to combine several parameters and KPIs for the brands as well as their products to decide which ones are the absolute best and will provide value to our users. Sneha and our team performed several quality checks, and we will try to show you some of the micro parameters that helped us in discerning the best products from the rest and make a great assortment out of them.

Color and texture

When it comes to selecting the munakkas, people often confuse them with raisins. Thus, we enforced strict vigilance that no brand that sources raisins in the name of munakkas should be allowed a position in our review article. While raisins are seedless and green, munakkas contain seeds and are dark red or brown in color. They are also bigger in size. Our product testers ensured that the brands we considered only source the richest variants of munakkas.

These munakkas should also be squeezable. If they become hard and cannot be squeezed, then they might be very dry due to aging. Our product research team and testers fixed this parameter to comprehend the freshness of the munakkas that we reviewed and the claims of the brands behind sourcing farm-fresh munakkas.


Another very important physical feature that served as a parameter behind our testing procedures was the odor. If the munakkas released a putrid or bitter smell, we understood that the products had become rancid. Sometimes mold growth creates rancidity, however, the presence of oxygen and moisture are enough to promote the rotting of the munakkas. It is also a great way to identify the follies in the packaging of the brands.

Quality control standards in processing and packaging

Maintaining superior quality control standards in processing and packaging will only be instrumental in sourcing the best munakkas. Therefore, our testers dived deep into the processing and packaging details and tried to find out everything about them. Those brands that did not maintain stringent quality control measures (such as improper processing leading to rotting and wastage, packaging faults causing entry of moisture, etc.) were straightforwardly rejected.

We also analysed these products against several other parameters and found the top 10 munakkas that we have listed here for your careful consideration.

Our Picks

The following 10 munakkas are definitely the best munakka in India and can be considered worthy of your purchase. Explore carefully to make a worthwhile purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
SFT Raisin with...image SFT Raisin with Seed (Munakka) Abjosh 200 Gm ₹115.00
Nutraj Munakka Raisin...image Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh) 200g | Kishmish | Munakka Dry Fruits | Delicious & Healthy Snack | Pack of 1
Indiana Natural Munakka...image Indiana Natural Munakka Raisins (Big Size),Munakka Dry Fruits|Munaka|Munnaka-250Gm,fresh ₹362.00 (₹144.80 / 100 g)
Ancy Foods Premium...image Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits (Golden Raisin/Munakka), 250 g
Farmley Premium Munakka...image Farmley Premium Munakka Raisins - 200 gram I Healthy Dried Fruits ₹207.00 (₹103.50 / 100 g)
Miltop Munakka Raisin...image Miltop Munakka Raisin 500 g ₹555.00 (₹111.00 / 100 g)
Lali Balaji Lali...image Lali Balaji Lali Dry Fruits Abjosh Regular Munakka 750Gm (Pack of 3, 250Gm Each) ₹515.00 (₹68.67 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

According to our product researchers and testers, the SFT Raisin With Seed (Munakka ) Abjosh Superior is unanimously considered to be the best pick for its array of superior features.

The Nutraj Munakka Raisin (Abjosh) features as our runner up in this segment with its varieties of health benefits.

The Behnam Afghani Large Munakka/Raisins Grade feature as the super buy, with their super-massive munakkas and reasonable pricing.

However, you can consider almost every munakkas listed above for your purchase as they are all heavily endowed with the goodness of nutrients and great taste.