Hazelnuts are becoming a popular nut option in recent times. With people tending towards healthy snacks as their choicest food options, this is one of the nuts getting market attention in the process. The benefits of hazelnuts are manifold. Hazelnuts are known for their dietary fibre and high antioxidant count. They help relieve inflammation and promote healthy bowel movements. Our research has also led us to believe that hazelnuts are beneficial for improving insulin sensitivity, heart health and even protect against cell damage. With its plethora of benefits and uses, we at Nuts and Berries thought we’d recommend the best brands of normal and roasted hazelnut variants from the market. So what are you waiting for? Buy hazelnuts and boost your family’s health! The best hazelnut in India is Flyberry Gourmet Premium Hazelnuts.

Our Pick

Flyberry Gourmet Premium Hazelnuts

Double Roasted, Blanched Healthy Hazelnuts

Our team at Nuts and Berries crowned these Turkish hazelnuts as the best hazelnut in India for their double roasted rich and crunchy texture that was unmatched in the competition.

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These hazelnuts are sourced and harvested directly from their plantations in Turkey after which they are brought to India via shipments to keep them fresh. Our team values the dedication put into this process of harvesting.

After long and strenuous hours of testing and research, our team confirmed that these hazelnuts are indeed GMO-free and completely safe for vegetarian consumption. In addition to coming doubly roasted, they also come raw, unsalted and blanched for your diversified tastes. Our team tested this by putting these nuts through several dishes and recipes and we were honestly surprised by how well these nuts blended and enriched the taste of our dishes. We also found that these nuts make for a good source of Omega 3 which are crucial to improving blood clotting and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Because of their high nutritiousness, we absolutely recommend you include these nuts in your regular diet. As such we also found that they come packaged in quality induction sealed air-tight pet jars that make for efficient storage and portability of these nuts. So you can have your nuts anywhere in peace! These hazelnuts are our unanimous pick for the best hazelnut in India award.


Rostaa Pouch Hazelnuts

Vitamin-E-Rich, Digestion-Boosting Hazelnuts

These hazelnuts come from the best hazelnut brand in India as considered by our team at Nuts and Berries. These powerhouses of nature are sure to boost your health by a manifold.

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Our team at Nuts and Berries were impressed by these organically grown hazelnuts that pack power when it comes to their nutritiousness and health benefits.

Our testing team found that these hazelnuts are a rich source of Vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and even protein. These hazelnuts are a great natural health supplement with their rich manganese content which is a vital mineral for the body. Our research team discovered that this premium quality product is great for strengthening hair, boosting energy and promoting better stomach health, digestion and bowel movement. Our team thoroughly enjoyed putting these nuts in desserts and chocolate preparations. The results were a beautifully rich, layered and sweet experience in the form of chocolate hazelnut spread. We also used them in salads and baking items and we were very impressed by the flavours it brought out in our favourite recipes.

Rostaa is the best hazelnut brand in India according to our team at Nuts and Berries. These dry fruits products come packaged in air-tight resealable packs which makes them easy to snack on and locks all the benefits of hazelnuts. So what are you waiting for? Go include these finest hazelnuts in your diet now! But if you are apprehensive about the Rostaa hazelnut prices, you can check out our budget pick below.

Budget Pick

Bliss of Earth Turkish Hazelnuts

Delicious Hazelnuts for All Age Groups

These hazelnuts are our budget pick. We were surprised by the quantity-to-price ratio on this one in spite of it presenting all the benefits of hazelnuts and tasting as rich as our top two products.

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Our team at Nuts and Berries consider this as the best in the budget pick for a multitude of reasons but primarily for the sheer amount of hazelnuts they offer in comparison to their price.

These hazelnuts are rich in vital nutrients and minerals and our expert testers and researchers ran several tests, screenings and examinations on these to determine if that were truly the case and we can assure you it most definitely is. Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. Maximum harvesting of hazelnuts is done in Turkey. We also discovered that these Turkish hazelnuts can be consumed raw or roasted as a snack or be added to desserts and sweet recipes to further boost and give depth to their taste. Our team enjoyed snacking on this for over a week and we never seemed to run out. Within a week we also observed a noticeable improvement in our general health.

We wholeheartedly recommend this if you’re looking for a refill or are trying out hazelnuts for the first time as their high quantity will serve you well. As for their taste, you can rest assured they taste premium and live up to our high and critical taste standards. Hazelnuts price is quite high in the market but with this budget product you can enjoy premium hazelnuts at a low price

Our Top 10 Hazelnut Brands in India

Hazelnuts make for a great snack and considering how healthy they are, we are sure you would want it included in your diet. Hazelnuts are also a great addition to your desserts and chocolate dishes- including cakes and baked delicacies. With these in mind, we thought we should bring you a list of our favourite hazelnut picks from the Indian market after rigorous testing and research work.

  1. Flyberry Gourmet Premium Hazelnuts
  2. Rostaa Pouch Hazelnuts
  3. Bliss of Earth Turkish Hazelnuts
  4. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Hazel Nuts
  5. RiTrue - Blanched Hazel Nuts Organic
  6. Dryfruit Mart Hazelnuts
  7. Dry Fruit Hub Premium Jumbo Hazelnuts
  8. Namo Organics - Hazel Nuts
  9. Nutraj Signature Turkish Hazelnut
  10. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Hazelnuts

This comprehensive product item list below is crafted with unique features and benefits in mind. All of these are authentic products, so we urge our readers to go through all of them before making a choice. This way you can choose what is tailor-made for your OWN needs and preferences.

1. Flyberry Gourmet Premium Hazelnuts

We recommend these hazelnuts as they are preservative-free and completely natural. These hazelnuts have a distinct taste and flavor, and they are unsalted and dishelled for the customers’ convenience. Numerous people have tried this product and given it rave reviews.

These Turkish hazelnuts come in an airtight container and are safe to consume. The health benefits of these hazelnuts are enormous. The Flyberry gourmet products are excellent to prevent cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure issues and blood clotting problems.

2. Rostaa Pouch Hazelnuts

Our experts consider Rostaa as the best hazelnut brand in India. We found out that these hazelnuts are enriched with vitamins and minerals, and offer the proper amount of dietary fibre needed in a balanced diet. They have several other benefits as well, like strengthening your hair.

These hazelnuts also aid in digestion and are filled with energy. Taking them consistently can make your health better and the best thing of all is that it is a completely vegetarian product.

3. Bliss of Earth Turkish Hazelnuts

These Turkish hazelnuts are packed with energy and are great for digestion as well. Made with love and care, these are one of the most popular hazelnuts. To some this might even be the best hazelnut brand in India. These hazelnuts are enriched with many vitamins and minerals which makes them a wonderful snack for everyone.

These hazelnuts can be consumed raw, or can even be used in making several food items like cakes and puddings. They have been proved to aid in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well.

4. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Hazel Nuts

If you want to buy hazelnuts that are not only good for your health but are also extremely delicious, then these can be the perfect option for you. These hazelnuts are fresh and rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. They are good for your entire body including your skin, bones, and heart.

These amazing hazelnuts can be consumed raw or can be used in cooking various dishes as well. The people who have tried these have appreciated their versatility. They are also quite affordable, making them the perfect snack for everyone.

5. RiTrue - Blanched Hazel Nuts Organic

These hazelnuts caught our eyes as these are extremely affordable as well as tasty. They are rich in minerals and vitamins and are a powerhouse of energy as well. A popular snack, which can be used for cooking a variety of dishes, these hazelnuts are showstoppers in every way.

These amazing hazelnuts are gluten free, which makes it even more special. They come in an airtight container so that they are safe to consume anytime, anywhere. Due to the sweet flavor of these hazelnuts, one can eat them raw, roast them, or ground them into a paste.

6. Dryfruit Mart Hazelnuts

Our experts were amazed to see the health benefits these hazelnuts offer and concluded that hazelnuts from Dryfruit Mart were easily one of the best hazelnuts in the market. They come in an airtight pouch so that they remain safe for a long time. Filled with energy and enriched with vitamins and minerals, these tasty hazelnuts are great for your health.

This is a completely vegetarian product, safe for direct consumption as well as for cooking purposes. These hazelnuts are of the best grade and quality, making them a go-to choice of our experts when they wish to buy hazelnuts.

7. Dry Fruit Hub Premium Jumbo Hazelnuts

This is one of the most popular hazelnut brands in the country. They are of high-quality and are enriched with omega-3’s, vitamins and minerals. One of the best features of these hazelnuts is that they are great for your heart and skin health.

These hazelnuts can be consumed raw, roasted or even used in making some scrumptious dishes. They have a unique flavor and taste, making them a really special item. They are also used to reduce blood pressure among their many benefits.

8. Namo Organics - Hazel Nuts

We love this particular product because of its uniqueness, flavor and versatility. These are natural and preservative-free hazelnuts which can be used in multiple ways. There are many different minerals present in this product, and it gives a lot of energy as well.

Namo Organics’ hazelnuts price is so affordable that you can consume these hazelnuts on a regular basis without burning a hole in your pocket. These hazelnuts are also high in unsaturated fats, making them extremely beneficial for the body. They can be incorporated into your diet if you wish to maintain your weight.

9. Nutraj Signature Turkish Hazelnut

From a popular and well-reviewed brand, these Hazelnuts are great for your bone and heart health. They are rich in magnesium which helps to regulate the amount of calcium in your body. They are also rich in dietary fibre, making them great for digestion as well.

When it comes to hazelnuts price, this product stands out from the rest. Even with all these features, this is an extremely affordable product. We made some of the tastiest hazelnut chocolate spreads and hazelnut coffee powder from this particular brand of hazelnuts!

10. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Hazelnuts

Our team tried and tested this product and found out that they are enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, providing people with a burst of energy. They can be used for simple snacking as they are low in calories and are extremely healthy in nature.

These hazelnuts can be used in cooking a variety of Indian dishes, especially sweets and desserts. They also come in an attractive product packaging, which makes them the perfect product to gift someone.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

Health is a valuable asset in the 21st Century now that we have finally realised how fragile we are as human beings and how a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in making our lives easier, longer and more joyous. We at Nuts and Berries understand your newfound interest in healthy foods and therefore we will help you out and accompany you on this journey to a healthy lifestyle. Below we have described the nitty-gritty details of our screening processes, research techniques and product testings. For your convenience, the following section is divided into these categories:

Why You Should Trust Us

Here at Nuts and Berries, we aim to make our customers lead a healthy and simplified lifestyle and to make that happen we act as your personal advisors. We go the extra mile so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time on a lifestyle you deserve from the start. With the growing focus on health, we have directed all of our attention to how we can bring you the healthiest products and product recommendations in the market. With that in mind, we have hired experts and connoisseurs from a diversified pool to support us in our mission.

Miss Mayra Ahuja, our resident dry-fruits aficionado has personally presided over the testing and research of these nuts. Hazelnuts, according to her, are a goldmine of untapped potential and she was here to assist us through it. Her team of experts this time comprise of practising nutritionists, health professionals and even some local dessert chefs who have volunteered for the cause. Our screening and selection process alone lasted over 48 hours after which we began with our main research and testing procedures. Her team employed the use of the latest machinery and pieces of equipment available in our modern high-tech testing facilities to conduct this series of rigorous tests and examinations. Following that we started with our evaluations and results where we tallied and compared over 70 products alongside each other to bring you the best ones out there.

Miss Mayra also personally conducted a series of polls and a range of interviews with several veteran homemakers and practising nutritionists to know what the country thinks on the matter. The team has also collaborated with veteran dessert chefs and professional bakers and asked them about their opinion on the subject of hazelnuts. Our findings from these interviews and polls gave us a lot of new insight into what this country thinks, needs and expects from these healthy nuts. Our list thus comes personally curated and approved by not only experts in the field but also the people of this country.

Who This Is For

The products we recommend cater to a wide range of audiences. From chefs to casual snackers, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. However, some of our specific target groups for these hazelnuts are:

  • Healthy snackers
  • Dessert enthusiasts
  • Cafe chefs
  • Nutritionists
  • Dry fruits lovers
  • Culinary veterans

However no matter who or from what walk of life you are, we only aim for your full product satisfaction with our recommendations.

How We Picked

While there is a plentitude of parameters to keep in mind like where they were sourced and what kind of facilities they were processed in and so on, there are a few direct and unique parameters we make sure to check before approving our recommendation of hazelnut products. Some of these are:

  • Colouring: When buying hazelnuts, we first make sure to check their colouring. Hazelnut plants generally produce a nut which has a rich, brown skin. Specifically, we check if the skins are faded or discoloured. A faded or discoloured skin indicates that the hazelnut inside has begun to dry and won’t last long. It is also assumed that they have lost much of their nutritional properties. We make sure to reject these products.
  • Shelled or Unshelled: If the product offers shelled or “unshelled” hazelnuts, we tend to look for the weight and girth of the shells. When hazelnuts dry up inside their shells, they become lighter so we make sure to look for and only approve those that feel full and heavy from outside. Fresh-shelled variants on the other hand look plump, full and tight-skinned which lets us know they are freshly picked and worthy of our purchase.
  • Storage History: Hazelnut storage facilities should be ideally clean and dry with a relative humidity of less than 70%. There must be good protection against pests like rodents or mice and even birds. A good drainage system and humidity control are also vital. Hazelnuts must be optimally stored in temperatures between 0 to 10 degrees Celsius to prevent fungal growth and aid in preservation. We make sure to avoid those with mouldy growth that suggest overexposure to humidity or rotten hazelnuts.
  • Packaging: Hazelnuts must be carefully packaged to prevent external or internal harm to the produce. Air-tight, induction or vacuum packaging techniques are the best. Packaging must also be free of any foreign matter to prevent causing any unintended reactions with the product down the line. Use of paper or stamps for product details or trade specifications are allowed in case the ink being used is non-toxic.

To spare you the boredom, we will spare you all the numbers, statistics and graphs we had to painfully tally to reach all of our conclusions before we recommended a product.

Our Picks

Hazelnuts are a rising trend in nut culture and more and more people are flocking to try out this nut that they’ve only heard being used before in premium desserts and chocolates. The 71.1% of customs duty on hazelnut including GST makes import of hazelnut to India a very pricey affair. However, since the harvesting of hazelnuts in India is at the primitive stages in the northernmost districts of Himachal Pradesh, we have handpicked the best products that keep the structure and flavour of hazelnut.

After strenuous testing and research, we bring you our top 10 recommendations in the market. We only ask that you go through them in detail to find out what works best for you and your needs so that you don’t miss out on the best we have to offer to YOU!

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for roasted, premium quality blanched hazelnuts produced in the latest state of the art modern facilities then we recommend our favourite Flyberry Gourmet Premium Hazelnuts.

If you’re looking for vitamin-rich, energy-boosting, health-efficient hazelnuts then the Rostaa Pouch Hazelnuts is the best option for you. You can even make the most delectable chocolate hazelnut spread and instant hazelnut coffee from this product!

If the hazelnuts price scare you and you are in the market for a more affordable hazelnuts alternative then the Bliss of Earth Turkish Hazelnuts is your best bet.

But let us again assure you, no matter what choice you make from our recommendations, you are guaranteed 100% product satisfaction because we aim for nothing but the best experience for our clients.