Gurbandi almonds are the lesser-known variety of almonds sourced from Afghanistan. These are comparatively smaller than the Californian almonds but they taste just as good. Gurbandi almonds come packed with more natural oils and are good for your heart and eyes. For those with cholesterol, snacking on this can work miracles. That means it is especially good for our Indian demographic. These bountiful nuts are cultivated in the nutrient rich soils of Afghanistan and imported all over the world just like its more popular Californian variety. Our expert dry fruits team at Nuts and Berries thought that these nuts needed more limelight in India for their multitude of benefits and health boosts. That is why we have worked painful hours to scour through the markets and bring you the best Gurbandi almonds on the market. You don’t have to go far to know our top pick which is most definitely the SFT Gurbandi Giri Almond (Badam).

Our Pick

SFT Gurbandi Giri Almond (Badam)

Nutritious Almonds Rich in Natural Oils

Our team at Nuts and Berries determined this to be the best gurbandi almonds brand in India. Because of its natural procurement and careful processing, it retains all its health benefits even under harsh conditions.

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SFT gurbandi almonds are retrieved directly from their growers in Afghan and safely processed in a hygienic world-class facility. Our team at Nuts and Berries suspect these almonds to be even healthier than their Californian counterparts.

This brand is 100% natural and organic as our team of dry fruits experts did not find even a single hint of added preservatives or other such foreign chemicals. Because they come packed in resealable air-tight packaging, they are perfect for snacking and indulging that extra hunger. Their extra store of natural oils is nothing to be wary of. These are monosaturated fats that are good for the heart. They help with reducing hunger and thereby helping with weight loss. They are also one of the world’s leading sources of Vitamin E which is good for keeping the skin healthy, moisturized, and infection-free. Our experts tested all of these properties over several days and we had already started seeing improvements to our health.

SFT gurbandi almonds are also affordable and retain the same premium quality as its higher-priced alternatives. Because gurbandi almonds have a hint of bitterness to them due to their excess natural oils, they are mostly consumed as health supplements instead of sweet garnishings like the Californian almonds. But who are we to stop you from putting them in delectable dishes where their taste will best shine? Go on ahead and get a pack for yourself to have a new culinary adventure on your hands!


Ramu Afghani Almond Giri

Healthy, Mineral-Rich Gurbandi Almonds

These Afghani almonds caught our attention for their rich nutrient content. Ramu Afghani almonds are sourced straight from Afghanistan and processed with superior technology to remove all impurities and give you the purest form of these powerhouses.

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Ramu Afghani almonds or as they are otherwise called ‘giri almonds’ or ‘chota giri’, are authentic Afghani almonds known for their nutritional and mineral-rich properties. Our team personally collaborated with an expert nutritionist to confirm this.

These almonds are also especially rich in magnesium which is a difficult mineral to come by in natural foods. Our experts went through hours of testing with this product to check the purity and concentration of this magnesium and we're surprised by how positive the results are. Magnesium helps control and deal with hypertension and other ailments that are connected to the heart. This way the overall heart health also improves. Our team highly recommends this for all our health-conscious clients out there. Its high mineral content also boosts immunity and makes one less susceptible to illnesses. Because these almonds come professionally processed- they are purer and thus put less strain on your stomach even in case of binge-eating. In turn that helps improve digestion and stomach health.

Because of its special and professional processing in its high-tech modem hygiene conscious facilities, the product is a bit on the pricey side compared to others. But if that's not an issue, we highly recommend this one for all the fitness and health enthusiasts out there.

Budget Pick

FARGANIC Malai Gurbandi

Farm-Fresh, Raw Almonds

These choti giri almonds are picked, cleaned and delivered to you raw in their most natural state. Our experts checked if they are completely 100% natural and were surprised they actually were.

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Our team of experts at Nuts and Berries highly recommend this product for all those who are looking for a natural, raw, and unprocessed variety of these gurbandi almonds.

Because it's raw, these almonds are 100% vegetarian, chemical-free and gluten-free.

These almonds are great health supplements. In fact, with our team’s testing and research, we found that these almonds are sometimes even better than medical health supplements like vitamins and multivitamin tablets. We also found widespread usage of these types of almonds in ayurvedic medicines and treatments. With our expert research and evaluations, we also determined that these almonds are high in antioxidants and will thus help improve blood purity, heart health, eye health, and even skin health. We recommend this for anyone looking to include gluten-free vegetarian options into their diets.

These can be consumed in a variety of ways and they won’t cause any loss of vital minerals and vitamins. You can eat them crushed, soaked, whole, or even include them in dishes that complement their hint of bitterness. 

Top 10 Gurbandi Almonds in India

Our team at Nuts and Berries has scoured the market and chosen over 80 eligible gurbandi almond products and with our dedicated research, testing and analysis, we have narrowed it down to our top 10 gurbandi brands from the market. There is one for everyone in this list and we ask our readers to go through each of them carefully to find the one that best caters to their needs.

  1. SFT Gurbandi Giri Almond (Badam)
  2. Ramu Afghani Almond Giri
  3. FARGANIC Malai Gurbandi
  4. Tulsi Badam Giri Gurbandi Maska Giri
  5. Ayoub Khan's Afghan Almonds Choti Giri Gurbandi Badam
  6. Dhruv Gold Gurbandi Almond Kernels
  7. Nature’s Essence by KBX Premium Afghan gurbandi choti giri Almond Badam
  8. Ancy Foods Gurbandi Almonds
  9. Wonderland Foods Device Raw Gurbandi Almonds
  10. KINGUNCLE’S Gurbandi Almond Kernels

The following top 10 list is curated for our Indian demographic and we have mentioned vital and unique details to each of our recommendations so our readers can choose their most perfect fit.

1. SFT Gurbandi Giri Almond (Badam)

These are completely natural almonds, procured directly from growers in Afghanistan. They are smaller in size and slightly bitter due to the large concentration of oil in the almonds. They are full of antioxidants, Vitamin E, phytochemicals, and omega-3. Our careful analysis and observation revealed that they retain their natural freshness and aroma, which makes them one of the best gurbandi almonds in the market.

These almonds have a higher concentration of almond oil than plain Californian almonds. They are great for your memory and can be also used as ayurvedic medicine. As a rich and natural source of Vitamin E and minerals like Magnesium, these gurbandi almonds are great for your health and our dry fruits experts advise you to include them in your regular diet plan.

2. Ramu Afghani Almond Giri

These are high-quality Gurbandi almonds enriched with numerous minerals and vitamins and hence they wowed our product research and testing team. They are filled with monounsaturated fats which aid in weight loss and hypertension. They are also rich in magnesium which makes them a great food for heart health. These days where most people lead a sedentary lifestyle, our health and nutrition experts advise you to include these in your regular meals to help you maintain your heart health.

It is a vegetarian product and is gluten-free as well. That is why we believe it to be a hit with the vegan community. The almonds are hygienically packed. They are also a great source of dietary fiber and therefore promote gut health. We loved these almond variants as they are great for your skin too.

3. FARGANIC Malai Gurbandi

These tasty gurbandi almonds have been selected from the superior Malai Giri. They are sweet and are naturally cultivated, without the use of chemicals or preservatives. These are premium-grade gurbandi almonds that you can enjoy in their whole, natural state. They also come in a Temper Proof Reusable container so that they can be stored safely in the kitchen.

These crispy malai gurbandi almonds are the best in the market. They are sold in an unpolished and raw state, which helps them to keep their nutritional value. They are a vegetarian product as well.

4. Tulsi Badam Giri Gurbandi Maska Giri

These are extremely tasty, natural almonds, devoid of any harmful chemicals or preservatives. They have been imported from Afghanistan and have a high concentration of natural almond oil. They are also a rich source of Omega-3, Vitamin E, and phytochemicals.

They are a vegetarian product and are safe for consumption. They are also a good source of fiber and calcium and are enriched with riboflavin and niacin. As one of the best tree nuts, they are great for your overall health.

5. Ayoub Khan's Afghan Almonds Choti Giri Gurbandi Badam

These are vegetarian Gurbandi almonds enriched with vitamin E, magnesium, and Omega-3. It is also filled with plant protein and is a great source of dietary fiber. These are completely natural, and no chemicals or preservatives have been added to them.

These almonds are great for snacking and help to improve your energy levels for an active lifestyle. They are slightly bitter due to the high concentration of almond oil in them. They are imported from Afghanistan and come in transparent packing to show their quality.

6. Dhruv Gold Gurbandi Almond Kernels

These amazing gurbandi almonds are a product sourced directly from Afghanistan. These almonds are extremely tasty, crunchy, and full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is also a great source of plant-based protein and therefore our product research team and dry fruits experts wholeheartedly recommend this product.

These are all premium-grade almonds, known for their amazing quality. It is a completely vegetarian product and is devoid of any harmful chemicals as well. It is enriched with numerous minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium.

7. Nature’s Essence by KBX Premium Afghan gurbandi choti giri Almond Badam

These are completely natural and premium-grade gurbandi almonds. You can buy them in their whole, natural state, devoid of preservatives and harmful chemicals. They are known for their quality and their amazing nutritional value.

This is a completely vegetarian product, safe for consumption. They have a high concentration of almond oil which gives them a slightly bitter taste but increases their health benefits at the same time. They can be consumed directly or even used in cooking or garnishing.

8. Ancy Foods Gurbandi Almonds

We thoroughly loved these products from the Ancy Foods brand. We found that meeting all the safety and packaging regulations while processing and packing these gurbandi almonds in a dry fruits facility ensures that the natural aroma, texture, and freshness are maintained. As a result, the high amount of nutrient density in these almonds is retained and it is a great way to enrich your heart and overall health.

The dry fruit processing plant maintains all hygiene protocols and health and safety standards while packaging this product. We found that every food safety protocol was properly adhered to.

9. Wonderland Foods Device Raw Gurbandi Almonds

The Wonderland Foods gurbandi almonds are a joy to have. These almonds are some of the tastiest and crunchiest variants that are filled with high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In these days of the pandemic, we believe that it is a great way to boost your immune system and overall health.

Not only can you include these almonds in your breakfast, but you can also fit them into any meal of your choice and find the required nutrition that you need throughout the day. The absence of cholesterol and carbohydrates ensures you shed those extra kilos. We would heartily recommend this product to anyone who wants to get enrolled in a weight management program.

10. KINGUNCLE’S Gurbandi Almond Kernels

These crispy and crunchy almonds are a product from Afghanistan. They are enriched with several vital minerals and vitamins like magnesium, Vitamin E along with omega-3 and antioxidants, making them a great product for your overall health. They are also a very good source of plant-based protein.

These almonds are also a great source of dietary fiber, which helps you stay full for a longer period. This is a completely vegetarian product and safe for consumption. It is rich in phytochemicals and almond oil which impressed our research team thoroughly.

Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

Our advanced facilities and modern infrastructure are very versatile for screening, testing, and evaluating a plethora of products. We at Nuts and Berries value customer convenience and satisfaction over anything else. Therefore we work tirelessly to bring you the bests in the market that will not only work towards your satisfaction but also improve your health and lifestyle in general and definitely in the longer run. While there are countless details and complexities in our processes and procedures, we want transparency with our clients and so we have made this section and divided it for your convenience as such:

Why Should You Trust Us

Our dynamic teams at Nuts and Berries have noticed the growing trend of healthy and healthier alternatives to our ordinary food choices. The recent generation is very health conscious and fitness-oriented which also explains the latest rise in the usage and popularity of superfoods. With numerous food companies pouncing at these new-age consumers with their flashy and tactical advertising, it’s only getting harder to distinguish the good products from the bad- let alone find the best options in the market when a hundred companies title their products as the “best”. Therefore we have intervened to help guide this dangerous market towards brands that are trustworthy and genuine with their products.

Our dry fruits aficionado Miss Mayra Ahuja has been recommending all of us to try Gurbandi almonds ever since we took up the subject of almonds. She and her team went above and beyond to prove to us definitively that these mini Afghani almonds are healthier and pack a stronger punch than their Californian counterpart. Over 100 hours of screening and research have gone into wringing out the best of the best from the market. We have also conducted several other rigorous tests spanning even weeks to determine the true cream of the crop products for our customers. Miss Mayra has even been kind enough to let us in on some of her secret tricks of the trade on how one can easily distinguish good almonds from bad ones.

Our teams have also gotten in touch with established and professional chefs and veteran homemakers and nutritionists for their personal favorites in the market and their expert opinion. Miss Mayra has also initiated country-wide polls to know what the public thinks on the subject of almonds. Because after all only the country knows best what it wants and what is best for it. These polls have led us to new revelations and perspectives and have thus helped us stay accurate to our mission- which is to give our customers the most perfect products for them!

Who This Is For

Our products are curated for 100% customer satisfaction so we at Nuts and Berries are confident in our recommendations and in their ability to satisfy and nurture anyone who so chooses to make a purchase based on our advice. While our products pander to a wide array of customers ranging from health professionals, nutritionists to culinary masters, our specific target audience for these products are:

  • Beginners to the path of fitness and health
  • Nutritionist homemakers and chefs
  • Culinary connoisseurs
  • Healthy snackers
  • Children and teens in need of a health boost
  • People having heart and/or skin problems

Rest assured, no matter who it is, they are guaranteed a delectable, power-packed treat with our products.

How We Picked

While several parameters come in to determine even the minutest of differences, there are some basics we consider like shelf life, value for money, manufacturing process and packaging, and so on, there are a few technical considerations we also keep in mind such as:

  • Taste: The taste of gurbandi almonds are naturally bittersweet. Therefore bitterness is a good thing. If these almonds are found only sweet or too sweet, it would indicate chemical additives which is naturally a big red flag for our team.
  • Packaging: Almonds can be packaged in air sealed zip lock packages that are convenient and allow snacking directly from the packet without risk of them absorbing moisture or going soggy. While vacuum packaging is the best as it leaves no air inside, normal packaging is also used and is not too detrimental to the quality of the almonds inside.
  • Nutritiousness: The mineral, vitamin and natural oils content in gurbandi almonds are its most important selling factor. Only one gurbandi almond, as researched by our team, makes up for 9 of the normal Californian variety in terms of health benefits. We check for chemical contamination in gurbandi almonds to check this very quality of them.
  • Dryness: If the almonds are too dry, they are flawed and it indicates faulty harvesting or processing. Dry almonds are either soggy or too hard and brittle and we don't want those going to our customers.
  • Drying Processes Used: The two drying processes used for almonds are machine drying and field drying. Both have their own pros and cons and the best option is the combination of both. With a combined drying procedure it ensures all the internal nutrients and minerals are preserved while also ensuring they are not too dry.

Our Picks

Our list of the best Gurbandi almonds brand in India is thoroughly curated and comprehensive for specific needs and situations. While on the general scale they are all nigh perfect products, we recommend our readers to go through the whole list to find the one specifically catered to them and their needs.

Photo Title Price Buy
SFT Gurbandi Giri...image SFT Gurbandi Giri Almond (Badam) [ Rich in Oil so Bitter in Taste ] 100 Gm
Ramu Afghani Almond...image Ramu Afghani Almond Giri (Mamra Badam) Grade - Big Size Pouch, 250 g, Dry Fruits ₹570.00 (₹228.00 / 100 g)
Tulsi Raw Badam...image Tulsi Raw Badam Giri Gurbandi Maska Giri 500g (250g x 2)… ₹549.00 (₹109.80 / 100 g)
DHRUV Gold Gurbandi...image DHRUV Gold Gurbandi Almond Kernels | 100% Pure Afghani Choti Badam Giri, 500g, 2 Packs Of 250Gm Each ₹599.00 (₹119.80 / 100 g)
Nature's Essence by...image Nature's Essence by KBX Premium Afghan gurbandi choti Giri Almonds badam (1000Gram) ₹1,852.00 (₹1,852.00 / count)
Ancy Foods Gurbandi...image Ancy Foods Gurbandi Almonds Giri (Asli Badam), Long Size and Sweet, 4 X 250 g ₹915.00 (₹366.00 / 100 g)
WONDERLAND FOODS Premium...image WONDERLAND FOODS Premium Gurbandi Almond (Badam) 1Kg Pouch ₹819.00 (₹81.90 / 100 g)
King UncleÕs Dry...image King UncleÕs Dry Fruits Gurbandi Badam Giri (Gurbandi Almonds Kernels), 500 Grams (2 x 250g) ₹649.00 (₹649.00 / count)

Final Verdict

If you're looking for an affordable, quality, and 100% organic product, we suggest our top pick SFT Gurbandi Giri Almond (Badam).

If cost isn't an issue and you're looking for a rich and highly nutritious alternative then we suggest the Ramu Afghani Almond Giri which is the runner-up in this segment.

If farm fresh, 100% natural and raw gurbandi almonds are your preference then you should go for the great pick- FARGANIC Malai Gurbandi.

Let us, however, reassure you of the supreme quality of all our recommended products, and ultimately the onus of the purchase lies on our customers. And we can guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase no matter which option you go for.