These days, most of us are invested in choosing a healthy life interspersed with great eating habits and exercise. Fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people say that 80% of your diet defines your fitness, whereas 20% of it is just due to exercise. So, shedding excess calories and rejecting harmful components like bad cholesterol is the need of the day. One of the best ways to do this is by including the number of dried fruits in your diet. Apart from being a great reserve for essential vitamins, dehydrated fruits are a more consolidated form of natural sugars, dietary fibers, and even micronutrients. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, felt the importance of dry fruits as an essential component of your regular meals and therefore embarked on our quest to review some of the most impactful dried fruits so that you can have a proper direction and buying guide. This led us to review dehydrated kiwifruit variants and we were amazed by the range of health benefits that these incredible super-fruits provide! Amongst all the dehydrated kiwifruit variants that we researched, the SFT Kiwi Slice undoubtedly captures the numero uno position for the best-dried kiwi in India in 2021.

Our Pick

SFT Kiwi Slice

Incredible Dehydrated Kiwifruit to Help you Deal with a Deficiency in Vitamin B6

Our dry fruit experts and product testers were thoroughly amazed with this product due to its awesome range of health benefits and unanimously crowned it as the best pick amongst our list of the top 10 dried kiwis.

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Dry kiwi slices processing is an intricate and detail-oriented job. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of the food product, but it should be done properly so that the product does not lose its intrinsic flavor, aroma, and nutrients. Our team of product testers and professional dry fruit experts feel that SFT has implemented this process perfectly and therefore is the largest and most trusted dried kiwi wholesaler across online and offline platforms. 

We genuinely wanted to test the claims by SFT that their dried fruits are the best in the market. That is why we meticulously tested these natural fruits dished out by SFT and boy, we were amazed! These dried kiwis are better than any store-bought dried fruit type due to their shape, size, aroma, and the presence of every essential vitamin and mineral. These dried kiwis are the best source of vitamin B6 and therefore aid in several important physiological functions that take place in your body. Apart from these, the SFT dried kiwis are responsible for boosting your immunity during this flu season and warding off several respiratory ailments that will safeguard the health of elderlies as well as children. We also loved the delivery box in which these SFT kiwis arrive, as the product packaging is ideal for gifting purposes!

The product description of the dried kiwis was consistent with all the ingredients that our experiments revealed in them. Our experts tried having these dried kiwis with milk products and the combination was awesome! However, if you are looking for premium dried variants of these tropical fruits, you can check out our runner-up - Happilo Premium International Dried Kiwi.


Happilo Premium International Dried Kiwi

Fantastic Dehydrated Kiwis Effective for Boosting your Digestive Health

While searching extensively for the best brands that sell dried kiwis across India, we chanced upon this product. Our in-depth tests revealed that these products are some of the best that we have ever come across!

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Happilo Premium has been churning out the best-dried fruits and nuts for Indian consumers for quite some time now, and it was time we put their supremacy in this segment to the test. However, all our meticulous tests on their dried kiwi fruits revealed that they are indeed deserving of the tag of one of the best-dried kiwis available in India in 2021.

Our product researchers and dry fruits experts found that these dried kiwi fruits are an excellent source of antioxidants and hence they serve a wide range of purposes that keeps our physiological functions running smoothly. From helping blood clotting to improving cardiovascular health to preventing allergies, these kiwis are indeed one of the most magical natural remedies! In addition to these, the dried kiwifruits sourced by Happilo are fantastic inducers of the hormone melatonin, which helps in improving our sleep quality and getting rid of chronic insomnia. So if you have children or elderlies in your home who are dealing with the effects of insomnia, you can make them consume these dried kiwis as a healthy bedtime snack so that their sleep cycle becomes normal.

In addition to the above, our experts noticed visible developments in health that occur due to the consumption of these dried kiwis. We also probed into the drying process and found that everything has been implemented naturally and organically, without the use of harmful chemicals. As a result, we unanimously recommend you to buy these dehydrated kiwifruits. However, if you are looking for an alternative that is more budget-friendly, you can go forward with the Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits which is our budget pick.

Budget Pick

Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits

Superior Dried Kiwis with Immense Health Benefits

These dried kiwifruits are available with a very reasonable price tag without compromising on the health benefits. That is why they have ranked at the third position in our list of the top dehydrated kiwis in India.

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This season of retreating monsoons and upcoming winter is characterized by a flurry of allergens in the ambient atmosphere. People are especially affected by dengue and one of the tried and tested ways to revive your immunity and fight such allergens is a kiwifruit and its extract. Because of this, our experts invested hours of hard work to find out the best-dried kiwifruits and this product certainly checked all the right boxes.

These dried kiwifruits captured the fancy of all our researchers and dry fruits experts because of their maximum health benefits and nominal price tag. Yes, you can buy these fruits in bulk and they cost a lot less compared to any store-bought dried fruit. These kiwis are sourced from the best farms across the world and dehydrated following all the health protocols. The quality assurance of the brand was put to test when we invested our time in rigorously experimenting on these dehydrated kiwifruits. However, the brand and its quality assurance and control protocols got all the accolades from our side. We did not find any trace of chemical preservatives, colorants, artificial sweeteners, etc. in these dried kiwis and hence we would recommend them to you for boosting your immunity and preventing any infections and allergies.

These dried kiwifruits are rich in dietary fibers and therefore promote your gut health and improve bowel movements. We also found out a massive storehouse of antioxidants that help reduce visible signs of aging while helping your body fight detrimental foreign particles and allergens. We were truly satisfied testing these kiwifruits and every member of our team had a hearty portion of these dehydrated natural fruits to themselves, as they were immensely tasty!

Top 10 Dried Kiwifruits in India

Dehydrated kiwifruits are some of the best options to get rid of your hunger pangs while boosting your immunity and promoting overall development in health. That is why we did in-depth research and created an assortment of the best products available in India. Check out these products listed below.

  1. SFT Kiwi Slice
  2. Happilo Premium International Dried Kiwi
  3. Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits
  4. RiTrue- Dried Kiwi Fruit Slices
  5. Namo Organics-Dried Kiwi Fruit Slices
  6. Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall dried Kiwi
  7. D’Nature Dehydrated Kiwi
  8. Nutraj Signature Dried Kiwi Fruit
  9. NatureVit Dried Kiwi Dried Fruit
  10. GreenFinity Dried Kiwi Fruit

The dehydrated kiwifruits listed here are the result of an extensive research process. You can follow our buying guide to get yourself the best products that suit your requirements. You can also follow the product descriptions below to learn about each of the products in detail.

1. SFT Kiwi Slice

This is one of the most authentic products of dried Kiwis in the market. This is a completely vegetarian product and procured directly from growers and the actual product packaging is truly hygienic. They are known for their freshness and their natural aroma.

These kiwis are immensely special as they contain a lot of important nutrients, and are a healthy snack to have as they are really low in calories. They also have immunity-boosting properties and are also rich in natural fibre. With a reserve of protective antioxidant variants, these dried kiwis are ideal to boost your immunity, and hence our product testers and researchers loved them immensely!

2. Happilo Premium International Dried Kiwi

These dried kiwis are known for their high Vitamin C content and Vitamin K content. These dehydrated Kiwis are great for boosting immunity and improving heart health. Taking a few slices daily can also help you deal with insomnia and so our product researchers feel that they are ideal for people with chronic insomnia.

These kiwis are also a very good source of antioxidants and are completely natural too. They are low in calories, which is why they can be eaten in large amounts without having to worry about gaining weight. These are some reasons why many people consider this dehydrated fruit to be the ‘Best Dried Kiwi in India’.

3. Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits

Our team of experts often recommend this kiwi dry fruit as it is one of the best in the country. These are of premium quality, and completely preservative-free. Enriched with immunity-boosting vitamins, these kiwis can be added to a lot of recipes, and even made into kiwi chips.

These are completely fresh kiwifruits, and the concerned brand is known for retaining its natural aroma and flavor. Having one daily can result in a horde of health benefits, including improving your eyesight as kiwis are rich in multiple essential nutrients.

4. RiTrue- Dried Kiwi Fruit Slices

This product deserves a spot on our list due to its superior quality, amazing taste, and capacity to improve your digestive health immensely. This is a completely vegetarian product that comes in hygienic packaging and is safe to eat anytime, anywhere. It can also be used to cook multifarious dishes and can effortlessly be included in tasty fruit salads.

One of the best things about this product is that these kiwis are low in calories, so one could snack on them anytime they want without any worries. They are also great for improving your eyesight and even help in preventing cancer, which is why they are regarded by many as the ‘Best dry kiwi fruit online’. Our dry fruits experts suggest you have these kiwis as part of your regular meal, as they are rich sources of important nutrients including rare ones like folic acid.

5. Namo Organics-Dried Kiwi Fruit Slices

If you want to have healthy, glowing skin, then adding kiwis into your diet can help. They are filled with many nutrients, especially Vitamins C and K, and can even help to improve your eyesight. We loved these powerful sources of multiple nutrients that can be added with a cup of water and consumed.

These dehydrated kiwis can even be used as snacks like kiwi chips and cubed kiwis and munched on any time of the day. They are low in calories but high in dietary fibre. They are also vegan and gluten-free, which is why they are so popular within our team of dry fruit experts.

6. Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall dried Kiwi

As these are some of the healthiest snacks in the market, they are always in high demand. You can include these dehydrated kiwis into your daily diet by just munching on them when you are hungry or you can even dip them in chocolate to add a little extra zing. This kiwi dry fruit is also high in quality and has a great flavor and taste.

This kiwi dry fruit is also preservative-free, which makes it a safe snack to have anywhere. These also come in hygienic packaging and are easy to carry around as well. We loved these natural fruits and while testing, some of our experts even declared them as their favorite fruits!

7. D’Nature Dehydrated Kiwi

We went ahead and surveyed the people about which dried kiwis are their favorites, and this name kept cropping up repeatedly. These dried kiwis have an amazing taste, a great aroma and are enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes.

Many people consider this to be the best dry kiwi fruit online for its rich flavor and natural freshness. It even comes in a hygienic packaging that keeps it safe and locks in the flavor as well. The dried kiwi price is also very reasonable. If you are concerned about your cardiovascular health & fitness, then we will recommend you to consume these kiwis daily with your regular meals.

8. Nutraj Signature Dried Kiwi Fruit

As one of the tastiest dry kiwi fruit online, this product has been helping people deal with their health issues for quite a while. It has a rich aroma and is enriched with numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These are also rich in dietary fiber, which makes them one of the healthiest snacks to have around.

Another great thing about this product is its reasonable price. It is also preservative-free and low in calories, and so you can fulfill your cravings without gaining any extra weight. These finest quality products impressed our team of experts thoroughly as they contain immense reserves of Vitamin K and a bit of Vitamin C as well.

9. NatureVit Dried Kiwi Dried Fruit

This product is known for promoting heart health and is also great for boosting immunity. Enriched with Vitamin C and K, these kiwi dry fruits are amazing in every way, and you get them in a very hygienic and convenient packaging too.

These dried kiwis can be a wonderful companion with desserts, puddings, and other dishes, making them even more delectable. The dried kiwi price is also quite low, which is another reason behind the popularity of these fresh products.

10. GreenFinity Dried Kiwi Fruit

These fresh kiwifruit variants are known for slowing down the ageing process, due to their high antioxidant content. These kiwis are also rich in fibre, and a great source of vitamins and minerals which are great for the development of better health.

One of the least known benefits of kiwis is that they are great for our heart’s health, and they are also known to fight anemia. They even come in convenient packaging and can be carried anywhere with ease. We loved the hygienic dehydration process that goes behind manufacturing these dried kiwis and so we wholeheartedly recommend these products.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

A lot of effort goes behind curating articles such as these where we provide our readers a comprehensive buying guide coupled with exhaustive information about products that will elevate their lifestyles in one way or the other. We are always invested in doing a thorough research and creating the best review articles that provide solutions and help you in choosing the best products from a flurry of brands and products available online. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, understand the confusion that you have while choosing the perfect product for your family and kins from a sea of online choices and therefore, our motive is to help you with 'actionable insights.' Here, we have conducted in-depth research before reviewing the top kiwifruit brands and we want our readers to be in sync with our research patterns and testing procedures. For promoting absolute transparency between ourselves and our readers, we have divided this article into the following sections.

Why You Should Trust Us

One of the biggest reasons we will cite here is the absolute trust that search engines like Google bestow on Lifestyle Titbits. Yes, you heard it right! We are amongst those few websites that get traffic from Google when netizens choose to engage in finding the best products online. The organic traffic directed by Google to our incredibly information-rich review articles corroborates the fact that we are immensely credible when it comes to providing information and a purchase direction to our readers.

Another big reason to trust us here is the presence of our dry fruits expert - Miss Margaret George. Margaret has been associated with us since we had been thinking of reviewing every possible dry fruit and helping our readers have a worry-free life with a healthy and balanced diet. Her years of expertise and rich experience in tasting and reviewing dry fruits were implemented in our research procedure when she decided to do the initial shortlisting of the products based on online testimonials, reviews, and extensive market analysis. She shortlisted 50 brands of dried kiwis that were passed on to our product research team for meticulous testing.

We spent more than hundreds of hours testing and noting down the key features, upsides, and downsides of each product. These results were tallied with the online and offline polls conducted by our survey team on the Indian consumers who purchase and consume kiwis. Finally, we got the 10 best-dehydrated kiwifruits after cross-referencing both these results from our extensive tests.

Who This Is For

Our trusted review articles are meant for every Indian consumer. However, here we have categorized the particular audiences for whom this review article carries special significance. They are -

  • People with weak immunity.
  • People battling seasonal allergies and infections.
  • People obsessed with healthy snacking.
  • Gym and fitness freaks.
  • Dry fruit aficionados.

If you don't belong to all these target groups, don't worry! You will also find a suitable reason to read this article and follow the buying guide to make an informed purchase of the best-dehydrated kiwis in India!

How We Picked

Picking the best-dehydrated kiwis in India followed an extensive procedure where our experts focused on several essential parameters. However, due to the cramped space, we cannot list all the essential parameters here. Instead, we will focus on the most important ones to help you with a solid buying guide.

  • Actual Product Packaging: To understand the quality assurance and quality control of the brand, our experts focused on the product packaging of the kiwifruits. The best dehydrated kiwifruits come in resealable pouches that are hygienically processed to retain the flavours, aroma and nutrient density of the kiwis.
  • Weight and Ingredients: Our experts also focused on the package weights and cross-checked them to ensure authenticity. The product descriptions list a number of ingredients in the dehydrated kiwifruits. We conducted meticulous tests to verify whether those ingredients were actually present in the kiwis and only included those in our lists that came out with flying colors.
  • Dehydration Process: Since this is one of the most important processes that results in the formation of the nutrient-dense kiwis without any excess water content, we focused on a dehydration process that was organic and devoid of the use of harmful chemicals.

We don't want to bore you with other parameters, but we can assure you that there are more than hundreds of parameters against which we tested these products.

Our Picks

Our final list of the top 10 dehydrated kiwifruits caters to the needs of the average Indian consumer who imbibes the goodness of dry kiwi fruit in his or her diet.

Browse through this expert-curated list thoroughly and make an informed purchase decision.

Final Verdict

If you want to go forward with the best-dehydrated kiwifruit slices in the market, you should choose the SFT Kiwi Slice.

However, if you want to derive all the nutritional benefits and be in great shape this season, you can also choose our runner-up - Happilo Premium International Dried Kiwi.

Lastly, if your focus is a reasonable price tag apart from the benefits that dried kiwis provide, then you should choose the dried kiwis dished out by Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits.

Whatever be your pick, we ensure maximum satisfaction when you consume the best-dried kiwi in India.