Cranberries are some of the best choices when it comes to adding the real benefits of delectable fruits in your meals. Dried cranberries will provide you with awesome health benefits while scoring high as sensory delights. Being a rich source of macronutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc. these are some of the best food choices amid this pandemic situation. They efficiently boost your immune system and provide you with several factors to fight allergies and disease-spreading microorganisms. When it comes to choosing the best dried cranberries brand in India, our best pick is the Gourmia Dried Cranberry 200g.

Our Pick

Gourmia Dried Cranberry 200g

Fresh and Healthy Cranberries Sourced From the Us

This brand of dried cranberries features at the top spot in our list because of its rich taste and abundance of health benefits. We heartily recommend this top-tier dried product to everyone.

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When our dry fruit expert and research team started the hunt for the best dried cranberries, the Gourmia Dried Cranberry 200g instantly impressed them with its choicest and carefully selected products that will make for a healthy and tasty snack within minutes. The Gourmia cranberries have been under micro-observation and thorough testing and have deservedly made it to the top spot amongst our list of the best cranberries.

When our dry fruit expert and product research team enquired about the source of these cranberries, it was revealed to be the United States of America. Hence, these cranberries have been grown and sourced farm fresh from the most authentic regions. Our dry fruit expert says that this brand of cranberries has a very rich taste and flavor. Being a storehouse of macro and micronutrients like Potassium, Iron, Copper, etc. and Vitamins A, C and K, these dried cranberries are the most wholesome snacking options. Although they are a rich and condensed source of carbohydrates, the Gourmia dried cranberries have super-low calorific value and thereby does not add excess, unused calories to your diet. Our experts also say that you can seamlessly add this super-rich food to your cereals, to enjoy extra health benefits. Since our product researchers are immensely stringent with the quality standards, they ensured that this pack of dried cranberries was from a gourmet brand that sourced strictly vegetarian products and added no chemical additives or preservatives.

We found absolutely no problems with this brand of dried cranberries. Hence, it automatically features as our best pick. However, if you want the seal of Amazon and a gourmet and dry fruit brand that is closer to your home, you can go forward with Vedaka Cranberries, 200g which features as our runner up.


Vedaka Cranberries, 200g

Dried Cranberries With the Bliss of Nature

These dried cranberries from the notable dry fruit brand contain a storehouse of carbs, minerals and several nutrients. It is our runner up in the list of the best dried cranberries.

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The Amazon brand Vedaka has been trusted by several Indian consumers because of their finest variants of dry fruits. Thus, it was time for us to put their supremacy to test with our meticulous testing methods and analysis. To be honest, the Vedaka dried cranberries emerged as a great dried cranberries choice and won great accolades from our reviewers and testers.

Vedaka dried cranberries are super-rich in nutrients and have their freshness intact due to a hygienic packaging protocol. Our team of testers and reviewers made a strict analysis of the packaging standards and quality control methods followed while sourcing these dried cranberries and found them to be commendable. Our hours of dedicated research has found this brand to be credible and trustworthy with its vegetarian product that is nutrient-dense, tasty and makes for a great snack. You can add this to your breakfast or any other meal and transform them into a superbly nutritious alternative.

Although the soft texture and the subtle sweet flavors of these cranberries are a delight to every customer and our polls confirmed these facts, some of them were worried about the cholesterol, high calorific levels and glutens- if any. In cases of such confusion, we would recommend that you go forward with the Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, 1kg for a budget pick of nutritious gluten-free dried cranberries.

Budget Pick

Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, 1kg

Exotic Cranberries to Boost Your Immunity

This pack of nutritious awesomeness comes at a very affordable price. The 1 kg pack provides the required nourishment to your household and therefore features itself as the budget pick in our top dried cranberries list.

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The Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, 1kg is the ideal product to boost your immune system amid the viral pandemic that is raging all across the world. According to our food testers and dry fruit experts, it is the best bet for someone who wants to fortify his failing immune system without compromising on taste.

One of the most important reasons that our dry fruit experts and research team picked the Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, is because it stays true to its name. It is indeed an affordable choice, considering the amount of benefits it poses to your immune system and overall health. Our testers found that the Rostaa brand has taken special care in packaging its cranberry slices, in order to seal the maximum freshness and keep the cranberries nutrient-dense. We also found the presence of Vitamin C in abundance, which provides antioxidants in maximum amounts and helps you fight aging, free radical synthesis within your body and ward off infections, allergies and diseases with great gusto.

Apart from being a very affordable choice to look after your and your family’s health, the Rostaa Value Pack of Cranberries comprises gluten-free and non-GMO cranberry slices. We recommend this product for the conscious consumers like you, who would look for only the most natural ingredients in your food and do away with any artificial manufacturing or preserving procedures. Rostaa’s cranberry slices deservedly ranks amongst the top three dried cranberry products on our list.

Top 10 Dried Cranberry Brands in India

We ventured on every online marketplace and e-retail stores that offer gourmet products and carefully tested nearly 80 dried cranberry brands. Out of them we found these 10 worthy of your purchase. That is why this article abounds in detailed analysis and carefully placed information about these cranberry brands that satisfy our parameters of hygiene, freshness, taste, natural and organic sourcing methods.

  1. Gourmia Dried Cranberry 200g
  2. Vedaka Cranberries, 200g
  3. Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, 1kg
  4. Raw Essentials Whole Dried Cranberries, 500g
  5. Happilo Premium Californian Dried and Sweet Sliced Cranberries, 200g
  6. Sorich Organics Dried Whole Cranberries - Dehydrated Fruit - 400 Gm
  7. DiSano Californian Dried Whole Cranberry, 200g (Pack of 2)
  8. Agile Organic Whole Dried Cranberries 500g
  9. Del Monte Dried Cranberries Pouch, 130g
  10. Berries And Nuts Premium Whole Dried Cranberries, 1kg

Our team comprises dry fruit experts, food enthusiasts, testers and researchers who have done a superb job in carefully compiling the above list. Now we can get down to the list in detail and discover the best products here.

1. Gourmia Dried Cranberry 200g

Gourmia dried large whole cranberries are the best for fruit cakes, pies, cereals and even snacking. These cranberries have several health benefits. They are a great source of fiber and come with no artificial colors. Our dry fruit experts feel that this can be a superb choice for your health while appeasing your taste buds simultaneously.

Gourmia is an authentic premium dry fruits brand which makes gourmet flavoured nuts and snacks. Their expertise in making cranberries that have a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins makes them the leading brand. We found that it is a raging hit with most of the consumers who love dry fruits and encourage the presence of such dried fruits in their meals.

2. Vedaka Cranberries, 200g

Vedaka is an Amazon brand that produces high-quality dried snacks and fruits. Their products are natural and hygienically packed. The affordable range of products they offer make them a common name in the Indian household. This product contains the seal of trust from Amazon and hence our research team gave it some brownie points. We recommend the Vedaka cranberries to anyone who wishes to have a wholesome meal with the goodness of dried fruits and nuts.

These affordable and nutrient-dense cranberries retain their goodness and freshness for a long time. There are no added preservatives and artificial colors. The soft texture and the subtly sweet flavor of these cranberries will be a treat for your taste buds.

3. Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, 1kg

Rostaa is a premium superfood brand which sells an array of various nuts, berries, spices, dates and more. Their products go through a series of quality checks to ensure that only the best quality is available to their customers.

Rostaa Dried Cranberries are a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians. They are GMO free and gluten free tart sliced berries which make up for the perfect dessert toppings. Additionally, these cranberries are rich in Vitamin C and help boost your immunity.

4. Raw Essentials Whole Dried Cranberries, 500g

The brand Raw Essentials works towards making healthy living simple and easy by offering pure and natural products. Instead of freeze drying, these cranberries are carefully dehydrated and therefore retain more flavor.

These cranberries, even though dried, are among the healthiest snacks one can find in the market as they retain a great amount of nutrients. You can add them to your healthy breakfast bowl, sprinkle some over your delicious smoothies, add them to your baked treats, or simply add them as toppings on your favorite ice cream. They make everything taste better.

5. Happilo Premium Californian Dried and Sweet Sliced Cranberries, 200g

Happilo makes eating healthy seem affordable and easy. If you are looking for a sweet but healthy candy replacement, these Cranberries have your back. The Cranberries are packaged in zip-lock bags which give them amazing shelf life and also retain their freshness for months.

The californian dried cranberries are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamins. This, no trans fat and zero cholesterol product, improves immunity and the cardiovascular system. Besides, they are perfect for gluten intolerant people as they contain no gluten and no GMO.

6. Sorich Organics Dried Whole Cranberries - Dehydrated Fruit - 400 Gm

Sorich Organics has been the go-to brand for health-conscious people. Their products are organic and affordable. Their products aid weight loss and promote skin health. These dried whole cranberries are rich in nutrients and can be consumed anytime.

This product is devoid of any preservatives and additives. It is loaded with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and K, which makes it a go-to evening snack. Top in on drinks, cakes, etc., and you will be amazed to see how it enhances their flavor. Customers who have purchased this product earlier highly recommend it.

7. DiSano Californian Dried Whole Cranberry, 200g (Pack of 2)

DiSano is a very well-known brand in the Indian market. They make healthy food also delicious and nutritious. These dried cranberries are the most sought-after products from their wide range.

These naturally dried whole cranberries are excellent for stuffings and desserts. The dried berries are fresh and can be consumed straight out of the packet. The tartness of the berries makes them extremely flavorful and tempting. Besides, they are a powerhouse of antioxidants and high in protein and dietary fiber.

8. Agile Organic Whole Dried Cranberries 500g

These dried whole cranberries that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Their organic berries are an excellent add-on to a diet. The berries are fiber-rich and are hand-picked for us. Besides, they promote heart health and are highly beneficial for people with urinary tract infection.

Agile Organic produces reliable products of fresh quality. They have a varied variety of dried berries and organic powders. They also produce an exotic range of nuts and dates.

Besides good quality dry fruits, they also have keto and protein-related products and raw seeds which are not easily found in the Indian markets.

9. Del Monte Dried Cranberries Pouch, 130g

Del Monte is a well-known food brand that works towards making healthy food taste great. Their dried cranberries have a sweet, tangy flavor that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. These dried berries are great for salads, trail mixes, smoothie bowls, and even as a post-work-out snack.

The brand has become a household name for the premium quality imported dry fruits it offers. They pack naturally dried cranberries to keep the rich flavor intact. Besides, their cranberries are fresh and provide energy on the go. Our dry fruit experts wholeheartedly recommend this product to everyone who wants to have totally vegetarian dried cranberries on their platter.

10. Berries And Nuts Premium Whole Dried Cranberries, 1kg

Berries and Nuts aim to help nurture your wellness by offering a wide range of wholesome, quality nuts, seeds, and berries. Their cranberries are naturally sourced from places of origin and brim nutritional values.

These cranberries are super-rich in Vitamin B and C. They are low in calories to help maintain proper body weight and supply adequate protein and dietary fiber. Furthermore, they also help regulate metabolism, boost immunity, maintain heart health, treat constipation, combat urinary tract infection, and cure anemia.

The Intricate Details of Our Research and Testing Methods

When it comes to food products, Ayurvedic remedies and other stuff that cater to your health, goodness and overall well-being, Nuts and Berries is a name you can entrust your faith in. We have been reviewing valuable products for years and providing our readers with actionable advice on them. The nature of our research and testing is highly detail-oriented and we want to bring our readers close to them. With a view to express full transparency of our product research to our readers, we have compiled the following sections.

Why Should You Trust Us

As we mentioned above, Nuts and Berries has been a name that has been associated with delivering superior review articles about products that help elevate your lifestyle. We do careful research and analysis to do the same and bring practical information regarding the products to your doorstep. We believe in providing ‘actionable advice’, so that you don’t have to spend your time performing personal research and identify the ideal brands and products from a flurry of options online.

Along with our motivation to bring to you the best product reviews and therefore conduct solid research, we have got an awesome individual in our team by the name of Miss Aakriti Sharma, who is a dry fruit aficionado and one of the biggest enthusiasts of everything that provides you nourishment along with great taste. Her lifelong attachment to dry fruits and nuts has made her one of the topmost experts in this food category and people often visit her to get the necessary information about the brand from which they are buying and what they are eating. This has made Aakriti one of our most prized assets, and she does a superb job selecting every dry fruit based on the thousands of online resources, reviews and testimonials available.

Finally, she tests and reviews the initial selection of products synergistically with our hobby chefs, professional chefs, homemakers, and culinary enthusiast team. Here, she gave the green signal to nearly 80 dried cranberries brands found online that were okay to go through the product analysis and research. Once the nod was given, our product research team along with the testers combined their knowledge of the dried cranberries with the extensive research and presented to you 10 best dried cranberries brand in India that are worthy of your time, consideration and purchase. We assure you that we have done quality research and meticulous analysis of these products based on a variety of parameters that we will present to you later.

The COVID-19 lockdowns enabled us to fast forward our research and mix it with polls from users and frequent buyers of dried cranberries. The user data along with our research evoked phenomenal results and helped us in discerning only the top quality products for you.

Who This Is For

While searching for a good dry fruit online, you might face the hassle of selecting between notable brands who claim to source the best products. We understand your dilemma and confusion, and hence have put our best foot forward to create an assortment of the best dried cranberries brand in India. Although this review article is helpful to everyone, we will tell you about the specific sections of the consumers that it holistically impacts.

  • Dry fruit connoisseurs
  • Those who love to eat healthy
  • Those who love cooking
  • Nutritionists and diet experts
  • Professional chefs
  • Hobby chefs

Once you go through the article, you will find the particular product that caters to your unique health and nourishment goals.

How We Picked

Within the several quality checks that Aakriti and our team performed, there were few micro parameters that helped us find out the best dried cranberries and separate them from the rest. These parameters will help you understand the intensity of our research and will also give you a rough guide to select the products yourself.

  • Packaging quality and standards: Most dried cranberries are sourced in resealable packages or containers. Our product research team ensured that these were free from any moisture and were hygienically packaged. The quality control measures that go behind the packaging often reflects the worth of the brand, and we immediately did away with those that did not meet our expectations.
  • Presence/absence of chemicals: The presence of chemical preservatives and additives of any kind instantly puts a product in our rejection list. These are some of the most toxic variants of food products. We only include those that are devoid of any chemical preservatives or additives, and are sourced farm fresh.
  • Superior manufacturing/sourcing standards: The dried cranberries that feature in our list are all sourced following the regulations of non-GMO, 100% vegetarian and organic sourcing methods. We prioritize your health, and it reflects in our compilations.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of other micro parameters that enabled us to have a probing eye on the dried cranberries and include them in our lists.

Our Picks

We have enumerated the best dried cranberries next. Get down to explore them and make an informed purchase.

Final Verdict

If you want the best dried cranberries directly from USA, you can go ahead and purchase our best pic- Gourmia Dried Cranberry 200g.

If you wish to go forward with an indigenous brand that has the backing of Amazon, you can try the Vedaka Cranberries, 200g.

Finally, if you want a very budget-friendly and affordable pick for your and your family’s health, you can purchase the Rostaa Value Pack, Cranberry Slice, 1kg.

We can assure you that all these products are great in quality and standards according to our knowledge.