We all are craving some tasty alternatives that take away our hunger pangs while providing us with healthy minerals. Since these days, the popularity of dried fruits and nuts has reached quite a high, due to them being healthy alternatives of bad sugar and excess calories, we at Nuts and Berries took the onus of scouring for rich and tasty dry fruits. We prioritized dry fruits with incredible fiber content and healthy minerals, and hence, our automatic choice was dried cherries. Being a trusted source of essential vitamins and minerals, the NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries rank as our top pick in the category of best-dried cherries in India.

Our Pick

NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries

Trusted Source of Essential Minerals and Vitamins for Holistic Developments in Health

After surveying a variety of products, we found that these NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries were the most-deserving to have the epithet of the best dried cherries in India as of 2022.

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Our dry fruits experts and product researchers were inclined to find out the best-dried cherries that will not only fulfill your sweet cravings but without adding any detrimental elements into your daily diet and life. The NUTICIOUS dried cherries appeared as the perfect solution to all our diet issues and health problems.

Our experts also say that these dried cherries can act as impeccable gift options during occasions, particularly this time of festivities. What do we love about these dried cherries? Well, almost anything and everything. The product description is consistent with the constituents of these dried cherries. Apart from being a trusted source of vitamin B6 as well as a fantastic source of fiber, these dried cherries are also the ideal solutions to improving your sleep quality. We tested and found that these cherries are indeed responsible for melatonin secretion - the hormone responsible for improving your sleep quality! Therefore, you can bid goodbye to your chronic insomnia as soon as you start consuming these superbly beneficial sweet cherries.

Our experts and researchers tested these tart cherries themselves before listing their opinions that would help us curate this review article. According to them, having these cherries in your soya milk before sleep will tremendously help you in getting a slumber with ease! However, if you are a fitness enthusiast and looking for more options that would help you control your calories with ease and give you a toned physique, you can check out our runner-up - RiTrue Dried Sweetened Cherries.


RiTrue Dried Sweetened Cherries

True Flavors of Nature with a Host of Health Benefits

Our consistent search for the best dried cherries in India led us to these cherry dry fruits which have dominated our list with their holistic features and amazing range of health benefits.

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If you are having a dry mouth and want to fill it with something tasty that does not compromise your health, you can consume the RiTrue Dried Sweetened Cherries without any worry in the world! Our product testers and dry fruit experts vouch for these amazing products with their years of experience as well as the comprehensive research that backed this review article.

While surveying various available dry cherry fruits, we did a breakdown by star and these cherries were straight at the top due to millions of customer signatures that corroborate their high quality. With their incredible content of fiber and high volume of minerals and vitamins, these dried sweetened cherries are devoid of any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colorants. We inquired thoroughly into their quality while testing the claims of the company that dishes out these cherries and found every claim to be consistent and authentic! When we did a percentage breakdown of the available components of these cherries, we found the maximum quantity of vitamin B6 and B16 that helps protect your heart and bones while preventing cognitive decline. Thus, all our researchers and product testers were impressed with these cherries and didn't have a shade of doubt in including these in the number two position in our list.

These dried cherries help you deal with short-term issues like mood disorders as well. This dehydrated fruit has consolidated calories that aid you with your hunger pangs post-workout. Since these dried cherries are available with several verified suppliers across the country, you can access them easily. However, if you want something at a more pocket-friendly budget, you can check our budget pick Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits Dried Cherries below.

Budget Pick

Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits Dried Cherries

Excellent Dehydrated Fruit Boosting Solid Developments in Health

We feel that a lot of our readers might feel apprehensive regarding the online price of cherries. However, all of them are not that expensive. These dried cherries come with a reasonable price tag while not compromising on health benefits.

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One of the most impressive qualities of these dried cherries is their high content of antioxidants. We did in-depth research and found that these antioxidants prevent the growth of cancer cells in your body. Thus you can avoid the risk of cancer while snacking on your favorite concentrated cherry products!

Our researchers and dry fruits experts found that consuming these cherries a few minutes before bedtime can have significant improvements in your sleep cycle while promising immense developments in health. These cherries are a rich source of dietary fibers and help you with controlling bowel problems. They also act as mild tranquilizers and rid you of all the effects of insomnia. Since these dried cherries revealed incredible amino acid content, we recommend you mix them with your regular oatmeal or salad with lettuce to gain superior health advantages!

But the most important reason for classifying this cherry brand as one of the best-dried cherries in India is their reasonable price tag. While preventing the risk of lung cancer and offering other natural remedies, these cherries do not cause you pain with managing your finances. Hence, they feature on our curated list and can be a nice choice for you.

Top 10 Dried Cherries in India

Since we were intent on finding the best-dried cherries in the country currently available online and offline, we did comprehensive research that was backed by product testing, examination of packaging, and individual constituents. With all the solid empirical research backing our survey, we bring to you the list of the best-dried cherries in the country right now.

  1. NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries
  2. RiTrue Dried Sweetened Cherries
  3. Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits Dried Cherries
  4. Pinza Naturals Red Cherries Karonda
  5. Dry Fruit Hub Dried Cherries
  6. VSD Premium Dehydrated Dried Cherry
  7. SPS Marketing Dried Cherries
  8. Minimal Dried Cherries
  9. Berries and Nuts Dehydrated Dried Cherries
  10. Goosebumps Dried Red Cherries

If you want a detailed analysis of each of the products and the brands in this list, check out the descriptions below.

1. NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries

If you are planning to lose some weight and want something that will also be healthy for you, then these cherries can be a great choice for you. These tart cherries are 100% vegan and gluten-free and are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain very few calories, which is why they are one of the best foods to eat while dieting.

These sweet cherries can be an excellent source of fiber if they are added to your daily diet. They are free of sugar, salt, and any unnatural preservatives, and are highly nutritious as well. All of these features are why many people see these as the ‘Best Dried Cherries in India’. Our expert added these sweet cherries in warm milk and brewed superior milk products that are natural sources of minerals and vitamins and ensure a healthy diet.

2. RiTrue Dried Sweetened Cherries

As one of the most nutritious and tasty snacks in the market, these dried cherries are a must-have for healthy and calorie-conscious people. These are great sources of vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. You can also make tart cherry juice from these dried cherries which can be a wonderful item for breakfast.

These are completely fresh cherries, great to eat as a morning or evening snack. They can also help to reduce hypertension and weight and are rich in many antioxidants as well. We all had a glass of cherry juice each while testing this product and the developments in health were noticeable! One great thing is that these are a trusted source of melatonin and help you get rid of common sleep disorders and bad sleep habits.

3. Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits Dried Cherries

These dried cherries have made a name for themselves as they are free of artificial chemicals and preservatives, and the actual product packaging is truly hygienic. They are a trusted source of vitamin B6 and a great item to have for improved bone and heart health.

This cherry dry fruit is known to reduce blood sugar levels and is a must-have for people with hypertension and diabetes. We will recommend you to purchase these dry cherry fruits if you are in the mood to brew some tasty tart cherry juice or delicious concentrated cherry products. They are also very affordable, which is why many people regard this as the best-dried cherries in the country right now.

4. Pinza Naturals Red Cherries Karonda

Known for their freshness, authentic flavor, and great taste, these dried cherries have been helping people with health issues for quite a while. They come in hygienic packaging and this dry cherry fruit can help you get your weight and health back on track.

A glass of milk with these concentrated cherry products can effectively boost your sleep efficiency. Our experts suggest having these fresh cherries with your milk before bedtime to ensure a healthy sleep cycle by inducing your body's internal clock. One of the best things about this dry cherry fruit is that it can improve your skin health and it also comes with a host of other health benefits. These cherries are high in quality and can best be enjoyed every morning as an addition to a bowl of oatmeal or cereals.

5. Dry Fruit Hub Dried Cherries

These dried cherries from Dry Fruit Hub are high in quality, extremely tasty, and fresh as well. They are from a reliable brand and can be a great component for smoothies, yogurts, tart cherry juice, and even cakes and pastries.

They are completely safe to have any time, anywhere as they are free of any artificial chemicals or preservatives. They are also a vegetarian product and free of gluten, as well as extremely low in calories. We wholeheartedly recommend these healthy foods as they have powerful mineral content and are responsible for the increased secretion of the hormone melatonin - the hormone responsible for inducing sleep.

6. VSD Premium Dehydrated Dried Cherry

If you are looking for something that will add a burst of taste and flavor to your everyday breakfast, then these cherries can be a great choice for you. You can include them in your cereal or oatmeal bowl, in your smoothies, and even in yogurts to obtain the maximum benefits of these amazing dried cherries.

They are rich in many vitamins and minerals and can help to improve your heart, skin, and bone health by making up for the deficiency in vitamin B6. So, if you are looking to get cherry dry fruit that is high in quality and extremely tasty, then this is the product that you should go for. We also found that these calcium-rich foods have an amazing shelf life and apart from helping you deal with a rise in blood sugar, they also arrest the severity of insomnia by helping secrete the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

7. SPS Marketing Dried Cherries

If you are a patient of hypertension or dealing with cardiovascular diseases, then this cherry dry fruit can be a healthy addition to your oatmeal for dinner. These are fresh cherries, with high antioxidant content, and are known for helping you deal with several chronic diseases and lifestyle diseases. They can be used in multiple recipes, and even be included in your daily breakfast meals for a healthier touch.

Other than being a tasty component for your regular meals, these cherries can also help to improve the health of your skin and bones better than anything else. They also come in hygienic packaging which makes them safe to consume. The dry cherry price is also quite affordable and this wowed our experts. We included these cherries with a bowl of salad and it helped us have a comfortable slumber with ease!

8. Minimal Dried Cherries

These dried cherries are often recommended by our team of experts as they come in hygienic packaging and are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. They can be a great substitute for sugary snacks, especially for people who are looking to lose some weight.

They can be used in cooking delectable dishes as well as cakes, pastries, and puddings. This dry cherry fruit is loved by netizens throughout the country, especially due to its tremendous health benefits and preservative-free nature. We felt that these cherries can act as natural remedies for mood disorders due to their amazing taste.

9. Berries and Nuts Dehydrated Dried Cherries

If you are struggling to sleep soundly, then these cherries can help you beat chronic insomnia with a tasty kick. They are also very low in calories, which is why you can eat a lot of them without having to worry about gaining weight.

These cherries are also great to have if you have any kind of pain or even headaches. They have pain-relieving features and are also great for your skin. The dry cherry price is also quite low, which is why it is such a popular snack amongst those who are affected by nocturnal awakenings and daytime sleepiness.

10. Goosebumps Dried Red Cherries

These are extremely high-quality dried cherries, which have a rich red color and amazing taste and flavor. They are free of sugar and rich sources of Vitamin B6 and B16 along with potassium and fiber.

If you have hypertension or if you are looking to lose weight, then you can easily go for these cherries. They are high in calories and even preservative-free, which is why they can act as a healthy snack for you and your family.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We, at Nuts and Berries, are motivated to serve our readers to have an incredible life of comfort and ease. We want to help them with insights into every product - be it kitchenware, gadgets of daily use, Ayurvedic remedies, or even food products, that will elevate their lifestyles and ensure a comfortable, healthy, and worry-free life. That is why our motto is to provide our readers with 'actionable insights' and suggestions that will help them make an informed purchase without investing in the wrong products.

In our attempts to help our readers have a better lifestyle we are always putting in hours of hard work by researching and experimenting, apart from conducting online and offline surveys. We wanted to be transparent with our readers regarding our product testing and the associated intricacies, and so we have provided you with extensive information in this article. The following section has been divided into these parts.

Why You Should Trust Us

For starters, Google trusts us! Yes, when you were searching for the best-dried cherries in India in 2022, the search engine directed you to read this article and gather relevant insights! Since the world's biggest and most influential search engine has decided that our site and reviews are highly credible, it forms one of the biggest reasons for you to affix your trust and seal of good faith on us.

The Nuts and Berries team has always been obsessed with bringing you healthy food alternatives that would increase the nutritional value of your meals and help you fight chronic diseases, without compromising on the food value and taste. This quest would have never been possible without the presence of Miss Tanya Ahuja, whose supreme presence, years of experience, and expertise has been helping us with our assortment of the best-dried fruits and nuts. Being a lifetime expert and aficionado of dry fruits and nuts, Miss Tanya Ahuja helped us pick the best-dried cherries by doing careful research about every online brand. She studied the testimonials, product reviews, and data from market analysts to shortlist 80 brands of dried cherries.

This data was handed to our product researchers and testers who started conducting comprehensive tests on these dried cherry products. Our team of volunteers must also be praised as they tasted each product and provided opinions. Along with these, our team of surveyors conducted group discussions amongst customers, gym freaks, nutritionists, and hobby chefs to finally create the best assortment of top 10 dry cherry fruits available online in India.

Who This Is For

All our review articles are meant for the general Indian audience. However, for this particular review article, we had a few target audience groups in mind. They are -

  • Health and fitness enthusiasts.
  • People suffering from hypertension and diabetes.
  • People with chronic insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • Dieticians.
  • Nutritionists.
  • Healthy snackers.
  • Dry fruit connoisseurs.

However, our review article is quite wholesome and will satisfy everyone with their unique needs and requirements regarding these dried cherry products.

How We Picked

While zeroing in on the best brands of dry cherry fruits, we emphasized a range of parameters. However, we feel that all these parameters will unnecessarily increase the volume of this article and will eat up your precious time. So, we have only put the most important parameters here that will help you understand which are the best-dried cherry brands if you want to purchase the next time.

  • Actual Product Packaging: This is one of the most essential parameters when you are buying dried cherries. The dried cherry fruits should be hygienically packaged to ensure long-lasting freshness and tenderness. A resealable pouch that has been quality-tested ensures locking of all the important nutrients as well as aroma for enhanced taste. A nice package also helps you to choose these dried cherries for gifting purposes.
  • Constituents: You should always look out for the dried cherries and their ingredient list. The cherries should be non-GMO, gluten-free and totally vegan to prevent the presence of any detrimental components. Our product testers focused on the presence of essential minerals like calcium, potassium, etc. as well as vitamins like Vitamin B6 and B16.
  • Absence of Artificial Preservatives: The absence of artificial sweeteners, taste enhancers, colorants, chemical preservatives, etc. was one of the most important factors that we focused on while curating our list of the top 10 cherry brands in India.

Our Picks

These 10 dried cherries enumerated in the above list form the cream of the best-dried cherries available in India right now. Make an informed purchase after studying each product and making sure that they cater to your unique needs.

Photo Title Price Buy
NUTICIOUS Natural Dried...image NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries -900 G ₹999.00 (₹111.00 / 100 g)
Ancy Foods Premium...image Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits (Dried Cherry), 250 g
Dry Fruit Hub...image Dry Fruit Hub Dried Cherry 400gm, Dried Cherries, Candied Dried Cherries, Dry Cherry ₹399.00 (₹99.75 / 100 g)
SPS MARKETING Dried...image SPS MARKETING Dried Cherries | Sweet Cherry Fruit | Candied Pitted Cherries (500g) ₹330.00 (₹66.00 / 100 g)
Minimal Dried Cherries,1Kg Minimal Dried Cherries,1Kg ₹949.00 (₹94.90 / 100 g)
Berries And Nuts...image Berries And Nuts Dehydrated Candied Dried Cherries | Dried Cherry | 800 Grams ₹571.00 (₹71.38 / 100 g)
Goosebumps Dried Red...image Goosebumps Dried Red Cherries, Sweet and Delicious Cherry Fruit, 250g

Final Verdict

If you want the best organically packaged dried cherries that can be declared the all-around champions in terms of taste and health benefits, you can go forward with NUTICIOUS Natural Dried Cherries that are featured in the numero uno position in our list.

However, if you want a healthier alternative when it comes to shedding excess calories and choosing antioxidants and melatonin-secreting factors instead, you can purchase our runner-up product - RiTrue Dried Sweetened Cherries.

If you don't want to compromise on the health benefits of cherries and yet make a purchase that will not weigh heavy on your pockets, you can choose our budget pick - Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits Dried Cherries.

In this regard, we should clarify that all the products featured in our list of the best-dried cherries in India are impeccable and rank quite close to each other.