“Chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength” and as such Chia seeds have a been a dietary staple in the ancient civilizations as a reliable and sustainable source of energy. These are tiny black seeds sourced from the plant Salvia Hispanica which is a relative of the Mint. Despite their small size they come power-packed with essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. Their health benefits are immense and they have a low calorie content to boot that helps maintain your blood sugar levels. You can consume these little powerhouses through smoothies, drinks, baked goods, salad dressings and so on. They have only recently again risen in popularity as an organic super food so we at Nuts and Berries just had to investigate. After making several selections and testing them thoroughly, we are finally here again to recommend you a list of the best chia seeds in India. You don’t have to scroll long to find out our top pick because the best chia seeds brand in India is the SFT Chia Seeds.

Our Pick

SFT Chia Seeds

Organic, Anti-Ageing Chia Seeds

This pack of chia seeds comes packed with anti-ageing properties and an inexhaustible source of proteins. Frankly, we were surprised how young and fresh we looked after consuming it!

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We at Nuts and Berries were impressed at how efficiently these chia seeds reversed the signs of ageing on our bodies so we ventured deeper into its properties to find out more about this amazing feature.

We found that these chia seeds are packed with antioxidants which not only reverse inflammation but also regulate your cholesterol. This is the reason it prevents signs of premature ageing on your skin and combats already existing signs of ageism. We also discovered that these chia seeds are rich in healthy fats containing almost 60% of Omega 3 fatty acids which removes bad cholesterol from your body and improves heart health and digestion. These in turn also help strengthen bones and contribute to losing weight. Our research also found no traces of harmful chemical additives as these seeds are sourced directly from their growers and then processed in hygienic facilities.

These are, according to our expert research and testing, the best chia seeds in India. Because these are an excellent source of dietary fiber and can be consumed through solid foods like baked cakes, salads or even as liquids when mixed in with smoothies or just simple chia drinks. Being a rich source of essential nutrients, we believe that this product is also age-friendly and is fit for daily consumption by people of all ages.


Neuherbs Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

Nutritious, Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

Our team of experts were wowed by the goodness of these raw chia seeds as they come packed with so many essential nutrients and minerals that we lost count!

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We at Nuts and Berries loved the rich nutty taste these chia seeds added to our favorite recipes and we were surprised at how full we felt after a meal with these little energy bombs. So we just had to research more on it.

After rigorous research lasting several hours, we found that these chia seeds are rich in fiber content, protein, vitamins and minerals. We also discovered that the majority of the carbs on these edible seed variants are actually in the form of healthy fatty acids like Omega 3. Because of such a power-packed constitution, we were left feeling full and lacked any other junk food cravings and hunger pangs throughout the day. Therefore, they provide a more efficient weight loss management compared to flax seeds. And the blast of energy that came after consuming these kept us going throughout the day. When we realized that all of these factors culminate to give you a healthy heart and body, we just couldn’t help but recommend this to you all.

We recommend these healthy seeds to anyone who goes through the roughness of daily life of commuting and working strenuous jobs. This is also recommended for kids with a hunger problem. We believe that including these in your family’s diet will greatly improve your family’s health.

Budget Pick

Vedaka Raw Chia Seeds

Premium Quality Super Food for Improving Overall Health

These freshly packed chia seeds are not only affordable but also safe and nutritious. They act as superb meal replacement products while keeping you glowing!

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Our experts loved these raw chia seeds products for its cheap price and high quality. To test its purity we put it through several tests and it came out with flying colours.

We discovered that these chia seeds are organically packed raw, without any chemical additives or preservatives. Our employees had these ground and mixed in with their favorite work smoothies and they loved the added texture. Our research also confirmed that these chia seeds are 100% vegetarian, GMO-free and gluten-free so you can rest easy and have these in the comfort of your home. We also traced it packaging and we discovered that these were hygienically packed in the latest, state of the art processing and packaging facilities meeting all national and international health standards effortlessly. The essential fatty acid content and the low calorific value helps control your blood pressure and sugar spikes and therefore it ranks high on our list.

We recommend these to anyone willing to try our chia seeds for the first time or willing to refill their dried out stocks. Because they are so cheap you can buy these in bulk for your whole family and it’ll keep you fed for months on a healthy and nutritious diet.

Our Top 10 Picks

Chia seeds are already being mixed in commercial fruit drinks and cold beverages and before it’s too late we wanted to bring you the best chia seeds in India so that you can make your own dishes with these miracle seeds. To do that you need to know the best ones out there in the online market as of 2022.

  1. SFT Chia Seeds
  2. Neuherbs Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds
  3. Vedaka Raw Chia Seeds
  4. JIWA Healthy by Nature Organic Chia Seeds
  5. True Elements Chia Seeds
  6. DiSano Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds
  7. Go Vegan Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds
  8. Bargi Naturals Premium Raw Chia Seeds
  9. GreenFinity: Premium Chia Seeds
  10. Nutriwish Premium Raw Chia Seeds

This comprehensive list below is detailed with the unique characteristics and benefits of each product so we only ask our readers to go through each of them so that they can choose the ones best suited to their needs and preferences.

1. SFT Chia Seeds

These chia seeds are known for their organic nature and their hygienic processing. This nutritious food product is loved by customers as well as our experts,which has garnered it tremendous reviews on the internet. There is a natural freshness in this product, which makes it stand out amongst the rest.

As Chia seeds are known for their multifarious benefits, this product allows you to have great digestive health. They are infused with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which aids to keep your cholesterol levels in control. Mix these in a cup of water or have them as part of your daily diet and voila! Your overall health will be in top form.

2. Neuherbs Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

This product has achieved the second position in this expert-backed list of the best chia seeds in India due to its nutritious content. These super seeds are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes this a powerhouse for energy and immunity.

These chia seeds are known to aid immensely in weight management along with having various other health benefits. They are a rich source of antioxidants and dietary fibers, and aid in maintaining your cardiovascular health. It has been tested holistically by our experts, all of whom have been extremely impressed with its performance.

3. Vedaka Raw Chia Seeds

These are raw, organic chia seeds infused with a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Known for their preservative-free nature, it has become quite popular amongst the puritans within health enthusiasts. Sold by a trusted brand, these healthy chia seeds are hygienically packed and are a superb source of calcium and essential amino acids.

When it comes to freshness, this vegetarian product is known to score amazing marks. They are perfect for your heart and digestive health while enhancing your skin quality, making them a valuable food item in regular life. Overall, this product is regarded as one of the best chia seeds in India, for their many benefits and natural taste.

4. JIWA Healthy by Nature Organic Chia Seeds

As the most powerful super food in the market, this product has garnered a great reputation amongst health and fitness enthusiasts. Their essential fatty acids and rich protein content prevents the risk of heart diseases and so our experts consider them the best chia seeds in India.

This product has been recommended by our experts as it is not only affordable, but also safe to consume. With an array of nutritional benefits, they can be used as an ingredient for simple, regular recipes, which induce the feeling of fullness and help in weight loss. Additionally, they are brilliant sources of proteins. Apart from the obvious health benefits, they aid in improving your hair health and brain health.

5. True Elements Chia Seeds

This product caught our attention especially due to its maximum health benefits. It can be consumed as a diet snack, or used in various homely recipes to help in weight management. These are free of unnatural preservatives, making them one of the most nutrient-dense organic chia seeds in the market.

The health community goes gaga over these chia seeds. The health advantages include improvement in dental health, hair health and immunity boosting power. These seeds can also help to promote good bone health, being a rich source of iron and calcium along with several other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

6. DiSano Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

If you are looking for a healthy snack, that can aid in weight loss while promoting your calcium levels and maintaining your glucose levels, then this is the perfect pick for you. We went forward and surveyed the customers to get a detailed review of the product, and everyone has been extremely satisfied with its first-class quality. These seeds are a superb source of fibers, which also makes them a go-to snack for improving digestive health.

Known for a range of benefits & nutrients, this complete product comes in a safe zip-lock packaging which keeps it fresh for a longer time. Endowed with basic nutrients, these seeds improve your hair quality and help prevent chronic disease occurrence. We wholeheartedly recommend them for regular consumption.

7. Go Vegan Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and various other micronutrients, these superb seeds are known to promote heart, bone, digestive and skin health, along with reducing the visible signs of premature ageing.

These seeds act as a healthy cooking ingredient and promote weight loss. This healthy option for satiating your hunger and cravings gives you the necessary energy and dietary fiber content. They are also great for healthy bones and  a healthy heart.

8. Bargi Naturals Premium Raw Chia Seeds

This product has high nutritional value and is one of the most sought-after weight loss items in the health food stores both online and offline. These organic seeds are devoid of harmful chemicals and preservatives, which makes them safe to consume anytime, anywhere.

These seeds act as a healthy cooking ingredient and last quite long even without being refrigerated. This product has an incredible essential fatty acid content. It is also perfectly suited for vegetarians, which is why a large chunk of the population adores it so much.

9. GreenFinity: Premium Chia Seeds

As one of the rare healthy snacks available in the market, the GreenFinity Chia seeds have been rigorously tested several times to ascertain their high-quality. Free of preservatives and harmful chemicals, they are healthy and safe to their core, which is why our experts and the people across the country have given it rave reviews.

The GreenFinity Chia Seeds have numerous health benefits and also act as a healthy cooking ingredient. What sets the GreenFinity Chia Seeds apart is that they can be used as a scrub for your skin too! All of these reasons make them one of the best chia seeds in India.

10. Nutriwish Premium Raw Chia Seeds

These healthy seeds maintain our energy levels. They are an incredible source of fiber and proteins, making them one of the best items for consumption. This powerful product is also a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid. It is backed by our health experts as one of the best chia seeds in the country.

These chia seeds can help you manage your health while keeping you satiated throughout the day. It promotes strong muscles and prevents several heart diseases. All of these factors make this one of the coveted products in the market.

Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

We at Nuts and Berries value our customer’s health and thus seek to promote a healthy and convenient lifestyle. Our advanced research facilities are equipped with the latest infrastructure and are very versatile for screening, testing and evaluating a wide range of products. We work tirelessly to bring you the most premium goods in the market that will not only satisfy and enrich your lifestyle but also improve the health and hygiene of daily life. There are many details and complexities in our processes and procedures and so we have made this section and divided it for your convenience as such:

Why Should You Trust Us

Our goal here at Nuts and Berries is to help the new age consumers distinguish between good and bad products by recommending them only the healthiest and most trustworthy products in the market. With new businesses emerging every day, we had to step up and help differentiate the best from the good, mediocre and bad.

Our dry fruits aficionado Miss Sneha Sharma has been a vocal user and supporter of Chia seeds ever since we met her. She and her team worked tirelessly to hone in on the awesomeness of these tiny little seeds. Her team has poured in over 100 hours of their mental and physical capacity to efficiently and rigorously screen, test and research these little powerhouses. From tracing the seeds to their place of origin and finding out their growing conditions to detailing out their nutritional values to the decimal point- we have done it all. Miss Sneha has even taught us some of her secret tricks to easily distinguish good chia seeds from bad ones.

Our teams have also contacted established and professional nutritionists and weight-loss experts for their personal favorites in the market and their expert opinion. Miss Sneha has also painfully organised and initiated country-wide polls to know what the public thinks on the subject of chia seeds. These polls have led us to stay true to our mission- which is to give our customers the best and most perfect products for them!

Who This Is For

We take care to recommend only the best of the best from the market and from the most trusted brands so that you don’t have to eat something unfamiliar. As such these products naturally cater to a wide range of audiences so we are confident in their ability to satisfy your tastes. However, like in each project, in this one too we had some specific target groups in mind such as:

  • Overweight people wishing to lose weight
  • Nutritionists
  • Healthy dessert enthusiasts
  • Health-conscious chefs
  • Veteran Homemakers
  • Beverage lovers

Rest assured, no matter who it is, they are guaranteed a delectable, power-packed treat with our products.

How We Picked

There are several basic parameters we have to take note of before even selecting a product for our potential recommendation. When it comes to chia seeds, however, there are a few special considerations we also keep in mind such as:

  • Growing Conditions: Chia seeds need to be grown on the specific latitudinal range of 15-20 degrees of the equator. To ensure the development of the rich Omega 3 oil profile and the various vitamins and minerals, the chia plant must undergo the natural and organic processes of the specific day, night, sunshine and moisture received in those latitudes. The following ripening process is also crucial to develop their natural coat and the coat colour.
  • Seed Colouring: Only black or white chia seeds are trustworthy. Brown chia seeds are immature owing to the lack of proper sunlight or water. They naturally have a much lower nutritional value and even taste bitter. Black and white chia seeds are equally nutritional- the only difference being the black ones have a higher protein content while the white ones are richer in omega 3 acids.
  • Taste: Chia seeds naturally taste a little nutty and they add a texture to your desserts and baked foods. If they taste anything otherwise, those aren’t authentic chia seed products. They also become gelatinous after being soaked in water for an hour and if yours don’t show this property, it’s best you change your product immediately.
  • Storage and Packaging: Chia seeds must be stored in a cool, dry place and as such their packaging must compulsorily be air-tight and preferably in a package that does not allow light to enter. Chia seeds stored in damp places will soon become gelatinous and go bad since they absorb liquids very easily.

We’ll leave out all the boring numbers and statistics for your sanity but rest assured we have put our utmost expertise to note all the little details so that you get only the best of the best.

Our Picks

Chia seeds have recently grown in popularity and demand in the West as an emerging super food. These small little black seeds are packed with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and if that weren’t enough they also keep hunger at bay. Chia seeds are already being commercialized through various niche fruit beverage making companies and before the market becomes saturated with faulty products, we wanted to bring you the best of the best in the latest Indian market as of 2022. So if you’re looking for the best chia seeds brand in India, we’re here to help.

Photo Title Price Buy
SFT Chia Seeds...image SFT Chia Seeds 1 Kg
Neuherbs Raw Unroasted...image Neuherbs Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds For Eating With Omega 3 and Fiber For Weight Loss Management - 200 Gram | Healthy Snacks | Seeds For Eating During Summer | Best Diet Food | 100% Clean & Natural ₹169.00 (₹84.50 / 100 g)
True Elements Chia...image True Elements Chia Seeds 500g - Seeds for Eating | Seeds for Weight Management | Rich in Calcium, Protein & Fibre ₹317.00 (₹63.40 / 100 g)
Disano Raw Chia...image Disano Raw Chia Seeds Rich In Omega 3, Protein & Fiber, Healthy Diet Snacks, Unroasted Raw & Pure Chia Seed, 500 gm
Go Vegan Raw...image Go Vegan Raw Chia Seeds - 250 Gram Jar Pack | Omega 3 and Fiber for Weight Loss | chia Seeds for Face ₹149.00 (₹59.60 / 100 g)
Bargi Naturals Premium...image Bargi Naturals Premium Raw Chia Seeds for Weight Loss 900 Grams Net Weight ₹395.00 (₹39.50 / 100 g)
GreenFinity Chia Seeds...image GreenFinity Chia Seeds 300g | Omega-3 Seeds for Eating | Non-GMO and Fibre Rich Seeds | Best for Weight Loss | Healthy Snacks. ₹152.00 (₹50.67 / 100 g)
Nutriwish Premium Raw...image Nutriwish Premium Raw Chia Seeds 250gms| Reusable Packaging With Scoop | Powerful Superfood |

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a premium quality anti-ageing nutritious solution, we suggest a product from the best chia seeds brand in India and our top pick- the SFT Chia Seeds.

If you’re instead in the market for authentic and organic unroasted chia seeds, then we suggest the Neuherbs Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds which is the runner up in this segment.

If cost is an issue and you’re looking for a cheap and affordable product with the same nutritional health benefits then you should go for the budget option - Vedaka Raw Chia Seeds.

However, no matter which product you pick from the recommended list, we guarantee peak customer satisfaction so go ahead and make your choice without reservations!