Although originally native to Brazil, cashews are the smartest and the most wholesome snacking options around the world. Their rich natural flavor and taste makes them some of the choicest consumables. Want to start your day with a tasty bite that promises health and wealth? We have the top-tier pick for you in the Amazon Brand-Vedaka Popular Whole Cashews.

Our Pick

Amazon Brand-Vedaka Popular Whole Cashews

Best Brand of Cashew in India

Vedaka cashews justify our selection as the best-in-class cashew brands with their utmost regard for quality and farm-fresh sourcing. Ideal for your health and taste, these can be your top purchase choice.

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Our dry fruit expert along with a team of dedicated dieticians, nutritionists and product researchers put in hours of hard work to determine the best quality cashews available on various online marketplaces and e-retail stores. Finally, after hours of solid research, we landed with the Amazon Brand-Vedaka Popular Whole Cashews that has captured the numero uno position in our list.

Vedaka is known to be a very popular brand across the Indian consumer segment for its dry fruit products. Since Vedaka is backed by Amazon as a trustworthy and credible brand, we took the liberty to test the authenticity of its cashews. And what we found was gold! The Amazon Brand-Vedaka Popular Whole Cashews are a 100% vegetarian product and we enjoyed its incredible, nutty flavor. Our product researchers dived deep to find the type of cashews that Vedaka sources and we found it to be the W320 variants- which are immensely healthy and nutritious. We also found out that each cashew present in the Amazon- Vedaka cashews are whole and non-split- making them immensely nutrient-dense. Since the brand claims to have stringent quality control methods in place, we had to test that claim and found it to be completely genuine. These cashews are packed in food-safe materials and are freshly sourced- thereby making them an utmost joy for consumption. The airtight containers and hygienic packing seals all the nutrients and prevents the cashews from going rancid by keeping the moisture away.

Our dry fruit experts and researchers feel that these cashews can be used to enhance the quality of your meals by adding raw cashews to your breakfast, lunch, dinner and elevenses. On the other hand, we also recommend you to add these premium nuts to your cuisines to enrich the flavor and the overall nutritional value. All in all, this is our top-tier pick for many reasons. However, if you want to go forward with a crunchier variant of cashews, you can definitely purchase the FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nuts.


FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nuts

Nature’s Gift on Your Platter

The Farmown cashews justify their position as a premium product amongst the top 3 cashews found in the Indian online marketplaces. Our product researchers and experts found it to be the best quality cashew in India for your purchase and consumption.

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When we put in the same hours of strenuous research and hard work for Farmown cashews like we did for others, we were really delighted to see the results. The FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nuts deservedly ranks second in our list of the cashew brands in India because of their superior collection of dry fruits and the careful eye behind their quality, freshness and longevity.

One of the spots where the FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nuts scores brownie points from our experts and product specialists is their care and attention in sourcing their cashews without the speck of any chemicals. Yes, our product researchers found no presence of chemicals in the form of additives, colorants, or preservatives in the Farmown cashews. Furthermore, we have done serious investigation behind the farms from which these healthy nuts are sources and found that no form of insecticide or pesticide is employed while growing them. Hence, we were totally confident in backing this brand. These cashews are your best companions in the journey to good health since they are a rich source of dietary fibers that promote your gut health and antioxidants that boost your immunity, fight infections, prevent aging and the formation of free radicals in the body.

Our team consists of dieticians and nutritionists who are the strongest proponents of healthy eating and they feel that adding these cashews to your gravies and most oriental cuisines not only enrich the taste and flavor, but also present you with a healthy alternative to other food options. However, if you wish to go forward with another Amazon backed premium brand that has been dishing out superb lifestyle essentials since sometime, you can check out our budget buy- the Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews.

Budget Pick

Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews

Superlative Cashews to Boost Your Health and Immunity

These cashews are the best products that effortlessly boost your immune system with their storehouse of nutrients, antioxidants and dietary fibers. That is why they have earned the third spot in our list.

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The Amazon brand- Solimo products are trusted by several Indians owing to their affordable nature without compromising on quality and standards. It is definitely one of the reasons why we put more emphasis on finding whether their cashews live up to the standards that the brand claims. And after hours of testing and interviewing customers who are regularly buying and consuming the Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews, we were really satisfied with the results.

Our product researchers and testers found that the Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews maintain the superior standards in sourcing the top quality of the food products. Their cashews are 100% vegetarian, sourced from the best of farms and are ideal for your health and well-being. We found out that these cashews are processed and packed without adding any artificial flavoring, taste enhancers or colorants. Moreover, the absence of any artificial additives and chemical preservatives keep their organic and natural qualities intact. The brand ensures the best quality control to package the cashew nuts in vacuum-sealed packages, that prevents the dry fruits from becoming rancid and eliminates the entry of moisture.  Our dry fruit experts, dieticians and nutritionists found that these cashews are a holistic way to enhance your health because they are packed with a range of vitamins (B1, B5, B6 respectively), minerals (copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium) and enriched with the presence of essential fatty acids (oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, etc.). Therefore, consuming these cashews will be a great way to naturally enhance your nutrient intake, while boosting your immune system in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

With the trust of an Amazon brand, the Indian consumers are happy purchasing these cashews for raw consumption or addition into their culinary extravaganzas. We also recommend these cashews because their top quality standards are not compromised while offering a product that is pretty inexpensive compared to its market competitors. So you can definitely go ahead and purchase these cashews.

10 Best Cashews in India

After carefully going through and rigorously testing the 60 quality cashews present in online marketplaces, we have compiled this best cashew in India list. You can find out only the best-in-class products in our list because we have offered practical information and every reason to testify our claims.

  1. Amazon Brand-Vedaka Popular Whole Cashews
  2. FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nut
  3. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews
  4. Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews Value Pack Pouch
  5. Molsi's Tiny Delight Cashew
  6. Nutraj Special Cashew nuts
  7. Touchstone Premium Whole Cashew Nuts
  8. Bola Whole Cashew Nuts
  9. Melting Hearts Cashews Whole Classic
  10. Fruits of Earth Cashews

All the products present here have earned their place. So you can get down to exploring them in detail and choose the one that meets your requirements best.

One of the reasons why we recommend this brand of cashews to our readers is because they have a fantastic, nutty flavour and are a vegetarian product. These are W320 cashews and are of high-quality and non-split cashews, safe for consumption. They are packed in a food safe material and are fresh for usage.

These cashews have been rigorously tested by our experts and product testers and they meet all the health standards. Thus we loved the cashews dished out by Vedaka and would wholeheartedly recommend these to the Indian consumers. This is the best quality cashew in India and they should be stored in airtight containers. They are hygienic and can be used as a great option for snacking or even in cooking.

2. FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nuts

We feel that the Farmown whole cashews are some of the best products from the best brand of cashew in India. They are completely organic and devoid of the harmful effects of pesticides and insecticides. They are filled with minerals and nutrients, along with antioxidants and dietary fiber and therefore the nutritionists and dieticians in our team were visibly impressed.

They have a sweet taste and a crunchy feel, which can make it a great addition to your breakfast meals. These cashews are also used in the preparation of several Indian gravies as they help to enrich the taste. We concluded that these cashews help you live a more energetic and healthier life and therefore can be a great alternative to your healthy eating requirements.

3. Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews

This is the best quality cashew in India. What worked for the Solimo Premium Cashews is that it is a vegetarian product and is completely safe and natural and thus our product testers and dry fruit aficionados were truly impressed. They are premium quality cashews and are vacuum packed which helps them last longer. They are hygienically packed and also meet health standards.

They have a great taste and can be used in various dishes. They are also a great option for snacking. They help to make you healthier over time as well.

4. Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews Value Pack Pouch

Our product researchers and testers have always found Happilo to be a premium brand when it comes to sourcing the freshest and finest variants of dry fruit. They haven’t failed our trust this time as well, bringing out some of the finest cashews and offering it to the Indian consumers. These crispy cashews are fantastic and extremely tasty.They are high in protein and dietary fiber, contain no gluten or trans fat and have zero cholesterol. They are 100% natural and are a great option for healthy snacking.

This is the best brand of cashew in India. This non-GMO product offers a plethora of proteins and minerals along with mono-saturated fats. They come in a ziplock pouch and should be stored in an airtight container. They are tested and are safe for consumption.

5. Molsi's Tiny Delight Cashew

These are completely natural cashews and devoid of harmful chemicals or preservatives. These W400 cashews are small in size but are extremely tasty. They are filled in fiber, plant protein and healthy fats, which can help you become a healthier person. They are also vegetarian.

These cashews help to increase your immunity and stay protected against diseases. They are filled with minerals and heal to promote heart health as well as increase energy levels. They last long as they are sold in small zipper pouches and are a great option for indulgent yet healthy snacking.

6. Nutraj Special Cashew nuts

Nutraj has always been a brand of repute when it comes to sourcing the finest qualities of dry fruits in India. Our product researchers and dry fruit experts are always impressed with their finest quality control and assurance when it comes to dry fruits. The Nutraj cashew nuts are also some of the best-in-class products that provide a great snacking option and an energetic start to your day.

Our research team found out that every cashew packed and sourced under the brand name of Nutraj is a W320 variant-one of the highest qualities of cashews available in the market. Endowed with the richness of macro and micronutrients like copper, phosphorus and magnesium, these nutritious and delicious cashews feature effortlessly within our best brand of cashew in India list.

7. Touchstone Premium Whole Cashew Nuts

While selecting the best qualities of cashew brands in India, we stumbled upon Touchstone, and we really liked everything about this brand. Touchstone sources the W270 cashew variants to the Indian populace and these delectable, nutritious nuts can add a whole new dimension to your culinary preparations.

A wholesome snacking option for yourself, friends and family, the Touchstone cashews are some of the best products reviewed by us. What we liked about these products are that they deliver according to their promise and are genuinely a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. The mild, natural and slightly sweet taste makes it an eternal favorite for our taste buds.

8. Bola Whole Cashew Nuts

These crunchy and tasty cashews are considered the best quality cashew in India by some of our experts. We tested them for quality and they emerged as a vegan-friendly product and gluten-free as well. They are a great source of plant protein and are a great option for idle snacking. They are also 100% natural and devoid of preservatives.

These vegan-friendly cashews are filled with various nutrients and they do not contain any harmful cholesterol. They help to make you healthier and are sold in small, resealable pouches for convenience. They are extremely tasty and can be used in making numerous meals.

9. Melting Hearts Cashews Whole Classic

These cashews are high in protein and are completely safe for consumption. They are gluten -free and non-GMO. They contain zero trans fat or cholesterol and come in king size uniform crunchy nuts. They are a great choice for a healthy, active lifestyle.

These cashews are great for the heart and contain oleic acid. They are also enriched with several antioxidants and vitamins. This is one of the best brands of cashew in India and it is the best choice for athletes and gym-goers.

10. Fruits of Earth Cashews

This is a product from the best brand of cashew in India. They are organic, whole cashews rich in various minerals like potassium, protein, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium etc.They are also filled with antioxidants and are extremely crunchy and crispy, making them the perfect item for snacking.

These cashews are gluten-free and they help in building immunity. They also aid in lowering fat content and they contain zero trans fat. They can be used in several indian traditional recipes to enhance the taste. They are completely natural and safe for consumption.

Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

Nuts and Berries has made a name of its own when it comes to providing actionable advice on several lifestyle essentials that helps elevate the standard of your living. We specialize in food items, Ayurvedic products, beauty essentials, cooking appliances and health necessities apart from others. Here, we aim to bring the nitty-gritties of our research and testing procedures at the forefront and wish to be absolutely transparent with our readers about them. If our readers are able to trust us with our testing methods, it will be natural for them to affix their faith on our review articles and make informed purchase decisions. Thus, this article contains the following sections:

Why Should You Trust Us

As we mentioned earlier, Nuts and Berries is a name that is synonymous with quality review articles that offer actionable advice and practical information. Our claims in these articles are backed by rigorous testing methods. When you are searching for any food item or home appliance or natural remedies for your health, you are bound to land on our pages and get a holistic overview about the same. We perform immense in-depth analysis of these products and finally create an assortment that provides value.

Our product research and experts team is blessed by the presence of dietitians, nutritionists, health experts, doctors, and the like. When we are selecting food products, we take their inputs and work according to their guidance to provide the best review articles so that you do not have to go through the hassle of performing a personal research. Along with them, we have an experienced dry fruit aficionado in the form of Miss Mayra Ahuja, who painstakingly performs research to select the dry fruits that should undergo our quality tests. She has years of experience under her belt selecting the best dry fruits and offering people advice about them, and this article is also a result of her immense hard work. Mayra personally read every online resource, reviews and testimonials available before selecting the 60 cashews that were worthy of our tests and polls.

After that our product testers put those 60 cashews under intense scrutiny and performed thorough tests on them. Finally, we emerged with 10 products that are worthy of your purchase. But this best cashew in India list also contains the results of the polls performed on Indian consumers. Our teams surveyed the people who purchased and consumed these cashews and took their valuable outputs. It was only then, after comparing their outlook and our test results, that we arrived at the conclusion and created this assortment of the best quality cashew in India.

We have to admit that the COVID-19 lockdowns put a wind in our sails and we could perform our tests swiftly.

Who This Is For

While staying at home, you might find it difficult to authenticate the claims of several online cashew brands and products when they all say that their products are superior. You have your job, chores and it could make things difficult for you to perform worthwhile research. Therefore, we have stepped in and extended our hands in helping you select the best cashew nuts in India. Our list of the 10 best cashews in India are ideally meant for those:

  • Who love eating healthy
  • Who love cooking and experimenting with cuisines
  • Who love introducing dry fruits as their snacking options
  • Professional chefs
  • Hobby chefs
  • Restaurant and eatery owners
  • Dry fruit connoisseurs

You can definitely find out the ideal product once you comb through our list of the 10 best cashew brands. Picking up the best one will be a breeze.

How We Picked

Our actionable advice is backed by quality research parameters. Apart from performing the tests on several macro parameters, our testers, backed by the guidance of Mayra and nutritionists, kept several micro parameters in mind and created this superlative assortment. Let’s take a look at those parameters. We can tell you that these will be good for you as well. You will understand the rigor behind our testing procedures while also getting a direction of doing product research yourself.

  • Kernels: The convention of understanding cashew kernels have helped us in selecting the best cashews in the market. We looked for this- W180, W240, W320, W450 and tested whether the brands stay true to their claimed kernel size. W means whole, the number that follows it represents the cashew kernel per pound (454 gms). So a W180 is the biggest and the most expensive one present in the market whereas the W450 is the smallest cashew kernel. Our products are generally of the W240 and W320 variants, as these are the most common and quality kernels found in online marketplaces across India.
  • Packaging standards: Cashews are available in sealable bags, plastic jars and foil-lined cans. When our product testers started researching and analysing various brands that source cashews in bulk or in pre-packaged containers, we looked for the vacuum-sealed ones as they keep the cashews fresh and lock their nutrients. We also eliminated those cashew brands that failed the packaging standards and we found the presence of moisture, foul-smelling and rotten cashews and the presence of insects inside.
  • Roasting procedures: Generally cashew nuts are steamed at high temperatures or boiled in oil to remove the shells as those are toxic. This essentially cooks the cashews a bit, although they taste more raw than salted or roasted cashews. When selecting the roasted cashews, we went forward with those that are dry-roasted because it minimized the fat percentage. We understand that our readers only want the best products for their health, and so we have provided information on those products that would help them keep a tab on their fat-intake.

Apart from these, we tested these cashews based on other micro parameters and created this list.

Our Picks

The following are our picks that will enable you to make an informed and fruitful purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
FarmOwn Whole Cashew...image FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nut W320 Regular Size Cashews Kaju 1Kg ₹999.00 (₹99.90 / 100 g)
Happilo 100% Natural...image Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews 500 g Value Pack | Whole Crunchy Cashew | Premium Kaju nuts | Nutritious & Delicious | Gluten Free & Plant based Protein ₹629.00 (₹125.80 / 100 g)
Molsi's Tiny Delight...image Molsi's Tiny Delight Cashew Nuts, 1kg (Dried,500gX2)
Nutraj Whole Cashew...image Nutraj Whole Cashew Nuts, 500g | Nutritious, Delicious & Crunchy Kaju | Rich in Magnesium, Copper & Phosphorus ₹499.00 (₹99.80 / 100 g)
TOUCHSTONE Premium Whole...image TOUCHSTONE Premium Whole Cashew Nuts (W320, 1000 Grams)
Bola Whole Cashew...image Bola Whole Cashew Nuts, W400 1 Kg (500gx2) ₹859.00 (₹85.90 / 100 g)
Melting Hearts Cashews...image Melting Hearts Cashews Whole Classic 250 g
Fruits Of Earth...image Fruits Of Earth Natural Whole Cashews | Rich in Potassium, Nutritious & Delicious | Gluten Free & Plant based Protein - 250g (Pack of 1) ₹275.00 (₹110.00 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

When it comes to cashew nuts, our top-tier pick remains the Amazon Brand-Vedaka Popular Whole Cashews.

Our product testers and dry fruit experts also found the FarmOwn Whole Cashew Nuts to be great.

The Amazon Brand - Solimo Premium Cashews feature as our budget buy.

However, we feel that all the above mentioned brands and their products are top-class in terms of quality. It is just a matter of choice and what aligns best with your requirements.