One of the first foods to be labelled as a super food, blueberries are rich in health benefits. They are some favorite snacks among the young generation who are health conscious. Blueberries contain high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help the human body and boost the immune system. These chemicals also help to control heart diseases, blood sugar, gastrointestinal issues, and UTIs. The better blood and oxygen flow to the body aids in maintaining eye health. It decreases the chances of you getting cataract or macular degeneration early in life. Besides being consumed directly, blueberries can also be added to desserts, smoothies, and baked goodies. Dried blueberries can be preserved for a long time and consumed with all the goodness intact. At Nuts and Berries, we have conducted extensive research on 80 blueberry brands and picked our favorite in DiSano American Dried Blueberries.

Our Pick

DiSano American Dried Blueberries

100% Natural Flavor with Maximum Health Benefits

Coming with pure and natural blueberries with the highest content of anthocyanins, this product ranks at the top of our research scale.

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Our team of experts chose the DiSano American brand as the one selling the best dried blueberries in India. Rich in antioxidants and dietary fibers, these blueberries have the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

Sourced from California, USA, the DiSano blueberries are a great addition to your low-calorie diet. A topping for your breakfast cereals, a healthy snack between office hours, or a flavoring agent in your cakes and muffins - these blueberries are a perfect choice. They support an active and healthy lifestyle by aiding your weight loss regimen and supplying you with the required nutrients at the same time. For the ones who prefer to consume gluten-free products, DiSano blueberries are a great replacement source of all the energy which is found in gluten-containing food products.

The only downside we found with this product is that these blueberries might be slightly smaller in size than what you are looking for. If this is the case, then we suggest you check our next favorite, Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries.


Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries

No Trans Fat Gourmet Blueberries

Authentic Californian dried blueberries that can be mixed in salads and smoothies for a boost of energy. Rich in folic acid for healthier red blood cells.

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Place your faith in our researchers and get the best blueberries in India from the Happilo brand. A nutrient-rich breakfast with blueberries will be the best way to begin your day.

According to the Nuts and Berries team, the best thing about this product is its non-GMO branding. It means that no harmful or toxic chemicals were added during the cultivation of these blueberries. The genuine goodness of this product impressed our researchers with its zero cholesterol content. Coupled with no trans fat, Happilo's blueberry dry fruit is the healthiest snack you can choose. The gourmet berries are handpicked and carefully chosen to provide the best protection against diabetic diseases. The B vitamins present here help to maintain metabolism while the antioxidants clear your skin of toxins and nurture it. The long shelf life of 12 months also contributes to its reputation.

Purchasing dried blueberries online can be a costly affair. This is why we have brought to you our budget pick, Vedaka Premium Dried Blueberries.

Budget Pick

Vedaka Premium Dried Blueberries

Perfect Choice for Healthy Breakfast

Whole candied blueberries with great taste to munch on. With no artificial flavors or added preservatives, this product is an absolute value for money.

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Handpicked and carefully sorted and packed to maintain the best quality at an affordable dry blueberry price. They come in a good and hygienic package and are to be stored in an airtight container once the package is opened.

Amazon brand Vedaka has created an impression on our team of experts with this product. This product does not compromise with quality even if it is offering blueberry dry fruit at such affordable rates. In their candied form, these blueberries last longer than the other products available on the market. They are rich in antioxidants so that they can provide the consumers the best health benefits. They are put through exhaustive lab tests and researched meticulously to meet food safety standards laid down by FSSAI. Vedaka easily became one of the brands favored by our researchers for selling the best blueberry in India.

10 Best Blueberry Brands in India

Out of all the brands providing the best dried blueberries in India, which one are you going to choose? It is true that blueberries are a super food but it can also be expensive and we would like you, our valued readers, to make a wise purchase with your hard-earned money. This is why we conducted detailed research with 80 blueberry brands available online and picked our top 10 choices for you to choose from.

  1. DiSano American Dried Blueberries
  2. Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries
  3. Vedaka Premium Dried Blueberries
  4. Del Monte Dried Blueberries
  5. Wonderland Foods Dried Healthy Blueberries
  6. Sorich Organics Dried Blueberries
  7. Regency Dried Blueberries
  8. Carnival Dried Blueberries
  9. Sorich Organics Blueberry
  10. DryFruit Mart Whole Dried Blueberries

This list features the top blueberries in India that you can buy online. But first, let's take a closer look at their product details so that you can be more familiar with what you are buying.

1. DiSano American Dried Blueberries

This is one of the most popular brands in the country dishing out premium blueberries. These dried blueberries have a fantastic flavor and are a rich source of antioxidants. With numerous benefits of blueberries intact, these dry fruits wowed our team of professionals and dry fruit experts.

With several anthocyanins in blueberries, the blueberry juice improves cardiovascular health and is one of the most loved beverages for people of all ages. DiSano dishes out authentic food products like these that render a delightful taste in several desserts like custard and ice cream. These gluten free snacks boast ample health benefits like preventing blood sugar issues. These are some reasons why our experts are unanimous about this being the best blueberry in India.

2. Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries

If you are looking for a low-calorie afternoon snack with anti-diabetes effects coupled with a delightful taste, then the Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries are tailor-made for you. These Californian blueberries are ideal for regulating your blood pressure and their delicious taste makes them a superb additive to breakfast cereals.

This dry blueberry price is also quite low, making them one of the most sought-after products in the fruit market. As one of the best dried blueberries online sporting an affordable price, this vegetarian product has an extensive packet shelf life due to hygienic packaging and strict adherence to all food safety norms.

3. Vedaka Premium Dried Blueberries

The Amazon Brand - Vedaka commands a robust niche in the gourmet food sector in India. The fresh blueberries dished out by the Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium blueberries have extremely delicious taste and are ideal for baking cakes. The natural taste of these delicious blueberries is evident in the blueberry crush you whip up for your dear ones. 

The extensive benefits of blueberries include improving your digestive health. You can replace all unhealthy snacks with these healthy seeds that can be added to smoothies and cereal bowls. As these fresh blueberries are a massive source of antioxidants, they help regular users stay young and healthy for a long time. We conducted a poll that proved that this is indeed the most popular blueberry brand in the country.

4. Del Monte Dried Blueberries

Our team of experts often recommend these high grade blueberries since they are a rich source of fiber. It helps to make you feel satiated for a longer time, essentially aiding in weight loss. The benefits of blueberries are countless, including anti-inflammatory effects, making them one of the healthiest snacks to have during your free time.

These are some of the best dried blueberries in India. The affordable price of this blueberry dry fruit makes it one of the most popular products in the market. These nutrient-rich berry variants act as healthy snacks, making them a hit amongst our experts and researchers!

5. Wonderland Foods Dried Healthy Blueberries

Our team of experts believe that this is one of the best blueberries in India, based on its affordability and high-fiber content. They are known to be very beneficial in boosting our immunity, and helps to improve our digestive system as well.

These antioxidant-rich blueberries help to reduce the signs of premature ageing. The top-notch quality of these carnival blueberries helps in making a blueberry crush with a delicious taste. It is one of the reasons why these superlative grade blueberries are so popular amongst the masses.

6. Sorich Organics Dried Blueberries

If you are tired of having a bland breakfast every morning, then these dried blueberries from Sorich Organics can help change that. These frozen blueberries impart a delightful taste to oatmeals, cereals and desserts. These are the main reasons why customers and experts both consider this product to be a value for their money.

One of the best ways to enjoy these tasty dried blueberries is to have them as snacks. They are low in calories, but are extremely tasty, making them the favorite snack of many people in this country.

7. Regency Dried Blueberries

These blueberries have made it on this curated list as our team of experts are extremely satisfied with their performance and taste. They are a great snack to have, especially if you have any kind of heart problem.

These flavourful blueberries can make a great addition to your smoothie or protein shakes. As a product from the US, they are extremely high in quality, making them one of the best dried blueberries in India.

8. Carnival Dried Blueberries

This product has been tried and tested by our experts, and they have concluded that these are some of the tastiest blueberries in the country. This blueberry dry fruit is known for its high mineral content, amplifying the benefits of blueberries to the maximum.

These are often consumed as snacks, and also used to prepare a variety of dishes with a delicious taste. These blueberries come in a sophisticated packaging and the price across cities is also quite low. The reasonable price along with the blueberry quality has helped the brand garner numerous good reviews on the internet.

9. Sorich Organics Blueberry

We surveyed hundreds of people in this country, all of whom have said that these blueberries are one of the best blueberries in India. They are free of preservatives and artificial chemicals, which makes them one of the safest foods around. They are also extremely tasty, which acts as a cherry on top of the cake.

One of the best things about this product is that it has a long shelf life, without the need to be refrigerated. It can be used for preparing multiple incredible recipes, as its amazing taste can amplify the quality of any delicacy.

10. DryFruit Mart Whole Dried Blueberries

This product caught our attention as it is infused with many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and is a rich source of energy. It is loved by thousands of people, especially due to its long shelf life and multiple benefits of blueberries.

If you feel tired after a long day and want something that will not only replenish your energy but is also healthy for your body, then these standard blueberries with a delightful taste will make your day. Our product experts and researchers kept on guzzling the blueberry crush and blueberry juice that were made using these premium quality dry fruits. All of these reasons make this the best blueberry in India.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

We value the trust our readers place upon us and so we would like to share our research methodology with them. Our dedication to our readership makes us feel that it is important for our readers to know the way we have tested and verified the products on our list.

Why You Should Trust Us

Nuts and Berries is a fairly popular group of reviewers which a simple Google search will tell you. Here, we review the products that are needed to improve the lifestyle of the current generation so that our readers can benefit from buying the correct product suited for them. This leads us to engage in important product research so that we can bring only the most genuine information to you.

We made this comprehensive list complete with detailed features with the help of our esteemed dry-fruits expert, Miss Mayra Ahuja. She supervised the star-studded research team consisting of health professionals and nutritionists, who are already engaged in the research of dry fruits in scientific fields. Together, they worked tirelessly and collaborated with culinary and baking experts to present their best findings. Several interviews and polls were conducted online to consider the opinions of the public at large.

Our researchers and collaborators have spent the last few months curating this list carefully with all the data collected and reviewed. The immense effort of the team was finally successful and now we have been able to offer you the most enriching information on the best blueberries in India.

Who This Is For

Our list of best blueberries in India serves a wide range of audiences. This is a favorite snack and flavoring agent among many so we have put together this list for all of them, including:

  • Nutritionists
  • Health professionals
  • Healthy snackers
  • Chocolatiers
  • Dessert chefs
  • Culinary experts
  • Bakery owners

Our recommendations will hopefully help many buyers who are looking for suggestions before making a purchase. We can ensure that our reviews will assist you to buy your choice at the most reasonable dry blueberry price.

How We Picked

Miss Mayra Ahuja informed us that during the research she had some of these basic parameters in mind - coloring, texture, taste, shelf life, and packaging. If the blueberries met these parameters, only then were they shortlisted to be on our page.

  • Coloring: Interestingly, blueberries are not entirely blue or purple as their name suggests. When dried, they take on a very dark shade of these colors. Alternatively, they may seem black with a soft undertone of blue or purple. Berries that looked totally blue and purple were discarded at once since they must be containing some sort of artificial coloring agent.
  • Texture: Blueberries that are dried have a very squishy and chewy texture just like dried raisins. Authentic blueberries will have a seed in the middle, unlike heavily processed ones which are unseeded. Some are carefully dehydrated while some are dried in the freezer. The ones that are dehydrated should be chosen because of their acquired natural nutrients during the process of dehydration.
  • Taste: Many blueberry packages come with added sugar. It is best to avoid these. Even overripe blueberries do not taste saccharine sweet. 100% natural blueberries will have a mild sweet taste that leaves a kind of sour aftertaste. The acid contained in it contributes to this slight tartness.
  • Shelf life: Good quality dried blueberry fruits will have a shelf life as long as 12 months from their packaging date.
  • Packaging: The better the packaging of the product is, the longer you can store the product after buying. This was always kept in mind while checking the packaging of the blueberries. Zip-lock pouches, airtight glass jars, and containers scored higher on our scale than other types of packaging.

There were many such parameters that were taken into account before arriving at the top 10 on our list. We weeded out the rest citing a long list of various factors which may be boring for you to read in detail.

Our Picks

At Nuts and Berries, we noticed how people are currently very enthusiastic about including superfoods in their diets to improve their lifestyle. Nothing makes us happier than helping them do just that. We chose the most affordable yet high-quality products that will serve our readers the best and satisfy them. Genuine hard work over months went behind this research that we collated into this review list. Reading this will hopefully give you an idea of which dry blueberry brand will suit you the best.

Final Verdict

If you want 100% natural blueberry then buy DiSano American Dried Blueberries. It comes with blueberries rich in antioxidants and immunity boosters. We assure you that you will experience the utmost satisfaction with this purchase.

The next favored choice of our researchers is Happilo Premium Dried Californian Blueberries which assures you the goodness of folic acid and B vitamins. This premium choice improves the quality of your blood and is good for diabetic patients.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, we recommend Vedaka Premium Dried Blueberries. Our budget pick does not compromise at all with its quality and comes in a candy form with all the benefits of authentic blueberries at a much bearable price.

Looking for a quick, fruity snack? Then, what are you waiting for? Choose the best blueberry brand from our list of reviews and indulge yourself in the healthy, bite-sized blueberries now! We assure you that whichever product you opt for, has been tested and ensured of its good qualities by us. The products and brands featured on our list are sure to satisfy our readers.