When it comes to consuming exquisite dry fruits and nuts, our heartstrings often get tugged towards raisins. Raisins are the candies of nature and black raisins are some of the healthiest and tastiest variants of the same dry fruit. Black raisins are deemed more natural. If you want to enjoy the most premium quality black raisins, look no further, as we have brought our best picks for you to enjoy with the maximum delight. Our food and nutrition experts have reviewed approximately 60-odd brands, and from the choicest products that we are going to reveal now, our best pick is unarguably the SFT Black Raisin (Afghani Seedless) Dry Grapes.

Our Pick

SFT Black Raisin (Afghani Seedless) Dry Grapes

Nature’s Goodness Sealed Hygienically

The most premium quality black raisins sourced from the Afghan highlands, this product is our numero uno in the list. Its rich aroma, texture and taste speaks for itself.

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Amongst all the products that we tried and tasted, the SFT Black Raisin (Afghani Seedless) Dry Grapes offer a unique joyride for your tastebuds. The best thing about these SFT black raisins is that it is immensely helpful for your overall health as well.

Providing a combo or exquisite taste and nutrients, the SFT black raisins have been sourced directly from the paradise of dried fruits- Afghanistan. Our reviewers and experts did some probing behind the brand’s claim of sourcing only the freshest variants of raisin directly from their source, and found every bit of the claim to be authentic. The brand has been curating the most superior qualities of dry fruits for more than 25 years and delivering their products worldwide. Our gourmet and groceries experts say that these raisins have been made from hand-picked grapes found in the orchards and vines in the barren Asian country. The journey of the raisins from these orchards to the resealable packs is one of intrigue. However, when our health and nutrition experts tested these exotic dried fruits, they found that these seedless black raisins are a powerhouse of carbs and fibers- supplying you with raw energy and promoting a healthy digestive system with fluent bowel movement. Overall, these raisins are not just the healthiest snack for elevenses, they can also be added with a multitude of cuisines to enhance their flavor and taste.

Our reviewers believe that the SFT black raisins frankly have no competition in the Indian market. Although these products are found across offline marketplaces worldwide, recently, online marketplaces and ecommerce giants like Amazon are delivering these products to your doorstep. If you want a black raisin brand that is highly available across most e-retail and ecommerce platforms, you can go ahead with the Happilo Premium Afghani Seedless Black Raisins. These feature as the second best in our list.


Happilo Premium Afghani Seedless Black Raisins

Top-Rated Black Raisins Packed With Nature’s Bliss

The Happilo Premium black raisins feature next to the top spot as they have been trusted by our reviewers, food and nutrition experts and thousands of Indians who have consumed them and derived full satisfaction.

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The Happilo Premium Afghani Seedless Black Raisins not only transfer you to an otherworldly journey of joy and supreme taste, but also give you immense satisfaction that you are only consuming one of the world’s most premium varieties of dried fruits. According to our reviewers and experts, the Happilo brand has transcended into a space that can be rarely matched by other brands, except some of the superb ones like SFT Black Raisin.

Not only does the Happilo Premium Afghani black raisins offer an unfathomable sensory experience, our experts and research team found it to be one of the healthiest snacking options available to Indians. When our experts asked volunteers to try these black raisins from Happilo, they were all praises about the brand and the product. We found out that apart from the rich source of carbs and fibers, these black raisins are a storehouse of micronutrients and vitamins like Potassium, Iron, Copper, and Vitamins A and B Complex. When you introduce the Happilo Premium black raisins into your culinary experiments, they are a sure-fire way to enhance the flavor and taste, while offering you several health benefits like preventing bone decay, improving body weight, preventing anemia, improving your eyesight, etc.

Our experts believe that as a brand, Happilo has done a superb job in sourcing the best quality black raisins that would work as a super-snack after your workout sessions. Since you can consume these black raisins with oatmeal, cereals, cornflakes, etc, a healthy diet won’t be a problem anymore. However, if you want to go forward with buying a pack of black raisins that have the seal of the world’s biggest B2B and B2C ecommerce platform- then the  Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins will be an ideal choice.

Budget Pick

Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins

Nutritious Snacks With the Backing of Amazon

Eating healthy and maintaining your body weight won’t be a hassle anymore, when you buy the Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins that has earned the tag- super pick in this category.

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Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins has deservedly earned our attention and a place amongst the top 3 black raisins that you can purchase to fulfil your nutritional and taste requirements. Passing through the same number of quality tests and parameters, this is one of the best black raisins in India at the moment.

Since our food and nutrition experts put in hours of hard work discerning simply the top-tier products from inferior ones, you can place your trust in the house of Vedaka, known for delivering a multitude of dried fruits and nuts to Indians for a long time. The Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins has been backed by our experts to be super-rich in nutrients while offering a rich aroma and premium texture. When we polled several professional chefs and the owners of popular restaurant chains and eateries, they confessed to entrusting the Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins whenever it comes to whipping up delicacies and winning the customers’ hearts. As a result of our painstakingly thorough process of research backed by the faith entrusted by the professionals of the food industry, we have put the Vedaka black raisins in our list of top three products that would be ideal for your consumption.

The packages meet the highest quality standards. Our reviewers and testers found out that they were packed hygienically. However, the manner in which these Vedaka black raisins are dried often leaves them with the stems. It could be a bummer for those who are looking to consume these dried fruits just out of the package. That is why we have kept this product in the third place of our list.

Top 10 Black Raisins in India

When our reviewers and quality control specialists tested more than 60 brands of black raisins, they finally found 10 brands and their products worthy of showcasing to you- our readers. With this assortment of the most premium black raisins in our review article, you can start exploring with an intent to purchase them for yourself and your family.

  1. SFT Black Raisin (Afghani Seedless) Dry Grapes
  2. Happilo Premium Afghani Seedless Black Raisins
  3. Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins
  4. Baswant Jumbo Black Seedless Premium Raisins
  5. Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits
  6. Nutri Organics Dry Fruits Premium Black Raisins
  7. Nutraj Black Raisins (Kali Draksh) Seedless
  8. Dryfruitmart Premium Afghani Black Raisins
  9. Forest Found Greek Seedless Black Raisins
  10. King Uncle Afghani Black Raisins with Seeds

Finding the best black raisins in India was not an easy job. We did profound research and created this list that contains detailed information behind the black raisins that we have recommended to you for purchase.

1. SFT Black Raisin (Afghani Seedless) Dry Grapes

SFT products are directly procured from the growers and are then processed and produced in their safe and hygienic plants. The products are of high quality and retain their natural flavor, freshness, sweetness, and nutrients. They have traveled all across the country to find us the best quality dried food at an affordable range.

SFT is a registered trademarked brand that has been producing and manufacturing dry fruits for over 25+ years now. These Raisins are an incredible addition to snack bars and can even be used in fruit cakes and rum cakes.

2. Happilo Premium Afghani Seedless Black Raisins

Happilo is a premium Dry food producing company that produces the best Dried Black Raisins in the current market. The brand strives to make healthy eating a part of the Indian culture. These Raisins are ready to be eaten right out of the bag and are an excellent switch from the traditionally eaten deep-fried snacks.

Black Raisins are high in iron and help prevent anemia. They are also high in calcium and prevent tooth decay. Happilo produces really natural dried fruit which is picked from the finest places of the world. According to the faith entrusted by several Indians, Happilo ranks as one of the best quality gourmet brands that source only the freshest, organic and purely vegetarian products free from any additives and chemical preservatives.

3. Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins

Vedaka produces fresh, sweet, and easily available Black Raisins. The Raisins are of high quality and have the perfect fruity taste which makes them a perfect addition to your morning smoothie bowl. They have a soft but chewy texture which makes them perfect for a midnight snacking spree as well.

Vedaka produces superior quality Dried Fruits which are then packed with love, care, and hygiene. Our experts also believe that these are the perfect Diwali gift idea. They may occasionally contain the natural stem as well because of how naturally they are dried.

4. Baswant Jumbo Black Seedless Premium Raisins

Green Zone Agro Nashik is a leading supplier of Gourmet  Dry fruits, Nuts, and Seeds. These dried Black Raisinsare also known as  munakka / munkka / kicmic / kishmish. They are freshly packed and produced with residue-free Raisins. They can be consumed by elder people as well as Diabetic people. The product is hygienically vacuum sealed.

The Black Raisins come in a 1kg pack making it perfect for the Big Indian family and is also an incredible gifting option. It is the perfect switch for a healthier lifestyle.

5. Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits

Ancy is a premium Dry Fruits that is a well-known household brand and is trusted by our families for a long time. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan then this might be the ideal vegan healthy snack you were looking for. The products produced by them are fresh, tasty, juicy, and retain all of their original flavors.

Ancy produces 100% natural products manufactured in a well-conditioned and a

In a hygienic environment. They are packed matching all hygiene standards.

6. Nutri Organics Dry Fruits Premium Black Raisins

If organic is your preference for all of your kitchen ingredients then Nutri Organics is your go-to brand for everything natural and organic. The products sold by them are of top-notch quality and come in an incredibly affordable range.  It is a brand that is committed to improving the lifestyle of its customers. They make a satisfying range of food products.

Nutri Organics‘s Raisins can be added to cookies, cakes, halwa, and even lip-smacking custards. They are a fresh and healthy replacement for high-calorie chocolate chips as well.

7. Nutraj Black Raisins (Kali Draksh) Seedless

These Raisins are large, soft, chewy, and flavourful. They have a mild Afghani flavor in them which makes them the perfect snack while drinking tea. The Raisins are packed in good conditions and are irresistible once eaten. They are seedless and the perfect snack for a trekking trip.

Nutraj as a brand is easily available and has a huge array of dried fruits and nuts. They also produce premium quality cashews and walnuts. The black raisins sourced by Nutraj are rich in antioxidants, and are free from cholesterol and trans-fat. That is why our experts believe in this brand.

8. Dryfruitmart Premium Afghani Black Raisins

Raisins are the original natures’ candy, they are sweet and tart at the same time. You can enjoy these without feeling guilty because of how healthy and low-calorie they are. They are versatile and can be used for sweet rice.

Dryfruitmart believes in making its products as natural as possible and makes them of premium quality. The Raisins are perfect to make Raisin chocolate bars.

9. Forest Found Greek Seedless Black Raisins

Some of the best quality black raisins at a very affordable price, our reviewers recommend this product for all those who want the promise of 100% natural products with assurance of quality, nutritional value and at a very affordable market price. These black raisins are considered to be some of the best that have been tasted by various sections of the Indian consumers.

Our food testers and reviewers have recommended these black raisins because they are sourced and packed keeping all quality control methods in mind. These are some of the best sources of carbohydrates and are cultivated in the most natural and organic ways. Another thing that is liked by our food testers and researchers alike is the presence of FSSAI certification in the state-of-the-art facilities where these black raisins are packed and processed.

10. King Uncle Afghani Black Raisins with Seeds

King Uncle Afghani black raisins are the finest varieties of dried fruits. These ‘kali drakh’ are found in the highlands of Afghanistan- which is known for its cultivation of the maximum variants of premium quality dried fruits. Our reviewers and food experts testify to the nature of its origin and how these black raisins have been handpicked to deliver the premium product to the Indian consumer base.

These Afghani black raisins are some of the best that you will obtain in the e-retail and ecommerce platforms that deliver fresh, and supreme quality products to your home. Our experts believe that this black raisin variant should be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated upon opening. This procedure will seal the freshness of the product and lock its nutritional value.

The Nitty-Gritties of Our Research and Testing

At Nuts and Berries, we believe that coming up with ‘practical information’ to our readers would help them brush off their impulsive buying habits or indecision while shopping and purchasing products online. That is why we want them to get intimate with our research and testing methodologies for them to understand the credibility behind our information and how we create these review articles. This article contains the following sections.

Why Should You Trust Us

The Nuts and Berries team always looks forward to Miss Aakriti Sharma for her immersive range of insights when it comes to testing the quality of dried fruits and nuts. Aakriti is a person who is an aficionado of these food products and has years of experience under her belt in finding the most authentic dried fruits and nuts from their sources of origin, testing them, and telling the difference between a superior product and an inferior variant just by checking certain parameters. Her affinity in green and black raisins makes her one of the most trusted assets of Nuts and Berries when we are offering our readers ‘practical information’ about high-grade black raisins and providing ‘actionable advice’ for them.

Along with the rich experience and expertise of Aakriti, our team of quality control experts, health and nutrition specialists and the like, we put in extensive research to identify the best black raisins in India that would appease your tastebuds and tug at your heartstrings. Initially, we found 60-odd brands worth implementing our quality control tests and tested them against other research parameters. We did this by reading every possible online resource, testimonial and review. Once we had those 60-odd brands and their products, our tests revealed the top 10 black raisins worth mentioning and recommending to you.

Apart from our tests, we put our faith in experienced folks from the food industry like restaurant and eatery-owners, professional and hobby chefs, food bloggers and critics, as well as homemakers and others who volunteered to taste our assortment. We collected research data based on these experiments, and finally created the curation that you can see now.

We should be thankful for the lockdown during the COVID-19 outbreak because it gave us a lot of time to do the sampling and research.

Who This Is For

We at Nuts and Berries have created this review article for everyone who is struggling to find out a decent brand of black raisins online. We understand the struggle of people when they are searching online for the ideal products and all they end up with is a flurry of brands all claiming to be the very best. And hence, during our endeavors to ease those struggles, we found the best black raisins that could be put to a lot of uses- eaten raw, with cereals or meals, and even used in delectable cuisines.

While creating this review article about the top 10 black raisin brands in India, we thought about the people whom it could impact holistically. They are-

  • Professional chefs
  • Hobby chefs
  • People who like to eat healthy
  • People who like to experiment with recipes
  • People who love cooking
  • Dry fruit aficionados

Once you get to the best black raisin that delights you, your overall cooking standards and eating habits will improve.

How We Picked

Our team including Aakriti performed hundreds of quality checks and tests to offer you only the best black raisins. We will show you some of the parameters that helped us in picking the best black raisins and understanding the difference in qualities. These parameters will also help you in picking the best black raisins when you are going to buy them yourselves. However, we will always recommend that you take a look at our review article.

  • Packaging standards: Ensuring the quality control standards and checks is important to make it to our lists successfully. Almost every black raisin comes in the resealable packages or containers. We only included those that passed our quality tests of hygienic and fresh packaging.
  • Color and odor: The black raisins are dried in the most authentic ways. Those that were dried using sulfur dioxide, we automatically eliminated them. We looked for the freshest and the most organic variants of black raisins. When they are packed in see-through packages and containers, we took a peek at their color and the rich, black colors picked our interests. After opening the packs, if the odor was found foul or unpleasant, it was a measure of the bad quality and that the raisins had undergone mold growth.

These are only a few of the several hundred testing parameters to which we subjected these food products to.

Our Picks

Below we have given you the list of the top black raisins in India. You can explore them in detail and finally make an informed purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
SFT Afghani Seedless...image SFT Afghani Seedless (Black Fresh Raisin) Dry Grapes, Handpicked Pouch, 900 G
Baswant Jumbo Black...image Baswant Jumbo Black Seedless Premium Raisins - 1kg
Ancy Foods Premium...image Ancy Foods Premium Dry Fruits Black RaisinKali Darakh 1kg, Pack of 4x250g, NATURAL ₹352.00 (₹35.20 / 100 g)
Nutraj Raisin (Kishmish)...image Nutraj Raisin (Kishmish) Black Raisin, Pack of 1 (200g) ₹149.00 (₹74.50 / 100 g)
Dryfruit Mart previously...image Dryfruit Mart previously frozen Afghani Black Raisins, 1 kg
Forest Found Greek...image Forest Found Greek Seedless Black Raisins (900 Gm) | Dried Kishmish Without Seeds, Dry Grapes| Kali Kismis Dry Fruits | Kali Darakh ₹474.00 (₹52.67 / 100 g)
King Uncle's Dry...image King Uncle's Dry Fruits Black Raisins With Seeds/Kala Manuka/Kali Draksh/Dry Grapes/Kali Kismis,Ê 500 grams (2 x 250g) ₹499.00 (₹99.80 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

When you wish to go forward with the absolute best of the black raisins that exude supreme quality, you should get your hands on the SFT Black Raisin (Afghani Seedless) Dry Grapes which is our pick.

Our second best pick is the Happilo Premium Afghani Seedless Black Raisins which also sources the black raisins from the high hills of Afghanistan like SFT Black Raisins.

Finally, if you want the trust of a big brand and would not mind a few stems in your product owing to organic packaging processes, you can go ahead with Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Black Raisins.

However, all the three products are top-tier ones and the faith of the consumers in them just reinforces this fact.