Dried apricots are traditional dry fruits, valued in the Middle East and across the world for their multiple health benefits. They are gifted during festivities and are a great addition to a healthy breakfast. They can be consumed as plain snacks or can be added in meals, desserts, smoothies, and baked goodies. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that helps us to maintain normal vision and skin health. Incidentally, dried apricots are the best source of vitamin A. Not only that, but dried apricots are also rich in minerals like potassium, copper, iron and vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin B3. They have high fiber content and can be consumed to clear digestive tracts. Our expert research team at Nuts and Berries have researched 80 brands selling apricot online and picked SFT Apricot Seedless Dried as the best one.

Our Pick

SFT Apricot Seedless Dried

Healthy and Calcium-Rich Dried Apricots

Procured straight from the producers and rich in nutrients, these dried apricots boost your energy to help you stay lively throughout the day.

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Our researchers ranked this product high on their research scale mainly due to its premium quality and hygienic packaging. It is the perfect combination of taste and nutrition.

SFT brings to you a pack of seedless dried apricots 1kg, that is rich in magnesium and helps to control your anxiety. The dried apricots have been processed so that they retain their original flavor and have been tested to meet all the food safety regulations. The high content of dietary fiber facilitates bowel movement. It helps to regulate weight and also control cholesterol levels in the body.

The only downside we found here is that since apricot price per kg is quite high, many consumers may not want to buy such a big pack of dried apricots. For them, we suggest the next equally good product on our list, Happilo Turkish Apricots.


Happilo Turkish Apricots

Premium Dried Apricots to Improve Skin Health

Large-sized dried apricots to add to your meals, snacks, or desserts. It contains high levels of antioxidants and is a great source of nutrition.

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This gluten-free product with zero trans fat or cholesterol content impressed our researchers. Rich in essential vitamins, these dried apricots help to maintain your skin health.

Are you following a Keto diet? Our team of experts recommends you replenish your energy levels with Happilo’s Turkish apricots. This product is free of any toxins and is a great source of potassium, magnesium, and other important minerals and vitamins. It helps to improve the consumer’s cardiovascular system.

The only disadvantage of buying this product would be the price. In the online market, apricot price per kg is higher than most other dry fruits available. So, to consider a more affordable option, check out our budget pick, Nutraj Premium Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots.

Budget Pick

Nutraj Premium Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots

100% Natural Pitted Apricots Rich in Antioxidants

Apricots at an affordable price to keep the body hydrated after intense workout sessions. Tasty and healthy snacks for people who love dry fruits.

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Our researchers were impressed by the fact that the low apricot price of the product does not affect its quality at all. Just like our first two recommendations, quality-wise, this one can be easily placed at the same level.

Fresh apricots have been handpicked from the best harvesters and dried for the premium pack sold by Nutraj. The product provides the benefits of dried apricots for diabetics. It has a shelf life of 12 months during which it stays at peak condition and read-to-eat. Sourced directly from Turkey, these dried apricots contain high levels of antioxidants which clean the body off the toxins that pollute the blood and the skin. Thus your blood flow is more regulated and your skin glows from within.

At a really affordable rate, the available apricots online from Nutraj are treated with sulfur dioxide, which acts as a preservative. They have no trans fat, cholesterol, or monounsaturated fat. These dried apricots are naturally sweet so it is a delight to have them just as snacks or in meals.

10 Best Apricot in India

There are a number of companies selling khurmani dry fruit online. It is only natural for you to feel lost when you try to choose the best out of all of them. In fact, as many as 80 online brands had to be tested by us to determine the perfect contenders for our top 10 list. Here is the list we have prepared for our valued readers.

  1. SFT Apricot Seedless Dried
  2. Happilo Turkish Apricots
  3. Nutraj Premium Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots
  4. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Dried Apricots
  5. Manna Dried Apricots
  6. Regency Dried Apricots
  7. DiSano Turkish Premium Apricots
  8. Namo Organics - Turkish Dried Apricots
  9. Rostaa Turkish Golden Apricot
  10. Dry Fruit Hub Premium Jumbo Dried Seedless Apricot

The list features the online brands selling the best apricot in India. It is best to take a closer look at their product details to get to know their exact quality before buying.

1. SFT Apricot Seedless Dried

SFT seedless apricot dry fruit is Turkish by origin. Their team travels across the country to select the finest fresh fruits, just like these fresh apricots. The apricots have been subjected to different quality check procedures through the manufacturing and provision process. SFT sources the best dried apricots boasting several benefits for health.

SFT's Turkish apricot dry fruit is soft, chewy, moist, plump, and rich in flavor. Our experts recommend this product for the several benefits of apricot. The fiber content along with the fatty acids in these fresh apricots gives rise to a well-balanced diet and help regulate your cholesterol levels and also weight.

2. Happilo Turkish Apricots

These excellent quality khurmani dry fruit serve all the essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle and our experts are in love with this premium product. This dried apricot has organic purity and its zero cholesterol content has been a delight for the customers. These brands of apricots are non-GMO products, free from trans fat and gluten.

This khumani dry fruit acts as an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and iron. This improves the cardiovascular system, boosts your immunity, and is perfect for pleasing your palate. Additionally, it prevents skin damage, removes dead skin cells and gives you a smooth skin. Apricots for skin treatments have been quite popular since Vedic ages. Apricots are best for all skin types. They help reduce skin inflammation and enhance your skin health.

3. Nutraj Premium Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots

With lower levels of fat, and a rich source of Vitamin A and fibers, this khurmani dry fruit pack presents amazing apricot benefits. These dried and pitted Turkish apricots can be added to cereals, snacks, and desserts for a rich, healthy, and tasty treat.

Nutraj provides a lower apricot price per kg to suit everyone’s budget and this is why it is our experts recommended product. Well, they also favor this product as the higher levels of potassium in these apricots regulate your blood pressure levels. The retinol in apricot and higher content of beta carotene makes them rich in Vitamin A. These help in cell growth, eye health, and a healthier immune system. Along with these, the versatile fruits contain essential amino acids and are a rich source of iron, thereby preventing skin inflammation and dull skin occurrence.

4. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Dried Apricots

The comprehensive range of dry fruits, nuts, and apricots from Berries and Nuts help to enrich your wellness. They present you with the best and naturally sourced apricots that are handled with care for their hygiene and freshness. They provide a decent apricot price per kg to the customers.

These apricots are rich in nutrition - they are abundant in calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. They also contain phosphorus - essential for the development of bones and teeth. The acceptable fruit quality churned out by this renowned brand makes these versatile fruits favorites amongst the masses.

5. Manna Dried Apricots

These premium quality, jumbo, seedless apricots are 100% natural in origin, with no added preservatives. The Manna dried apricots are naturally harvested from healthy apricot plants, then washed with purified water, and dried in the sun. They are subjected to various quality checks to ensure hygiene and premium quality.

Compared to a low dry apricot price,they are highly nutritious and have a very low-calorie count. Enriched with antioxidants they facilitate healthier skin, apricot scrubs can be easily manufactured from these fruits. You can even use an apricot face wash for exfoliating dead skin cells and reducing skin inflammation. These dried apricot fruits have a rich quantity of dietary fiber, and improve your gut health and protect your liver.

6. Regency Dried Apricots

Regency brings for you a rich delicacy of Mediterranean-style snacks. These apricots rich in iron, fiber, and nutrients, have a lip-smacking sweet and sour flavor to satisfy your tastebuds. They can be added to cereals, cakes, muesli, desserts, and many other things. Our experts consider these to be the sweetest apricot variants available online.

These apricots contain no added sugars. Therefore, our experts consider these to be excellent dried apricots for diabetics. The apricots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E and hence they can help you get rid of your dull skin or itchy skin. Furthermore, they are low in cholesterol so you can savor them without worrying about your health.

7. DiSano Turkish Premium Apricots

These apricots are so delicious that our experts could not resist eating them. These are carefully handpicked to avoid compromising with the quality. They are the healthiest, tastiest, and most nutritious snack with multiple benefits for you. From rendering natural skin elasticity to preventing skin damage, these apricots form the choicest skin treatments.

These apricots are rich in natural antioxidants. They improve digestion, earache, skin diseases, anemia, fever, and much more. They are also rich in calcium to strengthen your bones and neural system.

8. Namo Organics - Turkish Dried Apricots

This seedless khumani dry fruit contains no added artificial sugars or preservatives. Namo Organics provides organic stuff, as the name suggests, that not only meets the quality standards but is perfect for your health.

These boost digestive health, hair growth, prevent liver damage, relieve asthma, and help you with weight loss. These raw and natural apricots are safe for consumption for gluten intolerant people.

9. Rostaa Turkish Golden Apricot

The Rostaa Golden apricot fruits are packed in airtight and resealable apricot packets retain their freshness for an extended period. Rostaa believes in the concept of farm to fork, thus, avoid using any harmful chemicals during cultivation and harvest. Their apricot farming is of the most superior quality. This ensures that you consume the safest apricots available in the market.

These apricots improve vision, keep your cardiac health in check, and also exfoliate your skin. The Rostaa Golden apricot can be used to make apricot face wash and apricot scrubs to exfoliate dead skin cells and give you a smoother skin.

10. Dry Fruit Hub Premium Jumbo Dried Seedless Apricot

Dry Fruit Hub, takes proper precautions to provide you with the sweetest apricot variants while implementing the best processes in apricot farming. These Turkish apricots are a mouth-watering delicacy and can be consumed any time of the day.

These are wonderful orange-colored fruits not only for looks but also for taste and health. They are fibrous with a rich quantity of beta-carotene. They are modified with rich quantities of iron and plant antioxidants. Therefore, eating dried apricots is an excellent choice as it provides you with an incredible source of nutrients.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

We would like to connect to our readers on a deeper level to maintain the amount of trust they’ve placed in us. So we would like to share our research methodology with you so that you have proof of the dedication we put into our reviews. It is important to us that our readers know the way we have tested and verified the products on our list.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team of experts at Nuts and Berries especially curate these reviews and present them for your perusal. If you look us up on Google, you will see that we are a group of reviewers who talk about products that support a healthy lifestyle, just like our name suggests. Our readers are health-conscious individuals who are willing to use these products to live holistic and hearty lives. We help them to choose the correct product at the best price. This drives us to conduct detailed research on various products so that we can bring the most accurate information for our readers.

Miss Mayra Ahuja is our resident dry fruits expert. She has been in this field, supervising our dry fruits research team for quite some time now. The research team for determining the best of dried apricots online consisted of top health professionals and nutritionists who collected research data from diversified sources to cover a wide range of audiences. They also interviewed the product users to get direct testimonials. Online polls were carried out to gauge the opinion of the general people. We gained even more expertise from our esteemed collaborators, most of whom are occupied at the top restaurants and bakeries in the area. Popular food critics on YouTube were also contacted to share their thoughts. In short, we believe that our research team left no stone unturned.

We spent the last two months collecting and sorting data on the best dried apricots. It was a satisfying experience when we successfully came to prepare this comprehensive list at the end of the research period. Now we offer you complete information on the khumani dry fruit that you want to buy.

Who This Is For

Our list of best khumani dry fruit aims to cater to a large audience. Apricots are a favorite among youngsters as well as adults, so we have collated this list for all of them, including:

  • Nutritionists
  • Health professionals
  • Exotic dry fruits enthusiasts
  • Culinary experts
  • Bakery owners
  • Healthy snackers
  • Dessert chefs

We hope that our list of recommendations will help prospective buyers make their decisions about purchasing the right apricot dry fruit. We take this opportunity to reassure our readers that our reviews will help you buy the best product at the most affordable apricot dry fruit price.

How We Picked

Miss Mayra Ahuja was very particular about following several parameters that allowed her and her team to recognize the best apricots for our readers. She mentioned that the most basic parameters in her mind included - coloring, texture, shelf life, and packaging.

  • Coloring: The coloring of naturally dried apricots are typically a light brownish shade, not bright orange as some companies may advertise. The vivid orange color indicates artificial agents, like sulfur vapor, added to make it appear more attractive. Sulfur dioxide also acts as a preservative for dried apricots so an excess amount of it present may also cause this coloring. It is best to consume the naturally brown ones, worth every buck of dry apricot price.
  • Texture: The apricots will be moist and plump between your fingers and while eating dried apricots, they should feel soft and chewy in your mouth. They are rich in flavor and generally have a sweet taste that requires no added sugar. If they appear to be moldy, it’s best to not consume them at all.
  • Shelf life: If they are properly stored, then apricot dry fruit should have a shelf life as long as 6 to 12 months from the date of packaging. If you buy dried apricots, 1kg airtight Ziplock bags, glass jars, or plastic containers can be used to store them in a proper way.
  • Packaging: The dried fruits should be packed in airtight and durable packages. For maximum efficiency, ziplock pouches are best preferred since they are easy to store and carry around.

There was a long list of checkboxes that the top 10 apricot dry fruits to tick in order to be qualified enough to be on our list. We included only a few of them to spare you the boredom of having to go through such extensive details.

Our Picks

The goodness of apricots is very effective when added to our regular diet. With so many people interested in including such high amounts of nutrients in their menu, we were glad to take up the responsibility of assisting them to choose the best brand out there. Our picks are the ones that we believed were the most delicious, nutritious, and available at the best apricot price. On reading this, hopefully, you will have an idea of which dried apricots brand suits you the best.

Photo Title Price Buy
SFT Apricot Seedless...image SFT Apricot Seedless Dried (Turkish) 1 Kg
Nutraj Dried Premium...image Nutraj Dried Premium Turkish Apricots 200g | Gluten Free & Sodium Free | Vegan, Sun Dried Apricots | Add in your Healthy Recipes ₹283.00 (₹141.50 / 100 g)
Manna Dried Apricots...image Manna Dried Apricots 200g - Premium Turkish Apricots/Jumbo/Seedless. 100% Natural. Rich in Iron, Fibre & Vitamins
DiSano Turkish Premium...image DiSano Turkish Premium Apricots, 200g
Namo Organics -...image Namo Organics - Dried Apricots Turkish - 500 Gm In Resealable Bag - Seedless | No Added Sugar | Khumani Sweet Dry Fruits | Healthy Snack ₹899.00 (₹179.80 / 100 g)
Rostaa Turkish Golden...image Rostaa Turkish Golden Apricot Dried Fruit (200gm) (Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Vegan) Jardalu Badam BOR Khumani, Seedless Khumani (NO Added Sugar OR Preservatives) Sun dried Jumbo apricots dry fruits ₹343.00 (₹171.50 / 100 g)
Dry Fruit Hub...image Dry Fruit Hub Premium Jumbo Dried Seedless Apricot, Turkel, Turkish Apricot 400gm ₹505.00 (₹126.25 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

If you want 100% satisfaction, then we recommend you to buy SFT Apricot Seedless Dried. The authentic Turkish apricot buy is put through stringent laboratory tests to check their goodness. Rich in fatty acids and dietary fibers, they are the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

If you want apricots without any trans fat or cholesterol content, we suggest Happilo Turkish Apricots for you to buy. This khurmani dry fruit is the best source of important vitamins and minerals that will help to boost your immunity.

If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly option, then consider Nutraj Premium Dried Pitted Turkish Apricots. This product is equally good in quality and comes at an affordable apricot price. It has been proven to be an important agent that helps to maintain cardiac health.

At Nuts and Berries, we assure you that whichever product you choose from our list of top 10 options, you will never be disappointed. We feature only the best brands that have proven to deliver the safest and tastiest apricot packet.