Healthy eating habits entail the intake of essential nutrients and proteins while cutting down on the unnecessary fats and carbs. Ajwa dates are regarded as a super food exactly for this reason and gaining traction in the market as a healthy alternative snacking option. They are grown exclusively in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Scientifically proven to be rich in nutrients, vitamins, and fibers, these dates are considered to be sacred in the Islamic cultures. Not only does it help to maintain cardiac health, but it also strengthens bones and teeth and keeps your diabetes in check while boosting the immunity of your body. Keeping these health benefits in mind, we have tested 70 ajwa dates available online to bring to you the best 10 brands. Our experts at Nuts and Berries have chosen the Ajwa Al-Saudi dates as the best ajwa dates in India.

Our Pick

Ajwa Al-Saudi

Natural, Handpicked Ajwa Dates

For buying ajwa dates online, our researchers recommend this 100% original product. It ranks the highest on our parameters of color, size, and grade.

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The authentic ajwa dates from Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi rank high on our research scale. Its A-grade quality gives it just the perfect combination of nutrition and taste. They contain no colors, flavors, or preservatives, so they are safe to consume.

Sourced from Madina Al-Munawwara in Saudi Arabia, we found these to be absolutely original Kala Khajoor. They are handpicked and carefully chosen to satisfy your palate and are thus labeled to be the best ajwa dates in India. The Ajwa Al-Saudi dates come packed in a sturdy resealable box that keeps them fresh. It is further put in a gorgeous, hand-made gift bag, ready to be gifted to your near and dear ones this festive season – an ideal packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and safely portable. Besides, ajwa dates help to replenish your energy after an intense workout session. What better way to boost your energy levels than munching on this sweet and scrumptious snack on the go?

The only downside to this product that we have found is that the size of the dates might seem to be too big for certain customers. They might be more accustomed to consuming ajwa dates of a smaller size that are equally good in taste. Worry not, our next pick, Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates have the perfect solution for you.


Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates

Fibre-Rich Ajwa Dates for Keeping Your Bones Healthy

These are high fiber content dates with antioxidant properties to support good digestion. They are easy to store and stay fresh for a long time.

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Our team at Nuts and Berries recommends eating healthy with Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates. These dates have been sourced from and packed at Madina, attesting to their authenticity. You can store them up to a year from their date of manufacture and they will still remain fresh!

This product ranks equally well on our research scale for its nutrient-rich ajwa dates, packed with soluble fiber, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, selenium, and Vitamin B group. Each ajwa date from this brand comes in bite-sized shapes that can be easily added as toppings for your smoothies and desserts. The Gourmet ajwa dates from Flyberry are rich in iron – they help prevent anemia by increasing the number of red blood cells produced in your body. Digestion and bowel movement is made more smooth by these fiber-rich dates. Their antioxidant properties are owing to the presence of flavonoid glycosides, which also help to strengthen your immune system. The product also comes at an affordable ajwa dates price in India.

The only drawback of this product is its packaging. The box packaging might be a hindrance to its portability but our budget pick of HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates Al_Madinah Al_Munawwarah can be a worthy alternative.

Budget Pick

HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates Al_Madinah Al_Munawwarah

Sugar-Free Fresh Dates From the Fabled Lands

100% natural and organic ajwa dates for a quick and healthy snack. With no added sugar, they are the perfect addition to enrich your diet with extra vitamins and minerals.

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Out of the 70 products tested by us, HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates received the position for the budget pick since it comes at a low ajwa khajoor price without compromising its quality. After Ajwa Al-Saudi and Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates, the HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates would be the best choice for you.

Ajwa dates are some of the most expensive dry fruits in the market because of how exotic they are. But what about pocket-friendly ajwa dates? Our research team found out that HIGHFIELDS produces premium quality ajwa dates online at a more affordable price. These dates have a soft texture and are perfect to chew on as you take a break from a hectic day at work. Their packaging is done by maintaining hygiene in facilities that meet food safety standards. The dates come in a zip lock bag which makes them easy to carry and store according to your needs.

A rich source of energy, fibers, vitamins, and minerals, these ajwa dates contain no added sugar. They are not as sweet as the top two which are naturally sweeter, so if you can extend your budget, then you should choose between them. Otherwise, with HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates, you can have an equally good snack. They have a long shelf life and make a great alternative for oily fast food.

10 Best Ajwa Dates in India

The online marketplace has an extensive collection of ajwa dates, but which one should you choose out of them? The 70 ajwa dates packages that we have tested for this article, have shown us which of them are the top 10 in India. Here is the list that our team of experts has curated for your perusal.

  1. Ajwa Al-Saudi
  2. Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates
  3. HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates Al_Madinah Al_Munahwwarah
  4. Spicy Carte Holy Ajwa Al Madinah Dates
  5. Markstor Ajwa Prime
  6. Arsh Ajwa AL Madina Dates
  7. Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi
  8. Haldiram's Ajwa Dates (Premium)
  9. Dry Fruit Hub Ajwa Dates
  10. Urban Platter Saudi Arabian Ajwa Dates

The list features the best ajwa dates painstakingly picked by our research team. Let's take a closer look at them to find out more about their benefits, characteristics, and packaging details.

1. Ajwa Al-Saudi

These Ajwa Dates are one of the most popular in the Indian market, loved by thousands. Grown near Madina Al-Munawwara, these dates have the most superior size, color, and texture. They are one hundred percent natural and free of any chemicals or preservatives.

The best thing about the Ajwa Al-Saudi is the beautiful hand-crafted artisan box that it comes packed in. It is reusable too and hence our product researchers and testers feasted on these awesome dry fruits throughout the course of our grueling tests! We definitely consider it as one of the most compelling ajwa dates online!

2. Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates

Our experts have often recommended these Ajwa dates to people due to their high nutritional value. The Flyberry Gourmet brand always sources the most authentic products. These varieties of dates are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants that pose numerous health benefits.

These dates also help to boost your immunity and enhance your red blood cell count, as they are rich in iron. They help to provide energy whenever necessary. This particular variety of dates can be refrigerated for consumption, and the sweet taste is without any artificial chemicals or preservatives.

3. HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates Al_Madinah Al_Munawwarah

This is one of the best ajwa dates online. Imported from Saudi Arabia, these dates are extremely rich in many nutrients, minerals and vitamins that can shield your body against many diseases. These delicious dates are some of the best dry fruits with a beautiful taste and an amazing texture.

They are highly recommended by our expert as the actual product packaging is immensely hygienic and aids in long-term storage. They are a vegetarian product and devoid of any sugar or unnatural preservatives, making them the best source of minerals in the market.

4. Spicy Carte Holy Ajwa Al Madinah Dates

These hand-picked ajwa dates are cultivated in Saudi Arabia, which vouches for their authenticity and flavor. They have a rich taste, amazing texture and they come in a  dark brown to almost black color. These nutrient-dense dates are a healthy alternative to every tasty snack for children and pregnant women.

Being a strong source of dietary fiber, essential vitamins, different kinds of amino acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, our researchers often consider these Arabic dates as the best ajwa dates online. Often considered the Fruit of Kings, they provide packed energy, are an antioxidant source, and have anti-aging benefits.

5. Markstor Ajwa Prime

The Markstor Ajwa has caught the attention of our experts due to its star rating, affordable prices and also due to its outstanding flavor and taste. Made in a 100% natural way, these ajwa dates provide a range of benefits since they are rich in various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients.

The Markstor Ajwa dates have gone through rigorous testing and come out as one of the best natural dates available online and offline. They are chosen with the utmost care by experts and cultivated in a natural, organic way-devoid of any chemical wash. These premium dates packed energy for us in our afternoon snack and helped us toil for hours behind testing other date variants!

6. Arsh Ajwa AL Madina Dates

If you are looking for a healthy snack that can not only help you lose weight but also make you healthier, then these Ajwa premium dates are the right pick for you. They do not contain many calories and are rich in minerals and vitamins as well as natural sugars, which makes them a powerhouse for energy.

These dates are also free from cholesterol and fat. They can even help in gaining weight for some people, in a healthy and sustainable manner. They are high in antioxidants and quite affordable as well, so if you are worried about ajwa khajoor price, then you need not worry about them anymore.

7. Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi

The Markstor Ajwa Al Saudi dates are quite popular amongst our experts due to their unique and stylish packaging. These Ajwa premium dates come in picturesque boxes which can make them the best for gifting purposes. This artisanal hand-made gift bag containing the ajwa khajoor is also tamper-proof, durable, and long-lasting.

The ajwa dates price in India varies from product to product, but these dates are extremely affordable. They have a long shelf life, especially if they are refrigerated upon delivery. The Markstor Ajwa Al Saudi dates are the best dry dates with delicious taste and nutrient contents. We recommend this as a healthy snacking option to everyone who needs a delicious alternative to sugar.

8. Haldiram’s Ajwa Dates (Premium)

Our experts recommend these ajwa premium dates as they are rich in iron and hence extremely beneficial in curing anemia. The ajwa dates price in India changes with brands, but these dates are surely worth every buck. These ajwa premium dates have a range of benefits. They are rich in adequate potassium and essential amino acids, making them an immunity-boosting, low-calorie, healthy snacking option.

These dates are from one of the most revered and popular brands in the country. They are organically grown in Saudi Arabia and are a fantastic source of fiber for the human body. The product dimensions are always maintained and they act as wonderful gifts during festivities.

9. Dry Fruit Hub Ajwa Dates

Original and authentic, these ajwa premium dates are loved by consumers everywhere. They are tasty, nutritious, natural dates that can make your afternoon snack much healthier. They are great for your immunity and can help you keep up your energy levels throughout the day.

They are high in fibre and can help to keep your gut healthy with their daily consumption. They have a unique texture which sets them apart from all other dates in the market. You get all the dates benefits in this blessed fruit, and so it wows our experts always!

10. Urban Platter Saudi Arabian Ajwa Dates

These Ajwa dates have garnered rave reviews on their internet, based on their delectable fruity flavor and their amazing texture. They are an extremely valuable product, loved by thousands and worth the price in every aspect.

These amazing blessed fruit variants have a range of benefits. They help to strengthen our bones, improve our immune system and keep our digestive system in the perfect condition. When it comes to ajwa khajoor price, they are quite affordable, which makes them one of the most sought-after ajwa dates on the internet.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

It is important for our readers to know how we tested and verified the products on our list. We are dedicated to supplying the right information and sharing our research methodology helps us to establish this fact.

Why You Should Trust Us

Nuts and Berries is dedicated to providing the readers with the most useful reviews for a better and easier lifestyle. We test various products and help you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle the best. As people become increasingly concerned about their health and more conscious about their diets, our experts at Nuts and Berries feel the need to share their expertise to help them lead healthier lifestyles.

Our dry-fruits expert, Miss Aakriti Sharma, supervised the research that went behind curating this comprehensive list. The team of experts, consisting of health professionals and nutritionists, worked tirelessly under her to come up with the most accurate information. They spent hours conducting interviews and polls, both online and offline, to consider the opinions of a large demographic.

We have spent the last three months preparing this list by collecting the data and reviewing it. The team collaborated with dessert chefs and baking experts who enriched us with valuable information on ajwa dates.

Who This Is For

Our list of best ajwa dates caters to a wide spectrum of audiences since this is a popular snack among health-conscious individuals.

  • Healthy snackers
  • Nutritionists
  • Health professionals
  • Dessert chefs
  • Exotic dry-fruits enthusiasts
  • Culinary experts

With our recommendations, we aim to reach out to a large population who are looking for advice. We can ensure that reading our reviews will help you make the best choice of products suited to your budget of ajwa dates price in India.

How We Picked

Miss Aakriti Sharma had the four basic parameters in mind – coloring, texture, shelf life, and packaging – while testing the ajwa dates. Here is how the dates were evaluated by these parameters.

  • Coloring: The best ajwa dates are dark brown in color. The ones that sport a rich, blackish-brown shade are the most delicious ones. They are perfectly ripe for consumption.
  • Texture: Ajwa dates have a consistent, soft texture and often come with a seed in the middle. The squishy texture is quick to melt inside your mouth, letting you taste the sweetness of the fleshy fruit. 
  • Shelf life: Ajwa dates are an exotic assortment of dry fruits. Many people who buy them won't be eating them regularly. They would rather prefer to use them occasionally in desserts and smoothies. This demands a long shelf life for the most effective use of these ajwa dates. Average shelf life of 6 months to one year has been considered the benchmark for this factor.
  • Packaging: One of the most important parameters for buying food products online is their packaging. Ajwa dates should be packed in hygienic facilities that follow all the food safety standards. These state-of-the-art facilities aid them to be safely packaged for long-distance deliveries. They should be delivered in air-tight, resealable packs for maximum portability and safe storage.

These are only some of the parameters out of the hundreds we used to determine the goodness of the products. The sheer number of factors we considered would just bore you at the end of the day.

Our Picks

As ajwa dates keep becoming more and more popular in the super food circuit, common people are being more interested to know what product to buy. These imported dates are an exotic snack that is quite expensive. So customers want to make an intelligent purchase when they're looking to buy ajwa dates. We invested hours behind conducting detailed research aided by a series of interviews to collate the data into this extensive list. Reading them will give you an idea of which top ajwa dates will suit your palate the best.

Final Verdict

If you want 100% satisfaction with your purchase, try our top pick, Ajwa Al-Saudi. These dates are quite big in size and are packaged in an airtight, resealable container with attractive, hand-crafted packaging for gifting purposes.

The next best choice, Flyberry Gourmet Ajwa Dates, brings you products rich in nutrients and fibers that help boost your immune system. They also help to keep your health problems in check. These ajwa dates are suitable for topping purposes or simply as snacks.

If you want to buy at the most affordable ajwa khajoor price, then choose our budget pick HIGHFIELDS Ajwa Dates Al_Madinah Al_Munawwarah. These 100% organic dates do not compromise with quality for a lower price and still allow you to taste the goodness of authentic ajwa dates.

The ajwa dates will certainly sate your sweet cravings in just a snap. Whichever product you choose, let us assure you that it will make a delicious snack. All the products on this list have been compiled to ensure 100% satisfaction of our readers.